World Exclusive: Virtual DJ 8 Revealed


Virtual DJ 8's new timeline feature is the biggest of a whole host of new additions in this rewritten version of the program.

Digital DJ Tips has seen a sneak preview of Virtual DJ 8, which we can confirm has had an extensive rewrite and comes with a massive list of new features including audio/video timeline DJing, vastly improved sample decks, far easier mapping, auto audio configuration, and completely new effects.

As well as the headline features in the alpha version we saw, there are improvements to windows and window resizing including for video, editable EQ bands, multi-field search, and a host of advanced configuration options that were previously only available by editing your registry - and it's only "60% finished" with many more features yet to make it into the software.

Major features so far

Virtual DJ 8 timeline

The Virtual DJ 8 timeline feature, showing envelopes. You can pre-programme pitch, EQ, volume and so on to automate your mix and create instant key-matched mashups - in audio and video.

  • Timeline remix engine - Probably the biggest addition. This is similar the kind of workflow used by Ableton Live, Mixmeister, Mixed In Key Mashup and the forthcoming The One software. It allows you to position songs as big, colour, beatmatched waveforms on a timeline (up to 99 of them). You can auto-key them, match pitch, and most importantly, edit them. So that means you can chop sections out, extend breaks, and so on. There are envelopes to control pitch, key, EQ, volume and the like, so you can pre-programme your set effectively. Anything you produce in this mode can also be exported and then played back as a single track
  • Auto sound configuration - The software automatically recognised your audio interface and DJ set-up, setting all output channels accordingly. This is a big improvement meaning hopefully less beginners wondering why the same sound is coming out of their headphones as their speakers! 😉
  • Better window handling - There are no longer issues with the window ratio causing the round decks to go oval at certain screen resolutions, and the video output window has been simplified and improved, with double-click for full screen
  • Easier Midi mapping - The Midi mapping screen has auto complete, fast and intuitive Midi learn, and you can save out custom mappings so it's easy to have different mappings for different uses - for instance, you could have a video mapping and an audio mapping
  • Advanced configuration options - Many options that were previously hidden and so only accessible by altering the registry are now in the settings, and new options include being able to alter which part of the sound spectrum the bass, mid and treble controls affect (a long-standing request). All your options are saved in a single XML file so you can easily configure another copy of Virtual DJ
  • Improved sound quality - There is a noticeable improvement in the higher-end frequencies, thanks to a rewritten sound engine
  • Multiple field search - You can choose to let search work across multiple fields, so for instance if you wanted to look for the "extended dub" of say a Deadmau5 record, by typing "extended dub Deadmau5" you'd bring up the track even though "extended dub" is part of the title and "Deadmau5" is in the artist field
  • New effects - Traditionally a weak part of Virtual DJ, there will be "plenty" of new effects, although the demo we were given only contained three, of which we actually heard the flanger. It sounded, well, like a flanger!
  • Undockable effects - You can pull the list of effects "out" of the software into a window of its own that you can size and position anywhere on your screen, or even on a second screen. Furthermore, you can pull individual effects out into their own windows too, so they're always in front of you with all controls on display. These can also be docked in the bottom of the screen
  • Better sampler - Samples can now be edited in their own window, with waveforms you can crop and re-length, key matching (possible with one key press for instant in-key vocal sampling and playback, for instance), plus they can be autosynced and pitched, and also grouped together so triggering a sample in the same group will stop the currently playing one and "take over" at exactly the same point in the bar - perfect for, say, chopping up vocals in the beat and in time. Samples can be given images for easy visual identification
  • Coloured waveforms - Virtual DJ has joined the rest of the pack introducing coloured waveforms in decks and in scratch mode, although the main waveforms remain as they were

First thoughts

While the software on the surface looks like just a neater version of what all Virtual DJ users are familiar with, and indeed you can use it in exactly the same way (a smart move so long-time users remain comfortable with it), it has had an immense amount of power added and at the same time had some of its little annoyances and quirks ironed out. Decent effects, improved sound quality, a neater skin and even more robust video plus extensive configuration options mean it looks like Virtual DJ 8 hold its own against other pro DJ software.

Virtual DJ 8 sample window

Virtual DJ 8's sample editing window. you can group, keymatch and even assign pictures to samples.

Once you then add in some of the new features - particularly the timeline (which remember you can use for on-the-fly editing and manipulation of audio and video, for instance for adding an extended audio version of a song to an MTV-style video version to make your own DJ-friendly edits) - and you've got a program that I am sure Atomix, the makers, are hoping will win users away from the other major packages.

The fact that they've got a whole host of features that aren't even in the software yet shows the ambition - and from what I saw today, they're well on the way to delivering on it.

