4 Alternatives To SoundCloud For Hosting DJ Mixes

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Nowadays there's a plethora of choice when it comes to hosting your DJ mixes online. Which service should you use? (No prizes for guessing we don't think it's SoundCloud...)

So you’ve made a great new DJ mix and you want to get it online and out to the world. SoundCloud has been the number one choice for DJs, but the service is currently rejecting mixes upon uploading if they have material in them from copyright holders who have requested they do this, and it is also removing existing DJ mixes without warning.Because of these reasons, many DJs are abandoning the service. So where are they going? What mix hosting services are more DJ mix-friendly than SoundCloud? We thought we'd find out.

We've talked to DJs all over the world and compiled five services that could offer a viable alternative to SoundCloud. All the sites listed below welcome DJ mixes, and have not had multiple reports of DJ mixes being rejected/removed. Being dedicated to DJs, these sites seem prepared to fight harder for the art of the DJ mix and to keep your tunes up there. At least if you choose a service that's specifically designed for DJ mixes you might get better treatment should your mix fall foul of somebody or other, but of course there are no guarantees that any online service won't come up against the same problems SoundCloud has. It's a risk you take when using a service like this.

Update: there were originally five sites here. One, letsmix.com, closed at the start of Jan 2012.

Our four picks...

1. Mixcloud


Clean, simple and stylish, Mixcloud is a worthy alternative to SoundCloud... unless you want people to be able to download your mixes, that is.

They say: Mixcloud is re-thinking radio. Listen to great radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mix sets on-demand. Upload and promote your own Cloudcast for free.

We say: While not exclusively dance mixes, this popular and attractive site is packed with them, and welcomes DJs and DJ mixes with open arms. They claim to take all the necessary steps to remain a legal service. Tracklistings necessary, and downloads prohibited.

You say: I have my mixes on both SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Personally I think the latter gives the listener a far superior experience – with a stand-alone player and tracklistings. However 10x as many people have listened to the same mix on Soundcloud... - Digitall DJ

Essential info:

Downloads: No • Widget: Yes • Free: Yes

2. Mixcrate


California-based Mixcrate offers a great user experience and is the only site to say exactly what constitutes a legitimate DJ mix in its eyes.

They say: Listen to DJ mixes, upload DJ mixes, DJ mixtapes. Mixcrate is a music distribution platform that enables DJ artists and their fans to discover and share mixsets for the purpose of promoting DJs and their mixes.

We say: Dedicated DJ service with a good-looking site and nice player, plus all the modern sharing features. Unlimited uploads. Their forward-thinking upload policy actually defines what they consider a DJ mix to be, so you know what's acceptable to them. (I tried this service out, uploading my recent Sunset Rocks Spring 2011 Mix" here - check it out).

You say: Knowing that Mixcrate holds probably hundreds, thousands or even more DJs within its website, it's real assuring and flattering to receive love for my mixtapes. I was real surprised catching my tape featured in the "Picks of the Week" section. What made it even more fulfilling was that an actual member of the Mixcrate Crew did a review and entered me in. Very appreciative of the support. - DJ Eufonik

Essential info:

Downloads: Yes • Widget: No • Free: Yes

3. Mix.dj

Let's Mix

While a bit busy to look at, Let's Mix is actually a well-constructed site, and has an air of longevity about it.

They say: Mix.dj is a DJ community that provides an exciting music discovery experience for fans. The Mix.dj service embraces DJ mixes to help sell the producer's [sic] individual tracks used inside each DJ mix. Our DJs use the best streaming radio and social network technologies to promote their DJ mixes around the world.

We say: Not as slick as some of the above, this DJ mix service is nonetheless technically capable, with an iPhone streaming app too. It's ad supported and you pay for a premium service above 500MB of storage. The paid-for option won't protect you if they decide to take your mix down for any reason, though.

You say: I’m using Mix.dj to upload my mixes. It’s an assload of work to upload them there (you have to provide a playlist for every single mix and you can’t just copy and paste your whole tracklist, because each track number, artist, title and record label requires a new field) and if you listen to the mixes without being logged in, you hear a "mix.dj" namedrop from time to time, but so far I’m far from being disappointed with it. - Psychofrakulator

Essential info:

Downloads: Yes • Widget: No • Free? Yes [limited]

4. House-Mixes.com


The most "old school" of the five, this popular site has undergone an overhaul but is still clunky to use.

