DJ Player 5.5: DVS Arrives For iPad By Christmas

DJ Player 5.5

DJ Player 5.5 brings vinyl control to iOS software DJs, and is due to drop before Christmas 2012.

Rapidly becoming the iOS power user's DJ software of choice, DJ Player is about to cement that position with the imminent release of v5.5, which brings digital vinyl control to users of the software on iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone. DJ Player 5.5 can be used with any timecode vinyl/CDs, and you can even have one turntable controlling both of DJ Player's software decks simultaneously.

In addition, you'll be able to control the main parameter of the active effect/s using the control vinyl in what they're calling "DVS FX". All of this is Midi mappable.

The DJ Player set-up uses "Relative" mode exclusively, and is primarily designed to assist scratch DJs make the move to the iOS platform.

DJPlayer 5.5 iPhone

You can get Dj Player on your iPod, but the DVS is only for iPad.

What else is new?
DJ Player 5.5 has a number of other options and improvements, including user-definable backgrounds (including your own images), coloured time displays that blink when a track is coming to a close, and automatic database backup into iTunes File Sharing.

The software is already in private beta, and DJ Player 5.5 is due for public release into the App Store in time for Christmas.

So - someone's managed to finally boot the laptop out of DVS! Along with Pioneer's new CDJ2000nexus and XDJ-Aero devices, and DJ controllers like the iDJ Pro, do you think this means the laptop's days in DJ set-ups are now numbered? Please share your thoughts in the comments...

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  1. I feel that all controllers are going to remain backwards compatible with laptops for a very long time.

    • For sure - well, most anyway (the iDJ Pro can't be used with a laptop, only an iOS device). The more interesting thing here is that you can now use non-controller gear (CDJs, record decks) with your iPad for the very first time.

    • Chuck van Eekelen says:

      The one thing I really don't like too much about digital DJ-ing is the big ole laptop sitting on top of everything and out in front of the controller (I tried having it to the side, but that just f*ck's with my neck lol) as some sort of barrier between the audience and me.

      But, since having a keyboard is pretty handy when finding stuff in my (still way oversized, sorry Phil!) collection, that is why it sits where it sits.

      If I could trade my laptop for an iPad, which is smaller, can sit way flatter than I could ever get my laptop screen and have a touchscreen for most functions (including a useable on-screen touch keyboard) I can see myself saying goodbye to a laptop.

      I don't think it is a matter of being backward compatible between hardware controllers (I would definitely want to keep one of those!) and laptops, since they are all midi mapping devices anyway. So as long as a device (iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Windows) "speaks" midi and has a connection to allow midi signals in and out, there should be no compatibility issue. Especially since midi has been around forever and has remained, in it's core, unaltered.

      It would be nice if something like the Alesis iDock would be invented where you could stick in your iPad, have it powered, sitting firmly and at a comfortabel angle and all connections routed through external connectors. Run your USB cable from your controller to the iDock and presto!

      Obviously there are still a few iOS bugs to be fixed, like being able to get two stereo streams out of the 30-pin connector or the new lightning connector and such, but I am sure they will be tackled soon enough. Processing power on the newest iPads is pretty good, especially if used exclusively for the task at hand, running your DJ Software.

      I guess that when incorporating iPads in a clever way they will most certainly find their way into a part of the digital DJ community. As with vinyl, then CD's and now laptop DJ-ing there will always be those that consider iPads just another toy and not for "serious" DJ-ing. In my opinion if the gear allows you to do your thing the way you want to (i.e. achieve the purpose of the event you are there for), than it is suitable for serious DJ-ing.

      So, if my MC6000 could connect to an iPad I would be more than happy to try it out. All we need now is an iPad ready version of Traktor:-).

      Greetinx & keep on spinning!
      Chuck "DJ Vintage" van Eekelen
      The Netherlands

  2. For people like me who incorporate live jamming with virtual synths and custom FX chains (i.e. use Ableton Live as their DJ software) whatever iOS DJIng apps bring to the table, is always less. Its far more suitable for me to use my iPad with touch surface controllers (Lemur, TouchOSC) to expand my hands-on control on the software than to go back featurewise only just to get rid of my laptop.
    In that sense, i dont think laptops are going to abandon the DJ booths that soon!