As always, the software will be a free upgrade for all owners of the full version of Virtual DJ Pro 7. There are no firm release dates yet.

• See all the photos we took in our Virtual DJ 8 screenshots gallery over on the Digital DJ Tips Facebook Page.

Now we've revealed the major new features and improvements, what are your views on Virtual DJ 8? Are you a current user looking forward to the upgrade? Do you use another package but feel tempted to jump ship? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Really looking forward to the timeline remix engine. I've been hoping they would add something like that for a long time; it's one of the bigger features they've been missing.

  2. Marco POLO says:

    Wow! Looks likes it's a major update. I have been bitching for ever for an auto sound card config option for all the newbies that complain because they can't figure out how to configure the sound setting. Smart move, It took them long enough.

    The icing on the cake for me is the timeline feature!

  3. Timeline sounds interdasting..

  4. sameoldsong says:

    Improved sound quality? Sounds like snake oil to me.

  5. I hope the scratching is on point like serato and traktor. I have 7 and will not change until I feel 8 :-)

    • The reason why Serato and Traktor has better scratching is because of the timecode. Both programs have their controllerist AND timecode software. They're both different. I would say that VDJ8 is finally catching up to the likes of Traktor Pro and Serato Itch, but I doubt their timecode will be good. It's a technology that was easy to do years ago and they haven't done it yet so I doubt they'll focus on it.

  6. After having issues with VDJ7's latest version, I've been patiently awaiting this release. VDJ is simply the best "ECONOMICAL" software only being around the $300 range if you didn't get it with a controller. I really don't think that Serato is really any better for the price. Mobile DJ may I be, even my CD DJs are on board with VDJ. Can't wait for the new features!

  7. Jam-Master Jake says:

    I am most definitely intrigued. Enough to switch from Itch? Only time will tell.

  8. They still need to hire a proper graphic designer to freshen their UI. Elements of the user interface still look goofy. I realize that looking pretty doesn't mean that the application is solid and reliable but, when the competition can deliver a proper modern looking experience, why can't we expect the same in Virtual DJ? It's certainly looks better then OtsDJ but there's still room for improvement.

    • VDJ provides the possibility to change the skin to your needs.
      If you want a modern look, just sit down and create your own skin, with your own buttons at your prefered position.

      Considering this, your argument is invalid.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you. If they would like to be taken seriously, I would much prefer a professional look. I know that I could make my own, but if I am paying $300 for something, I expect them to make it pretty. Feature wise it seems amazing, but I really really wish for some visual refinement along the lines of serato or tracktor.

      • "prefer a professional look" -- here we go again -- What is 'professional' and why does the look matter?? Is the DJ not the only one looking at the screen??

        Do you Serato and Traktor DJ's share your screen to a secondary monitor and let your crowd see your screen while you mix???

        Pretty bad when the only thing people can whine about or criticize is what color your car is painted when they have no clue what is behind the paint and under the hood!!!

      • I hate the looks of these programs. But isn't this a personal issue? One does not argue about colours or tastes...

  9. Brother Mark says:

    Timeline Remix Engine huh?

    "so you can pre-programme your set effectively. Anything you produce in this mode can also be exported and then played back as a single track"

    Cause as DJ's thats what we are all really striving for eh? To be more like David Guetta??

    Nice update though and when used live and not in the above manner it could be very nice.

    As an owner of 7 Pro I would not be able to turn down the upgrade but I went to Itch for playing out n about a while back (One of the major reasons is the radio station I play at has Rane built in so I can just turn up and plug in and connect to the CDJ2000s and I'm up n running. Serato db compatibility between Live and Itch is a sweet sweet thing too)

    Any word on out of the box support for devices like Novation Twitch?

    Now if 8 could read the Serato db....

    • You don't have to use it like that though. You can use it to remix tracks for your own use, extend intros/outros, remove vocals or breaks etc. It's a creative tool in the right hands.

      • I love the concept of it all but I still have the dilemma of not being able to record video live. I don't mind paying 300 for a great product but are you gonna put something together to make it easier to record. Like mix emergency .

    • There is already a mapper for teh Novation Twitch available at

      About reading the Serato db, VirtualDJ is already displays Crates :)

  10. The coloured waveforms are still just as rubbish as before. They need to make them hi-res. That being said, I'm still very interested to see how it turns out. The timeline feature is a smart move and the only thing that would make me possibly consider using this software although I can't see me dropping Traktor after the 2.5 update.

  11. This looks great. Although.. it appears with all the neat new features that the minimum system requirements will be even bigger now? I'm hoping we don't need to buy all new computers to run VDJ8?

