Your Questions: How Much Should I Rent Out My Gear For?

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 25 March, 2018


Digital DJ Tips reader Steve asks: “Does anyone here rent their PA gear out? An event planner I work with regularly needs speakers for a 40-person dinner party in my town. I’ve never considered renting my PA before, but since it’s her I would do it to help her out. I’m curious as to what I should charge though, do you have any advice?”

Digital DJ Tips Says:

What you charge is going to depend on two things: the amount of gear you’re renting out, and how much gear rental companies in your area charge. A basic PA set-up with just two speakers will obviously cost less compared to a full-on package with lighting, microphones, subwoofers and DJ kit. A good idea would be to scope out how much mobile DJs in your area charge for basic packages (eg two PA speakers) and then price yours accordingly, though since the person you’re renting to is your friend you may want to add a discount.

You may also want to do a “contra deal” if she doesn’t have a budget and is adamant about renting it out for free as a favour. Contra deals are exchanges in goods or services without any cash changing hands – in this scenario, a contra deal could be you renting out your PA to her in exchange for her booking you as a DJ for her next handful of events.

What’s crucial is that you know and trust the person you’re renting out to – we’ve heard many horror stories over the years of renting gear out to dodgy clients where stuff return damaged, or in some instances are never returned at all. We recommend having some form of written agreement prior to renting out your gear: this “binds” you and your client to a contract which you can use as a reference and evidence later on should any problems arise.

How much should our reader charge for renting out his PA speakers? Any advice you’d like to give him as regards pricing? Let us know in the comments.

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