Virtual DJ 8 Coming: Extra Help Drafted In


Virtual DJ Pro 7 with 4 decks running concurrently. The software was a big success for its makers, Atomix.

Virtual DJ 8 is just around the corner, and promises to be the biggest leap forward for the popular DJ software platform so far, according to its makers Atomix.

Atomix has just announced that it has bought another DJ software company, Adionsoft - providers of DJ software distributed under the brands DJDecks, PCDJ Dex, and PCDJ Red Mobile - and now has both sets of engineers working on "rebuilding Virtual DJ from the ground up."

"Although the upcoming version will contain all of the features and functionality that current users are accustomed to, this new version is a complete re-write of the source code, and will contain many new features and functionalities," they announced.

Although Traktor and Serato often grab the critical limelight, Virtual DJ is probably the most used DJ software in the world, with somewhere between a quarter of a million and a million new downloads a month depending on who you speak to. It also has a lot of goodwill among DJs, many of whom discovered digital DJing through the platform.

While Virtual DJ currently lags behind the best of class in some areas (notably effects and sample features), it was the first to incorporate samples, extra decks and video into its software - and it looks like the new version may be about to address some of the areas where it isn't strong. We await it with interest.

Are you a Virtual DJ user who is patiently waiting for Virtual DJ 8 to hit the streets? Did you, like so many others, get your first taste of digital DJing with this program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. James Pieaterson says:

    I loved virtual DJ but get more respect with Traktor. Its our dirty little secret.

    • With all respect - respect for using specific gear? - it's not bout what one is using to spin it's bout what comes out of the speakers at the end and if you rock the dancefloor. We're spinning for the audience not solely for a bunch of other bragging DJ's.
      if u rock it with an ipad or VDJ so be it. Remember when Djing started? there was no 1200 Mk's or the like and Dj's like Cool Herc rocked the block with just two plain TT's and a mixer ...

      That was Skill back then as it took rather long to master your gear back then. Nowadays when spinning digital the learning curve is considerably less steep but you still need to master your equipment and ofc need taste & some feeling to pick the right track at the right time.
      Then have fun & rock the floor and don't listen to funbrakes ...

  2. As long as it still supports my weird Gemini CTRL-SIX (not mappable with Traktor etc), I'm happy.

  3. VDJ 7 is strong and flexible. It's the only software I use when DJing (plus some add ons) and I'm proud of it. While it lucks in built- in effects, it has amazing database. You can find whatever you want from you collection in less than a sec. Create virtual folders, filters to organize your tracks, etc.

    I believe it has the best functionality compared to serato and tracktor, to dj in your every day life. If you're a big name and you play only specific music, your own tracks, etc. then try something else. But if you're a regular DJ in a bar/club, with many people asking, trying to organize your playlist on the fly, etc, then VDJ is the best choice.

  4. So a complete rebuild of VDJ gets me excited and scared at the same time. I use this software for years and I think its bad reputation comes mostly from people who used a cracked version 3 years ago and decided to never give it a try again. So that they start all over could convert lots of nay-sayers.* But there is this beautiful German word "Verschlimmbesserung", which can be translated with "making things worse by improving them" and there is of course the risk that the "new and improved" Virtual DJ might become the kind on unstable crap software, that uninformed Traktor and Serato fanboys think it is.
    Of course I stay optimistic. VDJ hasn't failed me yet and until further notice I'm willing to believe them, when they say that it gets even better. (Although I still wait for my 99 decks skin.)

    *But if Version 7 hasn't convinced them yet, I think only a fat endorsement cheque from Atomix will at this point.

  5. Don't forget that Virtual DJ7 also keys all your songs and has a match-key feature for easier mixing, plus parallel waveforms, etc. Had to leave my equipment behind after a recent move and have been using my friend's S4. Really missing those features.

  6. VDJ deserves much more respect than it gets.. Its not quite as advanced as traktor in some areas but for mixing 2 tracks together, it is more than sufficient. I also firmly believe that some of the less expensive controllers are much more suited to work perfectly with vdj.

    Example - maudios xponent. I think vdj is better than both traktor and its own native torq imo when used with xponent.

    I wish them luck and will certainly check it out if i have the opportunity.

    And call me cheesy but i love their flippin double and beatgrid effects.