  3. I don't know about that but I can see it re-stimulating the market for used turntables possibly. I'm even considering buying a 2nd hand pair of 1210s to use with this software. I never really got into timecodes with a laptop but I could be really tempted to try this setup.

  4. How are the decks being connected??

  5. The DJ Player manual is already updated for the DVS details:

  6. Any news on the addition of portrait display (for iDJ Pro)?

  7. I've one problem: having read the DJ Player manual, Apple's camera connection kit must by used with a USB sound card to hook up the timedcoded decks. Fine for iPad but the camera kit doesn't work with an iPhone.

    If I could load an ipad with just enough music to get through an average night, easily hook up the soundcard and decks, camera connector (and somewhere some power to keep the ipad on charge) AND a USB controller to at least provide hands on control of faders and knobs, plus some touchscreen control, AND if it all runs glitch free then I might be tempted to swap away from my Mac n Trak.

    Would a USB hub allow you to use more than one USB device?
    Would an S4, for example, run with say a pair of deck playing timecode and map all the S4 controls? I often do this with the Mac, could I keep my setup and replace the laptop with a neat ipod I wonder?

    Aren't USB devices requiring a driver not supported (ie need to be USB class compliant, whatever that means), as the manual suggests?

    I love the idea of a simple ipad and controller setup, if it's glitch free and sounds ok but I'm assuming that because of the above limitations then a laptop is still needed to use all your fave gear (and perhaps to ensure top quality audio from a good soundcard?)

    Hello brave new world, you confuse and intrigue me in equal amounts!

    • Soz, meant "replace the laptop with a neat IPAD I wonder?"

    • Yes, the Camera Connection Kit works with iPads only, so i wonder why Phil wrote you can use an iPhone. :-)

      With DJ Player you can play 5-6 hours if you start with full battery.

      Yes, you can use a USB hub.

      The S4 i'm afraid is not USB Class Compliant. A USB Class Compliant device doesn't need any driver.

      We are working with DJ gear manufacturers now to provide better support for you, with automatic official maps, compliant devices list and videos.

      • I've had no luck charging my iPad with USB hubs, and I know I'm not alone. A while back, someone posted on DDJT that many USB hubs provide 5W of power while iPads need 10W. Will have to see if I can find a 10W hub somewhere. Anyone seen such a beast?

  8. Oops I went and bought an IPod touch lol,l
    still have the reciept thankfully.

  9. is it compatible with the ipad mini? And what about 2 stereo outs to control 2 turnatables on just one ipad? Connecting a maya 44usb via connection kit will give me this option? Can You tell sth more about the latency?

    • Yes, it works with the iPad mini, and yes, if your sound card has enough inputs, you can use 2 turntables. Plz read the manual. I don't know if the maya is USB class compliant. Latency is identical to desktop systems with 128 samples buffer size.

  10. Gábor, I bought DJ Player a couple of weeks ago and I'm very impressed. To be able to connect a Midi Fighter to my Ipad and play cue points is pretty crazy!

    Have you thought about adding a forum to your site though? I think it would be very useful to develop a community of users for future developments and support purposes.

  11. Gábor,

    I had asked you guys via your website about the RedBull version. I got a prompt response that it will be updated too, but since then I've seen minor updates for DJ Player and none for the RB BPM version. Are you still can track here?


    • There will be some news regarding this very soon.

    • Hi RD,

      You may want to check this page out which has just been released by Red Bull;

      Basically, Red Bull are leaving the DJ app at the beginning of December 2012. If you already own a Red Bull BPM app (there have been a couple of incarnations of the app), then you will be able to move to the DJ Player app for free between 30th November and 4th December.

      See the official page for full details.

      Personally, I'd see this not as a reflection on the success and the innovative nature of DJ Player but more down to a shift in focus within the Red Bull organisation.

      It's good news that existing users can switch for free...don't miss out!

