Virtual DJ Is Coming To Denon DJ Prime Gear, Says Developer

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 25 January, 2022

Virtual DJ’s developers have shared pictures showing their software running on the screens of the Denon DJ SC5000 media player, and have confirmed that “unless something goes wrong, we will offer full support in a month or so, for both Prime 4 and SC5000″.

While apparently there may be more of a wait to see the SC5000M Prime players working with Virtual DJ due to issues around the motor control of that unit’s platters, we would expect pretty quickly for Virtual DJ to work on all the Prime units, which would include the new Prime 2 and Prime Go.

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This news will provide a boost to Denon DJ’s Prime project, because there are DJs out there who are interested in Prime hardware and in the idea of using it as primarily intended (ie with USB drives or hard discs, and without a laptop), but who also use DJ software – and whose choice of DJ software is Virtual DJ (rather than Serato, which is the other software platform that Denon DJ is working with on Prime compatibility).

This comes on the back of Virtual DJ announcing compatibility with Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-XZ unit, also with full use of its built-in screen.

• This is the thread from Virtual DJ’s forum.

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