    • The flippin' double is awesome! But I wish more people would finally learn that you can change the pattern of the beatgrid effect. The ba-ba-ba-ba-bam ba-ba-bam ba-bam is a little bit overused, if you ask me. :)

    • I'll sign that right away (not the flippin double & beatgrid effect part though lol).

      Xponent & VDJ are an awesome combo - been using those two for years now and loving it. Only Xponents pitchfader dont go down well with VDJ regarding response. Torq & Traktor do a better job there IMO. But as long as nudging works i'm fine with that.

      As far as effects are concerned a lot of DJ's overuse these - i mean ever heard a DJ loop a track to death?
      How excitig ...

      Most producers do put considerable effort in their work / tracks and way too many DJ's ruin it with overusing effects - here often less is more IMO. Just my 2 cents.

  7. I started with ejay djmix station and then atomix virtual dj. I must say that I respect Virtual Dj, but ya know, the true is when you get deep into Traktor there's now way back.

  8. I hope they make the waveforms more user customisable, in certain light conditions the red and blue waves are horrendous to read. I still havnt found a downloadable skin that betters the VDJ 7 standard skins for functionality too, the ones that are made to look like proprietary mixers and cdj's are a bit of a joke.
    The originals just work.

  9. I have never been able to get past the brand "Virtual DJ" - It will always sound like a toy built for my young year old. Some rebranding and a more sophisticated interface would do much to help it in the market.

    • I always wondered why some people have such a problem with the name. Sure, since Virtual DJ was introduced, digital DJing became more and more hardware oriented, so the name isn't exactly fitting anymore, but come on, Traktor sounds like a farming simulation and nobody seems to complain about this!

    • Although Traktor and Serato often grab the critical limelight, Virtual DJ is probably the most used DJ software in the world, with somewhere between a quarter of a million and a million new downloads a month depending on who you speak to. It also has a lot of goodwill among DJs, I guess there are more people then not who can get around the name wouldnt you say? DJ Malarky out.

  10. Yeah VDJ 7 pro is a cool program and it work ok with my numark mixdeck but the latency is a big issue for me. just recently I'v downloaded the Serato Dj intro software and i must say that my mixdeck works as intended virtually no latency and im very happy with the software. I'm definitely looking forward to what the new virtual Dj has to offer.

    • Taylorgang says:

      Totally agree! I love my numark mixtrack pro but I'm not able to scratch like I want. Serato Intro is cool but all the functionality of the mixtrack is taken away (looping, etc). Hopefully latency is priority 1 for version 8.

  11. I will sertenly take a deep look at the new VDJ SW.

    Traktor has its pros but most certenly cons as well IMO.
    The beatgrid is a big issue to me as it has an 99% error frequence.
    And is not able to beatgrid not constant BPM tunes wich 50% of my music has. I hope VDJ can handle that better (Like Ableton)
    if that is the case I must certenly will consider swaping software.
    I also think about using Ableton.......

    I also had a friend testing my MC6000 with his laptop and it worked very well, it was up and running in less than 2 min.
    So I have nothing bad to say about VDJ, I chosed T2SP because the timecode that can be used with my S3700's so that I can use the same prog. for both of my setups if I want and of cause that T2 is standard here in sweden.

    //DJ Hessler

  12. Finlay Stewart says:

    Oh for the day we measure the software by its merits and not its name

  13. I've got nothing against VDJ, but i'm not sure i want the devs of DJDecks and PCDJ Dex working on it... Does anyone even use that? I'd be happier with the devs from say torq or dekadance, or even Mixxx for for that matter.

  14. VDJ would be my first choice if I ever left Torq.

  15. most interesting is the sheer volume of people who simply don't like the name "Virtual DJ" gotta agree with this somewhat, it does kinda make it sound amateurish

  16. I'm gonna be rockin´4-500 on the floor tomorrow and did it last saturday too. They dont give a f**k what software I use. I've kicked a lot of "cool traktor-djs" ass, using my corny VDJ. Is what I can do for the crowd that counts, not "look, I´m using the same stuff as Axwell" shit!

  17. Ninjastar says:

    Is there any indication as to when this will be released? Is there some sort of upgrade program from VDJ 7 or is it a free update?

  18. Have copies of VDJ 7 Pro and Traktor Pro 2. I love them both, started on VDJ so I will always like it. I use traktor for almost all of my club/dance gigs (for the music that I have taken the time to beat grid) and VDJ for Weddings and such. Its a happy medium for me. And who cares about the name, but I'll agree... it seems most people would like to here you say I use traktor or serato....

