Virtual DJ Now Works With The Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 7 February, 2020

We’ve just seen a new beta of Virtual DJ DJ 2020, that works with the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ standalone all-in-one system, incorporating full use of the XDJ-XZ’s screen. That means you can hook up your laptop running Virtual DJ to the XDJ-XZ and spin with it, and you can view Virtual DJ’s waveforms and browse your playlists on the 7″ touchscreen, and also see track waveforms, album art and other data on the jogwheel displays.

This is a coup for Virtual DJ, as the integration comes ahead even of the XDJ-XZ’s compatibility with Serato DJ (still forthcoming at the time of this writing), even though this was officially announced during the launch of the XDJ-XZ in November 2019.

We think it’s cool that Virtual DJ 2020 works with Pioneer DJ’s latest standalone: the XDJ-XZ has been a well-received piece of kit, but equally Virtual DJ is a much-loved option for millions of DJs, and much of its reputation has been built on “working with anything”. We reviewed this latest version when it when it launched a few months back, and we absolutely loved it.

The XDJ-XZ is a decent standalone that is proving extremely popular, so we can see many DJs taking advantage of this latest integration, especially for Virtual DJ users who want a well-specified all-round device for mobile events, gigs, and home use.

To get the new version of Virtual DJ 2020, make sure that the EarlyAccessUpdates setting is enabled in your Preferences to automatically get the update on launch.

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