NAMM 2013: Numark Orbit DJ Controller Video Talkthrough

The Numark Orbit is much smaller and much nicer than I though it'd be from the pictures, as you can see from this world-exclusive video. It's rubberised, with metal bars, and seems well made. It's also going to be cheap - US$99 is a good price. It's pretty open as to how you'd use it too - I think as a second controller alongside your main controller it's be kind of awesome for effects triggering, and the accelerometer is going to give some people some decent performance ideas.

Of course it's latency-free wireless which is it's trump card. A few people have tried this stuff before, but the little Numark Orbit may just have what it takes to succeed. I liked it.

Having seen the video, what do you think? Is this something you could see yourself incorporating into your own DJ sets? Let us know your thoughts below, and check out some other miniaturised gear from NAMM in the links...

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  1. Look like a boss, wear it on your wrist. Sci-fi DJ.

    In all seriousness though, in practice it may be different but i'm not seeing why id want to leave the booth just cause i have this. I may leave for other reasons and have this as a back up if i dont get back in time. But im sure someone will become the Orbit wizard and blow our minds.

  2. Jon Glover says:

    Numark you clever peeps. This looks great, could be a lot of fun. Good for toilet breaks too!

  3. Love the thought of this if it works.....and if someone can break a mapping for the remix decks in traktor that'd be even better!!

    • @ Vic
      im sure i can get this a mapping in Traktor no problem
      infact i can see why in SOME types of performances you would want to use this

      Im going to contact them with an idea shortly.
      HEY digitaldjtips owner, can you shoot me an email?
      i have a big question for ya on this one

    • +1 for traktor remix deck control. Just realized theres 4 banks...16 pads. do you could easily program loops, one shots if some hacks it or Traktor opens it up to all midi controllers

  4. i want this...

  5. Catch!ness says:

    I'm not quite sure how the wireless thingy works. Similar to the pioneer aero? Via wireless. Or is it more like you plug it through usb, wireless mouse or keyboard style? =)

  6. I find the thought of a DJ taking a piss in the toilets whilst triggering loops from one of these strapped to his/her wrists hilarious.

  7. I'd see this controlling lights...

  8. ultimate after party mind fuck device at a bargain price

  9. lordamercy says:

    Just think about the

  10. i kind of want one with a mapping for Traktor Effects. Would be pretty sick and the price is right!

  11. The price is certainly right. I can't wait to get my hands on it for a play.

  12. If your eager to try something similar. you can use an xbox controller

  13. Alex Shaffer says:

    This looks pretty dang cool. I might have to add this to the set up for some additional fun! This does almost make me regret buying a midi fight 3d a few months back though

  14. Looks like a good secondary controller for Serato DJ. For peeps who have controllers that weren't made specifically for SDJ and don't have pads.

  15. Looks really fun and cool at the same time.

  16. EDGEK8D says:

    Makes Midi Fighter 3D look L-A-M-E!

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