  19. Serato All Day baby!!!

  20. I use the free version of virtual dj to analyze tracks and plan my sets and mixtapes. My only complaint is the eq. The bass eq cuts way too high. Fix that and I'm happy.

  21. mitsaras_26 says:

    wow great news!when is it coming out?all i want them to fix is the beatgrid nothing else,everything is fine,oh and the effects of course which are horrible.but i use an external pioneer mixer djm 700 so no problem for the effects,cool can't wait!

  22. I tried VDJ with cdjs 900 , the problem is : the jog wheels are not accurate (Impossible to scratch) , i like VDJ but its too slow , do i need something else like that Traktor Box or so .. ?

    • I see questions like this often. And if you ask on the vdj forums they will be quick to say that a better audio interface will help, but if you follow those threads, the op will usually come back and say that the suggested interface made no difference

      • The interface has nothing to do with it, it's in the settings and if you don't know what your doing you could screw things up. If you were here I could show you how to make a Mixtrack pro scratch like vinyl. And most of the threads are LE users and like all things you have to upgrade, can't give em everything 😉

  23. I had VDJ since (approx) 2006, and I have always found it to be stable, reliable and user friendly. Last year I purchased Traktor (followed by a Kontrol X1 (as mapping my APC40 to Traktor was far more complex than it was in VDJ)) and I now use NI's software regularly whilst VDJ sits on my hard drive gathering binary dust.

    It's not that I don't like VDJ, but I have become comfortable with Traktor, it's FX and the layout. That said, I still miss some features of VDJ and wish NI would take note and add some of them.

    The only thing that would bring me back to VDJ would be an improved FX section and some higher quality skins (don't get me wrong, the default is nice but it's not at the same standard as Traktor).

    • That is why some guys create their own skins. Try that in Traktor. I think traktor has better sound than VDJ but the features on VDJ are more usable in real life situations. I hope the new VDJ has that fixed as well as better EQ options

  24. mr stifffy says:

    Only reason virtual dj is the most used software is because it is the most pirated..... People would type in the word "dj" to a torrent site and that would come up people that wouldnt have a clue about dj'ing wouldnt know what a traktor is or what serato does....

    With that aside I used vdj for about a year but found my mixes were never tight.... I didnt like the eq's, the lack of a decent filter, the fx were shit, sync was crap, felt 99 decks was a bit too much overkill (trying to better opponents). Using vst plugins is a lazy way of including fx... I like the programs that put time aside to create their own instead of me having to go out and buy vst's to add to my software that most likely sound shit.

    • Whatever you do don't tell vdj that. They may be too busy to build in more fx, but they are never to busy to argue with you about the fx system. In fact, I have found them generally too busy to do much more than a cursory or obligatory discussion of any concerns a customer might have, but give them the opportunity to debate on any features or functions of vdj, and ...well their schedule suddenly becomes wide open. Don't get me wrong, I like vdj, but it's kinda a victim of its' own success, and unable to move past ideas that were relevant a decade ago. Much of this is derived from what I have described, the fact that they constantly debate with the users, instead of listening to them.

    • Mr. Stiffy is it? You use sync??? DJ Malarky out.

  25. Virtual DJ lacks FX????? you can plugin dozens!!! more than in Traktor...each parameter can be controlled.
    Although the sound-engine in Traktor is better, but that is another issue.

  26. No FX??? Run a complete sequencer in one deck (FL studio: instruments, samples, FX) tru Virtual DJ

  27. Virtual DJ was what introduced me to the DJing world, used it for about four years, until a few months back I decided to switch Traktor Pro. The reason for this was simply because I felt like Virtual DJ was lacking in some features, and I needed something that had those features. I think Virtual DJ is a great software to start out with if your just getting into this, but at the same time it shouldn't matter what software you use, as long as it works for you. I have to say though Traktor is a beast.

  28. I think it probably is the most used DJ software , because its probably the most pirated DJ software. They need to get rid of the name Virtual DJ and update the horrendous GUI.

    I started out with vdj, it does have some great features but the interface is terrible.

    • I think "horrendous" is a bit strong, it may not be the best but Traktor's hardly pretty on the eye either.

      • It really is horrendous man... Looks like it's from 2002

      • Some skins may be a little cluttered maybe but to make a sweeping statement like that and the GUI is horrendous is rather unfair.