They say: Download thousands of free DJ mixes and DJ tracks from the internet's largest free music community. DJs can upload and share your mixes with the world for free.

We say: Established and popular DJ mix site, with forum, widgets and sharing, and a large number of mixes sorted into just about every flavour of dance. Has had a design overhaul but still not visually or technically as slick as the best sites here.

You say: I like House-mixes.com, but to download mixes you have to be a member first." - Indigo Deville

Essential info:

Downloads: Yes • Widget: Yes • Free: Yes


Even if a site says it's for DJ mixes or is happy to tolerate them, and even if a site claims it pays its dues and is 100% legal, every single one of these has some line somewhere about you being responsible for the copyright in any material you upload, or that they reserve the right to remove your mix without warning or comeback - we've checked. If you want to retain in as full as possible control over your mixes, setting up your own site remains the only true way of doing so.

But if you can't get your mixes onto SoundCloud any more, or you've had them removed, or you're now too worried to use their service for fear of it happening to you too, at least you know there are alternatives out there that are ready to welcome you into the fold. Just make sure you keep copies of the mixes themselves, and where you've posted widgets and so on, so you can go and make repairs should your mix unexpectedly disappear someday.

The rest...

A quick word about the rest. There are dozens of other sites where you can host DJ mixes. Sites like PodOmatic and Official.fm are great to use and have plenty of DJ mixes on them, but they don't encourage DJs to use them, and so aren't likely to try and defend your corner if push comes to shove - in these respects, they're no better than SoundCloud.

And frankly, most of the scores of others will make you look bad. Poor design, non-existent or vague terms and conditions, nothing appealing about the mixes already there, no social features, always having public server issues, appealing for funds to keep going, nothing new uploaded in the last year... do you really want to be associated with this type of site? Of course, if there are any good services you feel we've missed - do let us know.

Where do you host your DJ mixes? Do you use a service like this or do you prefer to use your own website? Or are you a happy SoundCloud user wondering what all the fuss is about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Calitron says:

    Also, podomatic say they are free but what they don't make clear is that they cut the quality down to mp3 bandwidth 96k and only up to 10khz, so you end up with a grainy dull sound.

  2. I use PureHouseMusic.net great little site and community and completely free

  3. Hi,

    It appears you wrote the review on house-mixes.com the very same day our server upgrades were taking place...we should be solid now!

    Also, a direct MP3 link is provided for every mix / track uploaded which members can share with others if they prefer, meaning no registration required.

    We are also working hard to improve the service every day to enhance the user experience, but thank you for the write up it's appreciated :-)


    • Phil Morse says:

      Hi Paul - thanks for the feedback and update. It does indeed seem that we caught you on the wrong day. I've updated the text above accordingly.

    • Peter Lindqvist says:

      Hello Paul & Phil. I'm a long time member of House-mixes.com and to me it's the no.1 DJ site. Not only that it's free, but if you want to promote yourself on a professional level, you have the option to do so for a small fee. The best about it, that no one seem to take in to account, is the friendship among members that is outstanding. If you give a little, you get a lot back. I'm not the spamming type and unfortunately that has become a necessity on sites like SC, because it's the only way to get noticed. Not so on House-mixes. It's a friendly forum where you receive positive comments and get long lasting friends. For me, it's turned boring training sessions into performing sessions I know people will listen to, even if I do a smaller genre mix. Now, at the start of 2016, house-mixes has a new look and I think Paul is pretty satisfied right now with his accomplishments. I think you, Phil, should do an update on this article as it's been a while since you first wrote it, and a lot has changed. If you do an update, I think http://promodj.com should be in it. I've tested most DJ sites and this is by far the one you get the most ''plays'' and downloads. It's Russian, but you can choose English, and they have possibilities no one else have, yet. Not a personal/friendly touch like House-mixes, or maybe it's because I don't speak Russian... These two sites are my recommendations to start with for anyone wanting to post their mixes and get an online audience and friendly feedback.

