Xone:DB2 Launched By Allen & Heath: A More Affordable Digital Mixer

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Allen & Heath digital mixers xone:DB4
Last updated 27 November, 2017


The Xone:DB2 – A smaller cousin to the Xone:DB4, but still an awesomely specified mixer.

Allen & Heath today announced its latest digital mixer, the Xone:DB2, which it will show at the BPM Show this weekend. A younger, more affordable cousin to the company’s flagship Xone:DB4, which was launched exactly a year ago, the four-channel Xone:DB2 can switch between four analogue, four USB or two digital sources. It can be X:LINKed (Allen & Heath’s proprietary gear linking protocol) to one or two of the company’s Xone:K2 Midi DJ controllers – also announced today – to provide a modular hardware/software digital DJing set-up. The unit offers high-grade EQ and filters similar to the Xone:DB4, and there are two hardware effects units onboard, which can be configurable to any combination of channels.

The effects, as with the Xone:DB4, are based on the company’s iLive pro touring FX system. An OLED display is provided that displays FX selection and current BPMs, in addition to other information. All controls except microphone and headphone levels can double up as Midi controls, shift-accessible in order to not interfere with mixer setting.

Xone DB2 back
The rear of the mixer. Not surprisingly, it has the full gamut of booth, record and master outs, including XLRs.

The Xone:DB2 has lightweight aluminium chassis, with other features including crossfader and upfader curve controls, multi-point level metering, digital output, analogue balanced outputs for main mix and booth, and a record output with adjustable level.

The suggested UK retail price is £999 ex VAT, and the mixer will be available from December 2011.

Have you been eyeing the Xone:DB4 wishing you had the cash? Are you considering one of the Pioneer mixers but now find yourself in two minds? Can you see the potential of linking this with the new Xone:K2 controllers? Please let us know your thought in the comments.

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