  12. RiddimDojo says:

    Wow. Cool. As a Mixmeister user, I wished that Mixmeister could have created a live mixing component using decks so that I could have integrated my mashups with a live performance easily - instead of exporting it to use in deck based software.
    This could be a real game changer. Combine this VDJ8 software and some support for the Novation Twitch or the VCI - 380/400 with the slicer pads - Woohoo!

  13. DJDJTReinOkinawa says:

    The skin currently showed is the default skin. There are well over 100 different skins to choose from. Skins ca also be designed by users to meet individual requirements/likes.

  14. synthet1c says:

    Maybe I'll be the one to highlight EDITABLE EQ BANDS! it is the best feature there IMO, I probably won't use the timeline thing, but the most basic thing that VDJ has missed is a good eq, currently I need to use a vst for my eq, which tends to be on the heavy cpu load side of things... And the colored waveforms look terrible LOL

  15. Awesome job with the summary and initial feel reporting. What controller do you think would go well with Virtual DJ 8? With the separate functionality of audio AND video - it seems like the more functions or buttons, the better (like a VCI-400.) Or do you think the newer batch of controllers address the enhanced workflow? It seems like Atomix really is working with more hardware vendors now - for example the DJC.4 or Reloop Beatmix controller. (But I would never use a 2 chan controller again, ugh!)

    • I would add one more thing - I believe Virtual DJ to be the most popular software in it's category, so I wonder if a whole new batch of bedroom DJ's are going to come into play...

  16. robert lucas says:

    Does anyone else kindof feel like Timeline Djing is kindof cheating, and not quite live djing? let me know what you think

    • Aidan Johnson says:

      Well, you could say no, and as Phil & other sites keep pointing out, a DJ is someone who knows how to rock a crowd, regardless of equipment - to me it's more knowing the ideas behind how it all works and the ability to use ANY of these bits of equipment to smash it out!

      Back to the point.. when using timeline DJing, you lose a lot of ability to react INSTANTLY to stuff as you can do with 2 decks and a mixer (not that it needs to happen often, but when it does, it's magical!). It's like driving modern cars where you are not directly in control through cables & linkages, but rather through a computer... the same is true of this timeline DJ-ing, you ARE in control, but it feels too distant and like driving a computer car! I want to know I am in control, and not have my mix suddenly mess up. Example: I am not even touching the computer, and it volume messes up mid mix, and all because I accidentally clicked on the envelope with my mouse 5 mins before and didn't notice. I could then spend 10-20 seconds working out why it's doing it, especially if using a not great (i.e. my) computer and I got the FX going! With 'standard' set-ups, it's a much quicker check (x-fader, line fader, deck playing?, phono/line switch, phono leads - can all be done in about a second I reckon (maybe 2 with the lead checking)).

      Maybe I'm biased, but I hate the loss of immediacy they you get with this form of DJing... I can happily do a banging mix using this software, usually surpassing what I can do normally (thanks to lining up breaks etc), but it's just not for me (and I haven't found one proper DJ yet who likes it, they all see it's advantages, but all agree that it loses too much elsewhere). People may say that if it makes better mixes then why not use it? The day will SOON come where tunes will all be able to be analysed by computer and that same computer (or mobile phone) will mix everything, PERFECTLY, the DJ will just be there to press Play, jump up & down, and collect his money (remind you of anyone??). People will always want to dance to a DJ, and not a computer! Human is good, (small) mistakes (or little embellishments not do-able easily via timeline) make it sound not so clinical and predictable.

      If you are a DJ, you can mix on timeline
      BUT just cause you can mix on timeline, DOESN'T make you a DJ.
      If you can't mix without the sync button, don't call yourself a DJ - invent your own term for it, 'cause you ain't nickin ours.

      BTW: I *LOVE* the Sync button, and Traktor (especially beat-jumps) and all things digital DJ. I am not a vinyl purist, although you gotta admit, they are pretty damn sexy, but too impractical now.

      I think I've said enough and taken enough of your life (I've certainly taken too much of mine!). Free party on!

      • synthet1c says:

        you don't actually need to the timeline function to create a mix, it still works as any other software. I see it as an easy way to create a mashup to play eg. put an acapella over an instrumental and create a mix in and out section by extending the track.

        In regard to automix, vdj can aready do this with your playists... It has an algorhythm that scans your tracks and picks the best way to mix it in. So the future is now and you can choose to use this feature aswell... personally I choose not to..

      • This type of timeline has been available for years as the "Arrangement" feature in products like Acid, Live's Arrange View and any DAW that has time stretching. There's nothing new about it, other than adding it to a DJing program and that's not entirely new either (Mixmeister has it).