  4. Very useful, Phil. Thanks for keeping up with it.

  5. Very useful follow up to the SoundCloud post. There are two sites I'd like to mention:

    http://www.Libsyn.com: Another site aimed at Podcasters. I've had an account with them since the Podcasting "Golden Years", and even though I'm not doing the Podcast anymore I've stored both mixes and mashups there with no trouble so far. Their model is interesting in the way that downloads and space are unlimited, but you pay based on the amount of Megabytes you'll be allowed to upload per month. So if you pay for the 250 MB plan you'll be able to upload a couple of Mixes per month and have them downloaded for an unlimited time.

    http://www.Mydjspace.com: Didn't know about these guys until a few weeks ago, both Free and Premium accounts. Haven't yet uploaded a mix there but I'll do so this week. The site seems to be getting traction due to contests.

    • Phil Morse says:

      Thanks for those. We'll take a look at the latter at some point.

      • This guys are dope the first day I checked out there site I saw that they had an online radio stream that DJs can use to play there sets live. So I asked how I could get a slot to play and instantly they gave me a link and the could to stream live as long as no one els was streaming online at the time. So everytime I would mix at home I would just stream there there was a lot of open spots so I would log in at my convinions. But now u must have a premium account to stream and it realy sucks cus I'm broke was a good site now it's a Lil confusing

  6. I use podomatic, because of their nice looking player.
    Soundcloud used to be nice, but there is just way too much traffic in there.

  7. Well It's good to see alternatives, thanks for that :)
    I tried "let's mix" and "mixcloud" but I don't like flash apps and I think, as said in your article, that it much work to upload and fill in the playlist...
    I think Soundcloud remains the easier way to share music so far I haven't had any mixtape deleted. I hope It will continue like this :)

    Also I like how electronic music artists are much present and active on SC, and it's cool to have to possibility to follow them :) (Sorry for my english !)

    Thanks again for your article !

    • Totally Agree with you Kazes. Luckily, they haven't taken my mixes off either. Also, you can't download my mixes anyways. So, I dont see a point to take my mixes off of SC.

      • I always thought it was ok to let a mix to be downloaded for free as it doesn't contains the full version of the tracks.

        But I don't know the exact legal terms of labels, and it also may be different from a country to another ? I don't know actually but it would be too bad not to let people download mixtapes :) It's such a good way to promote artists AND DJs, isn't it ?

        • It definately is. BTW Kazes. Just visited the site your gravatar is linked to - pretty interesting short mixes.. i think i am getting hooked to ur website now - i love the wordpress design too.

        • Aasheesh says:

          Kazes, won't it be better if Dj's and artists are not only able to promote their creativity (music) but also are able to generate revenues and professional work for themselves?

      • @DJ Girish : ah thanks ! I'm trying to design a new layout but I just don't have the time yet ...frustrating :)

        • @Aasheesh I don't know much about music business and I'm not a pro DJ but I think : As a DJ, the only way you can earn money is to play music in bars and clubs. Or maybe you can record a double CD compilation for a label, then you play artists tracks from the label ?

  8. one word missing sorry :
    "that it *needs* much work to upload and fill in the playlist…"


  9. Definitely gonna be MixCloud for me now...

    • Yes, but the problem is they put your tracklist ! I don't like this point. I was on official.fm before. It was veryyyy nice!!!! But they removed my account because copyright problem. So stupid... I'm a dj, of course this is not my tracks... And after that I realized that actually they remove many account, because they don't bring money with dj's account. So Official.fm could be very nice, but finally it's not. Right now, I don't know which one I have to use....

  10. what about reverbnation.com?

  11. BIG Question: How do i emdeb from house-mixes.com?

    they only have the play link, direct mp3 link but no embed code.. does it means i need to make a flash player myself?

    • At the moment there is a jukebox player which is flash based, you can use this to embed on other sites supporting flash. You can create custom playlists to use for each jukebox, or the jukebox can display all your uploaded mixes / tracks.

      We are improving this area very soon though to add more customisation options.


      • Phil Morse says:

        Note folks that Paul from house-mixes.com is taking the time to try and address your needs on here - always a good sign.

