Virtual DJ 7.4 Adds Cloud Video & Karaoke Services

Virtual DJ's always been big on video, but with Virtual DJ 7.4, it's just got even more so.

While we continue to await news of the long-touted Virtual DJ 8 (something we first revealed almost exactly a year ago), parent company Atomix today announced Virtual DJ 7.4. Continuing to define its niche as the software of choice for mobile, video and karaoke DJs, the 7.4 version of Virtual DJ adds subscription options for downloadable, searchable video and karaoke files to complement its existing audio subscription service, the three cloud-based services now coming under the umbrella of "ContentUnlimited".

MegaHits (formerly ChartBusters) has been brought onboard for the karaoke service at US$19.99 a month, and the video pool VJ-Pro covers downloadable video duties gfor US$49.99 a month, the pair of them joining the popular Grooveshark service (US$9.99/month) for audio. Subscriptions for all three are available from within the software.

Other improvements include the addition of out-of-the-box compatibility with a whole host of new controllers from the likes of Pioneer, Denon DJ, Hercules, Numark and American Audio, and optimisation for Windows 8, including multi-touch interface support.

Finally, there's a crowdsourced real-time recommendation engine called "LiveFeedback", suggesting what to mix next "based on data from millions of DJs around the world.

• The software is as usual available as a free upgrade to all owners of any previous version.

What do you think of having searchable, downloadable audio, video and karaoke sservices right there within DJ software? And when do you think Virtual DJ 8 will finally appear? Please share your thoughts below!


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  1. I think they have been dragging really. They first announced the coming of VDJ 8 in November 2011. But, I'll give this new update a try.

  2. But VDJ is still the best software anyway.....

  3. djalabang says:

    still the same algorithm, skin etc. nothing new. :(

  4. I am thinking that VDJ8, has such an heavy footprint in terms or RAM, CPU, and (such as Audio)(not that I installed or played around any beta), that they have no choice to bring one feature at a time, and optimise it!

  5. @DJalabang: Like the skin really matters to your Algorithm...I understand that.

    Overall this is a great update for those who need the new features.

  6. Bryan Singleton says:

    Tried it out and it seems to work great no spikes in CPU Usage as far as I can tell,I like it.

  7. Which new controllers does this support? DDJ-SX?

  8. I started digital with VDJ when they started. I switched to Traktor less than 2 years ago because VDJ crashed too much no matter which PC i was using and, at the level of expectations i have to deal with when i have gigs, i cannot afford a crashing dj software. I still love the culture behind vdj (user forums and developed with the users ideas) and use it mostly for vj gigs. I feel they have neglected their crowd by not really updating the software in the past 3 yrs. It seems it is getting outdated compared to all the others who have stepped their game up. I feel they had reached a place where they did not know what to do next, did not have a vision or a business plan. Especially at the price they sell it. However, i still hope that they will surprise me with version 8 and that their business plan will enable them to keep their spot as one of the preferred software with all the other options djs have nowadays. They will surely need to work hard to keep their market share with agressive competitors like Serato who have definitely surpised me in 2012. NI should also be proactive to make sure not to stay in their comfort zone too long. On their part, I feel they did the right move when they got Traktor to be more accessible price wise but not sure about the whole remix decks and kontrol f1 exclusivity. The next years will be revolutionary with tablets, mobiles, touchscreens.... Should be interesting!! Who will be the leading dj softwares in 5 years??

    • Hi guys,

      I am strangely replying to my own post to tell you guys about a great and unique customer service experience I just had with the Atomix Productions team.

      After reading my post, Andrew, Chief Operations Officer at Atomix, inquired about my concerns and encouraged me to try the new version to give him some feedback about it. His approach was totally honest and respectful and, as a VDJ Pro user (even if I now mainly do my DJ gigs with Traktor since end of 2011), I very much appreciate when a supplier values my opinion and follows up on it the way It has been done in the current situation.

      Now, this made me read my post again and I felt bad about it. To be fair with the VDJ team, I have to correct my previous statement saying that VDJ has not crashed more than other software on the gigs I used it for VJing since version 7.04. Also, for the past years, I have to admit VDJ team worked hard to fix many bugs and issues that users were reporting upwards on their community forums. VDJ has always been good to answer their users needs and this needs to be acknowledged.They did not give up on their users. Like i said to Andrew when I replied to his email, I think, as a VDJ user, by reading blogs, watching youtube reviews and NAMM interviews on the net, I was desperately waiting for a VDJ revolution with v8.0 and I am still waiting for it. Since it had not happened, I decided to explore other software and needed to spend 100s of hours relearning to work with Traktor, even bought a F1 to maximize Traktor, etc. I just felt VDJ team were not on top of their game anymore... but I strongly think they are worthy of all the money spent when buying the software, especially because I think they are driven by the passion of Djing more than just running a business.

      Finally, far from me was the intention of discouraging DJs to work with VDJ. Try it, work with it, see if it meets your needs and if, just like me, you love it (for DJing or VJing), buy it and help these guys do the revolution everyone is waiting for in the DJ software industry!

