Is This Denon DJ Teasing A New Engine Prime DJ Controller?

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 4 March, 2021

Denon DJ just posted a cryptic image on its Instagram Stories. It’s dark, but after a bit of Photoshop we got the image you see above: It appears to be the right deck of a controller. It’s got a jogwheel, pitch fader, knobs and eight performance pads. The jogwheel appears to have a centre ring – could it possibly be a display similar to what’s found on the SC5000 Prime? You can also find the Engine logo on the right side, which is Denon DJ’s music library management app.

Interestingly, on the top left part of the image is a protrusion that could perhaps house a screen, as well as something that looks like a browse knob. Is this a new DJ controller, or could it be a new all-in-one system? The last time Denon DJ released a controller and an all-in-one system was back in 2016 when it launched the MC7000 and MCX8000 respectively.

Denon DJ also uploaded this blurred photo that shows the entire controller.

The MCX8000 is a four-channel standalone device that also worked with Serato DJ and had two screens onboard (one on each deck), while the MC7000 is a four-channel Serato DJ controller that retains much of the controls and features of the MCX8000 without the standalone capability and onboard screens.

Denon DJ posted a third photo on its Instagram Stories. It looks to be the rear of the unit. Check out the top part – if that’s a display, it’s going to be huge!

Stay stuck as this is a developing story.

What do you make of this device from Denon DJ? Do you think it’s a controller, or an all-on-one follow-up to the MCX8000? Let us know below.

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