      • @HouseMixes,

        Yeah i found it, so i need to make a playlist before i can embed it correct? I hope the customization options come soon, Im enjoying the site except that i dont like the design of the flash player.. if i can suggest, a simple player that can is customizable in dimensions would be nice, and dont forget the volume controls, that is one thing im looking for on Official.fm, their player has a nice design, sleek and web 2.0 like but lacks the volume control


        Thanks for posting these alternatives, i would never find websites like this

        • Yes that is correct, you can specify what mixes / tracks your playlist contains then.

          The design and look of the flash player is the priority at the moment, we are working towards a web 2.0 style player with some colour / size customisation options, i don't have a set date when this will be complete, but we are working on it.

          Any more questions or suggestions feel free to contact me on the site / forum.


  12. Though it is not a free service, http://www.beezo.net has worked for many DJ's, primary club DJ's stateside US.

  13. Phil~ What do you think of this site?? Got recommended from one of my fans~


  14. Aasheesh says:

    Interesting post Phil,

    I am looking for site where I can not only promote my mixes and if they are really liked by my fans to start charging a small fee for each download. More downloads = More revenue = More trust with leads. This would then help me to get bigger deals at clubs in Ibiza !!! :)

    • Phil Morse says:

      I think this is a step too far - making money from unlicensed use of other people's productions is definitely a no-go.

      • Aasheesh says:

        But I would imagine that it happens offline all the time in clubs and bars, what does the copyright law say in those cases and I know for a fact that Dj's are paid. I am just curios as I am very new to this copyright topic.

      • Bars and clubs should be paying for ppl and prs, this gives them the licence to play music, this is also the case for radio stations to your local hair dressers (In theory). Thus, the artists get the money back from the licensing. if you want to make money from selling mixes you are doing of other peoples material you will have to give money to each artist respectably, leaving you with either no money from it or charging a lot per cd. It is a shame though, I remember handing tapes and cds to promoters in clubs when I started off (This could be considered as a no no as I don't own the copyright of the music.

        Best way if you want to make money off mixes is if your selling mix cds of purely your music, or if you own a record label of the music signed to your label.

      • Ste carrigg says:

        What ever happened to it being about the love of music , i would love to play out to people just to see their faces when you drop a great track its better than any payday !

  15. Hello everybody,

    does anyone checked out play.fm ? I'm interested in a platform where i can upload my mix(es) and provide it to my friends, e.g. via facebook (with integrated player). If people like it they should have the possibility to download the file... but it's not a need.

    a bedroom's DJ 😉

  16. hi...
    thx for this information, i was just thinking about updating soundcloud for more space for my djmixes...
    but what i am missing in mixcloud, which i think is the best alternative, is, that i am looking for an player, that is working on facebook, like soundcloud does...any ideas?

  17. to me, play.fm is the best alternative to soundcloud. never got problems with it!

  18. Is there any website or Mac application to upload our mix once, on all these hosting services?
    It's boring to upload xx times the same mix, for those who use more than one service.

  19. Thanks for the post. Very useful information. Mixcloud has a length limit which is terrible for a disc jockey. Mixcloud should be a lot lower on the list. House-mixes should be alot higher on the list, ACID planet is good when it's working

  20. DJ HighTone says:

    House-mixes had a sister site, urban-mixes.com where I had hosted my mixes for years. Now it seems to have disappeared, leaving me with a bunch of dead links on my site. Does any one know if it is gone permanently?

  21. Only DJs? What about for composers?

  22. Allmix.Org is the best DJ Mix hosting. They have far more features. You can make your DJ Profile on three languages. The site support English and Spanish. Every mix page have very good SEO. They have free account of 1000 upload minutes and Top20 and Top40 raitings.

  23. Hey everyone, about to launch some big blogging sites in the festival scene in Sydney, Australia. Do any of your services (Paul from House-Mixes) give the ability to upload via private links. I have a large subscriber base and would like to send out private links - as an incentive for signing up with me they'll be directed to any of yours sites and be able to listen to streams from previous years' festivals.

  24. Hey guys,

    May I offer an alternative....