        From the perspective of the crowd, 99.99% of them have no idea what's going on behind the decks and unless we've been close enough to see what's going on, it's possible that many of us DJ have gotten our groove on and heaped praise on a DJ that played a full or partially pre-mixed set.

        IMO, Virtual DJ 8 presents no more (or less) of a issue in terms of what it means for DJing than any other method of pre-mixing all, or part, of a DJ set.

        Pre-mixing can be done with any of the software programs mention above (and many more) and burned to a CD as well. Indeed, there's a DJ in my area that I've seen spin many times over the last 5 years. I think he's very good in terms of his creative track selection, crowd intuition and flawless mixing (he spins CDs). At some point a few years ago, I realized that perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 of his track to track transitions were pre-mixed pairs on CDs (the rest of his transition were mixed live). This bothered me for a bit but the more I thought about it, I came to realize that there was absolutely *nothing* wrong with it. He had found a a great approach that was working beautifully for him. As one might expect, not one person on the other side of the decks is aware of this at all and few, if any, would care. Not only that, but none of the other DJs that I've mentioned it to were aware of it, even those that played gigs with him.

        This works in his case because:

        - He has killer tracks

        - He has excellent instincts in terms of reading crowds

        - He understands how to put these pairs of tracks together in ways that work perfectly in terms of the mixing and how they work on the dance floor.

        - His system leaves plenty of flexibility to adjust to what's happening in the moment: i.e. he doesn't have to let any given track play through it's pre-mixed transition, he can mix in any other track that wants at any time.

        I've been DJing for decades and I've come up the hard way: from vinyl to CD decks and (very recently) to a laptop. I've always done it completely live and I've never pre-mixed anything. Yet, I can't fault this DJ in the slightest for his approach. It works on the dance floor because he has all the other skills are essential for rocking dance floors and that is indeed, just what he does. I know plenty of DJ purists who don't come close ;-).

      • There are times when timeline mixing is extremely useful, and can often produce more seemless results. It's easy enough to beatmatch dance music, but some gigs call for a more eclectic mix with more focus on crowd interaction (aka social networking) than hovering over decks. I consider timeline mixing a useful tool and have never known the audience to care about the method. If it sounds good and the audience expectations are being met, then the result is good (surely).

  17. Djtavi77 says:

    I was buying traktor as soon as 2.5 came out... as I said... I was... I gotta see this, looks like they will be entering in the real world game, even thou they were almost the first one to make dj software... they are getting into the even mor PRO line looks like... I might just love it with my denon dn-mc6000 plus being a free update for vdj 7 users even more... awesome! thumbs up to atomix for this... about time... super excited about more and new effects, hope you can mix more than 2 together... like in torq 2.0!!!

    • synthet1c says:

      you can already chain effects together in vdj7, the signal path follows the order of activation not the effect slot order...

      eg 1, activate reverb then cut

      eg 2, activate cut then reverb

      they both sound completely different, and you are not limited to 4 effects like in traktor you can extend the chain as far as you have available effects, however this doesn't work with the roll effects as they sample the output from the buffer not the live sound...

    • Mix more than 2 effects together???? you can use dozens... in VDJ (vst's).

  18. The Timeline looks quite useful - do you know if you can "record" a set as you play live to the Timeline, where it would keep all the track trigger, crossfade and tempo adjustments so you could edit later?

    I don't DJ out, just mess around at home making mixes for myself and friends - if you could record a live mix to the Timeline then go back and tidy up any mistakes before exporting to MP3 that'd be great for knocking up mixtapes :-)

  19. These might seem like small issues but they annoy me to no end.
    I would like to see..

    1. The ability to edit tags within the browser window instead of right-click, File Infos, edit tag, hit ">","apply"

    2. Also when you rate a track in itunes it would be nice if that would carry through to VDJ and vice-versa.

  20. Cool, I hope VDJ 8, soon...

  21. I really am impressed by this. This effectively takes most everything that I could really really desire and throws it into one package. If the user interface is as clean and smart looking as traktor's, then they may have converted me back to vdj (which I started digital djing on). Something that does worry me though, and something that isn't exclusive to vdj, is the timeline mixing. What really upsets me, is how soon will it be before entire mixtapes are composed in a timeline? I am not one to say any facet of djing is cheating such as bpm readings, samples, or even (gasp!) sync buttons, but crafting an entire mixtape by dragging and dropping is simply too much. I don't want to sound like a stuck up "oldie" (and I only started a little less than two years ago), but timeline mixtapes are not right.