      Also, I've heard that Stereomusik Systems are dropping the price of the Output Boosters to less than €30 for a pair during the same 4 day period.

      • Why would you need output boosters at all, out of interest? Is the line level output not loud enough from an iOS device to plug straight into a mixer?

      • the red bull statement is a little bit confusing imho...

        As a bpm dj user:
        - Which in-app "pack" ("use your own music", "premium", "performance", ...) will allow me to freely switch/upgrade to dj player ?

        - The statement specifies no special "requirements", so dj player will be FREE FOR VIRTUALLY EVERYONE
        (who has at least installed the basic/free version) ??????

      • DJ Hombre,

        Missed you comment before I saw Phil's post on the same, but thanks very much!

        Will the Stereomusik be directly from their site? Or will it be via third party site?


  12. Victor Figueroa (FigDJ) says:

    Hi Phil

    I am looking for a sugestion on a USB compliant sound card that can be used with DJ Player.

    I already own Djay from Algorithim and use the IMic for Multi-Route stereo. I want to buy the DJ player app but needed to know if it needs 4 channels interface or just two. The Imic is just Master (L+R).

    I am asking because I am also doing Beta testing for another application that won't work with a two channel but needs a 4 channel Master (L+R) and Cue (L+R). I want to buy a suitable USB audio interface that has 4 channels so it will work with DJ Player and the other app for wich I am doing Beta testing.


    • I'll hand this one over to Gabor...

    • It works with 2 channel USB devices too. In this case, you can choose if master is USB and pre-listening on iPad, or the opposite. Just for the fact, DJ Player supported this _before_ DJay...

      • Victor Figueroa (FigDJ) says:

        Thanks for the reply

        That answers my question on wether the DJ player app needs a 2 channel or a 4 channel USB Audio device.

        The other app (remain nameless at this time) needs a 4 channel USB Audio so now I just need to find a good one that is also samll enought for an Ultra portable set-up.


    • Hi Victor, I've been doing some research myself too! The Omnitronic DDI should do the trick (that's what iMect use in their latest DJ Player with DVS demo video), it's USB class compliant but will require a powered USB hub.

      There seems to be a lack of knowledge / information about USB class compliance whether it's Midi controllers or USB soundcards - in fact some manufacturers are not able to give a positive answer on their products!

  13. Pedro from Madrid says:

    I want to know if i use djp with USB soundcard for second out (stick with camera adaptor) does this second out is louder than mini jack out in iPad ? Why I ask that, because I don't know does I need to buy 2 complete of boosters or only one.

    • Why do you need to buy boosters at all? Both outputs should be loud enough. The bottom output is likely to sound the better of the two, though.

      • The USB audio device's output level and quality depends on the circuit inside it, it's independent from the iPad.

      • Phil, the output levels of the headphone and dock connectors are night and day.

        The headphone connector is just that, and not a proper line level output, whereas the audio feed from the dock connector is actual line level.

        It's even worse with US devices, which are have ludicrously limited headphone levels by law.

        For years I've carried a dock connector to twin RCA cable in case I need to use an iDevice at gigs, and I also have a 3.5 to dock connector cable for my car.

        The difference in level is truly obvious, once you've heard it. Get one of each cable and do a side-by-side. You'll see what I mean!

      • Please note a USB device's output is not the same as the line-level output of the iOS dock connector. A USB device's output depends on it's internal circuit.

  14. Wanted to know will the new ipad and ipad mini charge up when using a controller? And also since they have the new lighting port will sound be different compare to the other 30 pin connector. One more thing which controller will work best with the dj player app? Not sure which one to get or what will work with the dj player app. Thanks

  15. Sorry for my English. I mean charging is not possible with the CCK.

  16. @steven i just ordered a mixtrack pro ill let you know how i get on

  17. Craig also let me know if u have to use a power hub too thanks

  18. Craig also let me know if u have to use a power hub too thanks.

  19. Been eyeing this app for awhile, so this is a great way to jump in. So far I'm really impressed!

    One question though, I read in the manual that I need to set up the NetApp output in the Output page of DJ Player. How do I find the Output page, I can't see it anywhere in the app.


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