    Get some free webspace, eg dropbox, and create your own website with links to the public links of your mixes!! for example.....


    there is supposed to be a mp3 player embedded in the big white box but last few days they seemed to have stopped working (they are "widgets" from google's free website offering) but the download links still work fine.

    I'll take this opportunity to be a bit cheeky and offer up this link that will give you (and me) and extra 500mb for free!!



  25. Hello everyone.

    I'm using Mixes DB.
    Take a little time to found out how to upload a mix.
    But it works for me.

  26. Hey, try http://Artrezor.com new beta social network for sound lovers, including waveform player and uploads. And it's free.

  27. Also, just to add comment on mix.dj

    I use this a lot, but not so much for hosting mixes (I do have mixes on there and it's better for getting feedback rather than exposure). What I do find this site good for is finding new tracks. If your source of new music is limited to pretty much beatport charts and other top 10s then this site is a handy way of finding less common and older tracks you've not heard before.

  28. Hey you forgot
    http://www.dubstepfood.com !

  29. I’ve created a place where you can mix and mingle with people who share your musical interests, upload and download mixes for free, the site has been recently updated making it easy for you to make new connections with people working in the DJ industry, the music business, and individuals who love listening to a great beat or are looking for new kinds of music.
    Feedback welcome

  30. What a good report on alternatives for soundcloud. I'm just a simple DJ, still using a lot of the old vinyls. But to have my work stored and make public, I was looking for different options. Thanks for that great article and all the replies contain also good alternatives and tipps.

  31. GanonsBane says:

    My beef with MixCloud is that they only let you upload in MP3 format, which significantly lowers the quality compared to the WAV version.

  32. Not a huge difference if you convert to 320kbps. Yes, mp3 is lossy as it compresses and real audiophiles will even say they can tell you the frequency that's missing, and that argument is for another day, but use something free like audacity and your wav can convert to "as good as" to most ears at 320kbps mp3. If you think about it, these are mostly free hosting sites a 30minutes mix in 300mb wav file compressed to a 30mb mp3 with very little sound quality loss allows them to offer much more. They pay for data storage.

  33. hi does anyone know if there is a site were i can upload my mixed music with the multiple track inserts so everyone can access the mixed points if needed.

  34. I have been Djing and hosted my own live mixshow for a few years at this site called System Shaker Every Tuesday Nights @ 8pm EST.

    I believe there is a slot for a Live show or you upload your mixes...

    Check out and if your interested...send an e-mail to the site owner and say... Ricardo sent you..

    The site caters to all types EDM music and streams 24 hours mixes from your local to the top dj's on the world.. You can listen to them on your phone through tunein, from the site or itunes radio.. with 128 kbps streams!! The people on this site are really cool, I personally known most the djs personally for years
    Check it out!!

  35. mixcloud is best website

  36. Interesting article, I still use YouTube though because of its integration with other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook (users can play your mixes from within the social media platform). Another benefit is SEO, YouTube videos tend to have higher rankings in search results in Google. There is also the liability issue, if your found in violation with YouTube, they will just penalize your account versus going after you directly.

  37. I've used http://www.clowdy.com

    Unlimited mixes and the free plan is enough for me,

  38. I also use Mix.dj. You can lot of mixes in free.

  39. Hello DDT.

    Wonder if a updated version of this article will be made ?


  40. http://electecmix.com/
    is also a great alternative for electronic music producers and Dj's​ everything is unlimited. uploading, downloading, ect

  41. For me, one of the best place its/was samurai.fm. There, with your profile you could check a map showing where your mixes was listened, and there was a lot of listeners. I remember same mixes on mixcloud had just 10 or 15 listeners... Unfortunately they will close at the end of this year (2014) so... I'm gonna try to find a good alternative, but it will be difficult to get the same satisfaction I guess...

  42. Reginald Shipman says:

    Great info. I was having a lot of luck with hulkshare.com. The site gets good engagement but but recently had uploading issues. When its working, it's a great site

  43. Christopher Smith says:

    I think http://www.mixhosting.co.uk should get a mention - fastest upload/download speeds around that's for sure IE DJs can upload their mixes quicker/listeners can download/stream them quicker... all from mobile devices too - happy days!

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