        I've been a paid user of VDJ for over 5 years and there were a few issues in the past but VDJ7 has been very very solid. Also when I think back many of the issues I had were not related to VDJ but my use and configuration of the latpop.

        I took a look a djdecks software there now and that really does look like something prehistoric - hopefully this acquisition is just a process of adding good programmers to the existing VDJ team and the core product will not change significantly.

  29. Good News, Anybody knows when will it be out?

  30. Virtual DJ is the 2nd product I purchased. Yes purchased. I love the Free upgrades, and the price point is great too. Until Serato, Scratch or itch or traktor do anything that I do and show me that the price is worth the change, I'll stick with VDJ.

    Although a cooler name may

    Happy with my investment.

  31. It all boils down to whatever floats your boat. If you like one over the other, it's all good. It's whatever works for you. I think they are all fine but as a mobile jock I do prefer VDJ. I might lean towards serato for the my club sets but I have rocked it with VDJ there as well. I've played with tractor but not enough to form a bad opinion. Like I said, whatever works for you right? I mean, I've never done a gig where someone came up and said, "hey man, what software are you running and what controller are you using etc.." It's can I drop you a dime or a twin to get this next track on or great job man. That's usually about it. And another one is in the books...DJ Malarky out!!!

  32. I'm waiting and eager to see what they pull out of the box for VDJ8 (I'm playing it out as the rebadged Numark CUE) - it's what I've used from the start as the software-based option to my video DJing. For pure audio, there are other options but for going out and playing five / six nights a week as a personality jock with video, there's nothing to match it. Just could do with a bit more efficiency with processor management and a dedicated in-house effect production team and I'd be a happy bunny. Bring it on.

  33. Just bought pcdj dex 2. What happens now that they have been bought put will we receive a free upgrade to vdj or are we screwed. Ps pcdj Dex had some problems which were never worked out because they must have known they were being bought out. E-mail vdj but have not had a responce

  34. As a DJ who spins a LOT of video as well as audio, my options in choosing digital DJ software were Virtual DJ or... OK, Virtual DJ. So it's not like I really have a choice. After some rough going finding out what kind of hardware it *does* work with as opposed to what they *say* it does, though (video cards especially), I'm becoming pretty happy with it. Yeah, I wish the FX were better, but I am using an external mixer with FX to get around that, and with a pair of Numark V7's I'm able to thow down video mashups on-the-fly all night; you're not gonna do THAT with Traktor or Torq or any flavor of Serato.

    One thing I would love to see in VDJ 8 is the ability to MIDI-map the slices in the BeatGrid effect to an external controller; I would work the mess outta that with a LaunchPad or an APC40! :)

    Mike Dailor

  35. What I loved about VDJ was the key matching function. I love harmonic mixing and everything sounds 100 times better if it's in the same key. A very compatible software, and if you want a software that kills bass, get VDJ. It KILLS bass. Dead. Wrapped in a plastic bag and dropped into the ocean off the coast of Istanbul. Really great way to get into DJing as a noob, I loved VDJ <3 But TRAKTOR in terms of nearly EVERYTHING else, kills VDJ. Dead. Dropped off a mountain and buried alive in the centre of the earth. DEAD 😛

  36. I used Serato & VD7 & I like them both! I can rock the crowd with both! I can mix and blend with both! You can figure out where I'm going with Question: Will VD8 be FREE for us die hards that paid for the Pro?

  37. when is it coming out?

  38. I can only think of two things to fix in VDJ. One is the sound quality including EQs. The other one is the fact that when key lock is active it has a bit of a hard time keeping up with timecode. Other than that, I'm good. If i ever need more FX than what it offers I'll stop calling mysef a DJ

  39. timecode says:

    will it be aout before 21 december 2012? lol :))))

  40. Keep Kalm says:

    I think Virtual DJ is a killer bit of software (i have used it for a year now) but it has a major stigma attached to it due it being pirated by every man and his modem as well as the rather bad GUI. There are definitely some parts that traktor does better such as latency and sound quality but Virtual DJ is so flexible with its custom mappings, skins and effects.
    Very keen for version 8...

  41. November 4th,2011
    "Virtual DJ 8 is just around the corner, and promises to be the biggest leap forward for the popular DJ software platform so far, according to its makers Atomix."

    Well exactly how long is around the corner?
    I have been eagerly waiting for almost a year....
    will it still be the Biggest leap forward for dj sofware?
    Is it coming out at all? :)

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