      Have a great day all! I just felt I needed to adjust my posting so it represents a little more clearly my state of mind and especially to let you know about how impressed I was to receive such a genuine follow up from Andrew. Good job Andrew!

      • Allstar6 says:

        Funny thing...when I started digital djing last spring, I used the free version of vdj. Since it was all new to me, I didn't see a reason to try other programs like Traktor. I then stepped up to pro and used the customization options to really dial in vdj with my Denon MC3000. The vdj forums were super helpful during that time and much appreciated. I don't much care about the skin not changing with this update but love the incremental updates, especially the one a few updates ago that upped the sound quality.

        Anyway, recently I started using the Traktor ios app and loved it. That got me wondering if I should give The pc version of Traktor a try. I downloaded a copy and loaded up the map for my controller and spent a whole weekend dialing it in. When I was finished, I didn't much like it at all compared to vdj. I forced myself not to use vdj all weekend but once I finally fired it back up, I was so much more happy. So many more customization options, better sound quality, just much better. I ended up deleting Traktor from my pc because it's just not as nice as vdj. I do have little quibbles with vdj but they mostly boil down to things like song sorting annoyances, crappy default ho/lowfilter and a few other things that are escaping me now but over all VirtualDJ is awesome, to me. I hope they don't Traktor-ize it too much for vdj 8...

    • Bro,you don't have the right can VDJ crash on you??? than you don't know how to set up your software..i use many laptops and maybe crash few times in few years...sorry to say,but they all crash!! so when you use Macbook,than you can call yourself a good Dj...macbook it's the tool for any PRO DJ!!! so dont blame on the software,blame on your machine . Cheers

      • George:
        Please don't fall into the say trap of saying"if you don't use this type of equipment you are not a pro" I started DJing in 1978 before most of the DJ's on this forum were born. I have DJed at over 2000 weddings and countless other gigs. I started using a computer for my jobs in 1999 or maybe 2000 with the Automixmp3 which later became known as Virtual DJ.I have carried hundreds of milk creates full of albums, yes that right albums. I have been through ever format change in out industries from Albums to 8track to cassette
        to digital audio tapes to CD to Mp3(which I don't use any more all my songs are Wave files). I know that the amount of your compensation alone doesn't make you a professional but I get between $1,500 and $2,000 for a wedding, and I have to turn down jobs every year because I am always booked. but the most amazing thing about all this is I have never used a MacBook. I will accept your apologies in advance.

        Thank you
        Party Mix DJ's
        Sam Franklin

  9. Love the add-ons. I just would be cautious of downloading music during gigs. When folks find out you can download music, that's when the annoying requests begin.

  10. D.J. MacIntyre says:

    I am really at a crossroads and need high level advice. Here's my situation:

    1. I use Virtual DJ, have all my organizational work (naming, cue points, etc.) done on that program.

    2. I like the VDJ interface and prefer it to Traktor.

    3. Im currently using VDJ 7LE with a Denon MC3000.

    4. I am ready to upgrade to top notch professional sound quality.

    5. In my djing style I make long mixes but don't scratch, nor do I use many real-time effects.

    6. I would like the ability to grow into musical production with simplicity using as few programs as necessary.

    7. I would like to be able to lose my laptop for visual performance reasons down the road, but do like to have the visual information available.

    Will VDJ Pro 7.4 compete on sound quality with Traktor and Pioneer CDJ?

    How close are any of these programs to being tablet driven?

    Is there a way to extract data from VDJ spreadsheet into Rekordbox and vice versa?

    Thanks in advance for informed comments.


    • No, you can't do VDJ/Rekordbox import/export as far as I know. Virtual DJ 8 will leap forward as far as sound quality goes from 7.x, though we have yet to hear it ourselves so can't tell you how it compares. Remember, your sound card is a big decider, too (no problem with the Denon, it sounds good).

      Virtual DJ 8 is going to work on tablets/iOS as well as PC/Mac.

      • Thanks for the feedback Phil. How would you describe the sound quality improvements made thus far in the 7.X upgrades? Are they on par with Traktor?

        As I grow in my djing, I value clean clear sound more and more. I'm bumping up against the output amplitude issues that other users have noted with Virtual DJ 7.3? and earlier. Have these been resolved in the current update? Has the increase to 32bit enabled higher non-distorted output signal?

        As I mentioned earlier, I'd really like to stick with VDJ sound quality being equal, but if it isn't, I have a hard decision to make.



  11. Andilcii says:

    Hey, I´m about to choose a software and I can´t decide.. what would you recommend me? VDJ or Tractor? and is it true that VDJ has crap sound?

    • No bro, They all the same..depend on your sound card..VDJ have i little issue on the FX sound..little poor ,but the rest it's all the same! on my opinion Vdj is the easy'est software to Dj. if they get a better fx sound on it,will beat every dj software out there ! anyway VDJ win the best DJ software of the year 2013. Cheers

  12. Vdj by far the easiest to learn on I only switched to traktor when it became cheap enough. Im glad to read that I am not the only one who has had to spend 100,s of hours learning how to use traktor

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