What Are The Absolute Essentials For DJing?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 13 November, 2017

Micro mixer
Would this with a couple of iPod Shuffles enough? What would your most minimal acceptable DJ set-up, hardware or software, be? Let us know…

With DJ software and hardware getting more and more complex, some DJs bemoan the day when two spinning things and something to mix between them was all it was about. Well, it’s not just old vinyl heads who feel this way, it seems, because the team behind DJ Player (a – rather complicated – DJ app for the iPad and iPhone) has just launched a project looking into making a truly minimal DJ app.

They’ve badged the project “Pure DJ”, and if you’re interested in following along with developments, you can do so by signing up here. That got me thinking, though, about a more general point, away from apps. I’m interested to know what you think the absolute minimum functions necessary for effective DJing are.

Is a crossfader really essential when you’ve got two line faders? (I used to DJ in Dry Bar, the Hacienda’s warm-up venue, when I was a rookie DJ, and their mixer had no crossfader). What about EQs? (many “micro” DJ controllers don’t have EQ). Obviously, the debate rolls on as to whether jogwheels are needed. Do we need pitch controls if we have sync? Gains? And so on.

If you’ve ever wondered about what your absolute minimal set-up for an effective performance might be, I’d love you to share it with us – and if not, please have a think and let us know too!

Please share your minimal DJ set-up thoughts in the comments.

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