Videos: MixVibes Cross DJ 2.0 & iCross DJ for iPad


iCross DJ for iPad is a port of Cross DJ to the iPad, and is a pretty impressive v1.

MixVibes may not be the biggest name in DJ software and hardware, but it is an innovator. From their own VFX video DJing platform, to being the team behind Pioneer's RekordBox software, MixVibes knows what it's up to.

MixVibes Cross DJ software has quietly become a contender, and alongside the company's U-Mix Control Pro controller, offers a good value, tightly integrated DJ system than punches above its price. So now they've announced Cross DJ 2.0 and demoed iCross DJ for iPad, we thought we'd take a closer look.


Video: MixVibes Cross DJ 2.0

Building on the vastly improved effects of 1.7, and adding sample decks a la Traktor, plus boasting library improvements among other tweaks, Cross DJ 2.0 is the strongest incarnation yet. We also think it is contender for best elastic beatgridding of any DJ software. Here's our view preview from Musikmesse 2012.


Video: MixVibes iCross DJ for iPad

One of the first major desktop packages to port lock, stock and barrel across to iPad, MixVibes iCross DJ is pretty impressive for a v1, as you'll see in this Musikmesse 2012 preview. On launch it will work with the company's own U-Mix Control Pro DJ controller, but expect it to also be mapped to other controllers. Surely this is a shot across the bows of the bigger boys: I wonder how they'll respond?

Are you a MixVibes user? Having seen the videos, what particularly appeals to you about either of these pieces of software? We'd love to get your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Paco Loco says:

    Cross for iPad looks really good. Do you know when it is coming out and what the price will be?

    • MixVibes are just starting beta testing now with outside users. There's no detail on when it will hit the app store or what price it will be just yet. We'll post details here when we get them!

      • Tekton1k says:

        I contacted MixVibes asking about Cross for iPad, I was informed that it has a release date of 4/20/12, and is going to retail for 14.99 euro/$18.99

  2. JonnyFlash says:

    I use Cross for my Mac and I cannot wait for the sampler decks. I hope I can program them to launch by using the cue point buttons on my UMix.

    • PartyVIBES says:

      you can easily change the mapping in CROSS into your own one. This continues in vers. 2.0. Simply double the U-MIX mapping you usually use and it will be editable. Then you can change nearly every command and even use additional MIDI hardware for additional functions. So you might add the iCON iSTAGE or even iCREATIV to your MIXVIBES U-MIX (this is what I do... 😉 )


  3. Awesome app, i am going to check it out right way

  4. Im very impressed by the improvements mixvibes is making to its products.
    THis iPad app seems absolutely awesome!
    Cant wait to get it!!!
    when is is coming out please?

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