    • synthet1c says:

      it's no different as at the moment you can do that with mixmiester or ableton... If using the bridge you can even record all your movements on serato in midi and clean everything up after your done...

  22. Improved timecode et audio engine : what I'm supposed to understand ? They was weak ?

    • As it was explained on the VirtualDJ site - whenever you do a build from the bottom up, it gives the opportunity to make adjustments to take advantage of new technologies and coding advancements. Since the release of VDJ ver 7; Apple has released 2 OSX updates (SnowL and Lion) and DirectX 11 released. Additionally hardware manufactures and now doing things with built-in DSPs, and some are starting to set their minimum sampling rate at 48Hz or 96Hz. So, these are all things that can and have contributed to an improvement in the audio engine.

  23. I really hope that I will be able to add "on the fly" texts to video or stills. Thats what has me on the fence with using Serato Video at different venues.

  24. DJ B-LEVE says:

    I'm glad that I already own VDJ7 Pro, and they're keeping their free upgrade policy. Will they win me back from Traktor? Who knows but at least I'll get to find out without anymore cost. Which is never the case with NI.

    Either way I will eagerly await the release of VDJ8.

  25. Macrophage says:

    Looks nice. I stepped away from VDJ a while back and started using Serato, but I'd be willing to give this version a shot when it's released.

  26. It sounds like another great upgrade for VDJ, especially with the better EQ and improved sound, and as if MIDI mapping wasn’t easy already, it got better.
    However, the timeline toy just makes it appealing to a newer crowd. No self-respecting DJ would be caught using the timeline. That is not a DJ tool; maybe if you want to be a sound engineer but don’t want to deal with actual DAWs and editors like in a studio.
    It is true that the crowd does not care how the DJ gets the sound to them, they just enjoy the music and the remixes (which by the way are not properly named since to make a remix you must use the multi-track original recording to mix it in a different way) but how good or how much of a DJ are you is decided by other DJ listening to you live and not listening to a recording a computer made with your instructions.
    I think the timeline is only going to have a bunch of mouse clicking/key pushers call themselves DJs.

    • @mix-man wrote:
      "the remixes (which by the way are not properly named since to make a remix you must use the multi-track original recording to mix it in a different way)"

      While it will always be preferable to have the the original multi-tracks available for remixing, clever sampling and clever engineering can achieve stellar results when the multi-tracks aren't available, which of course has often been the case. I would wager any amount that you have heard many remixes that you thought employed the original multi-tracks, when in fact, they did not.

      "how good or how much of a DJ are you is decided by other DJ listening to you live"

      Of course that's what we would expect other DJs to think. But as you said, those on the other side of the decks think someone is a good DJ if they're rocking the crowd, no matter what technology they're using. Think of it this way: if you go to a movie and really like it, does it lessen your enjoyment if some other directors think that the person who made is using some type of software shortcut to produce it?

      "That is not a DJ tool; maybe if you want to be a sound engineer but don’t want to deal with actual DAWs and editors like in a studio."

      This is the same argument that people advanced when people started using Acid and later Ableton Live for remixes.
      From what I can gather, it should be entirely possible to get the same results remixing a track in VDJ 8 (e.g. supports VST plugin, etc.) as I get from using Studio One or Ableton Live. So what's the issue, that it's easier?

      • Nothing against the great work that has been done the way you explained it. However, the point is that “remix” is not properly named. We got the term from the vinyl singles that had a remix on side B, but like I said, to remix you need the originals. Adding your samples, synth playing, drums, and other great stuff you may think of, makes it your own composition, not a remix. The next time you use those same elements (plus others if you choose to) and mix them again it will be called a remix.
        You are right about the crowd not caring about the technology used. The average person does not know how easy or difficult mixing can be, therefore they cannot be the judge of how good a DJ is unless you are talking about a radio DJ or any DJ that does not need skills to rock the crowd. Skills is the difference. Someone who is not a musician may think a guy singing great songs and playing four simple cords in a guitar (maybe the only ones he knows) is the best artist out there, but it does not make the artist the best guitarist nor musician in general.
        The argument about Acid and Ableton Live is still valid. They are not DJ tools. Although Ableton Live is great for live performances by musicians and DJing, using it to record a remix turns it into something else. Making things easier is a good thing when it leads to better performances (in the DJ world) like eliminating the few seconds it takes to beatmatch by using the synch button and using that advantage to do something so much more creative than just blending one song after the other. But using a timeline type tool is like bringing prerecorded mixes to a party. DJs, or at least the ones I think read articles in this website, call themselves DJs because they perform live. Just hitting “PLAY” does not cut it.

    • I actually think there are some moments when premixing is very beneficial... just think of wedding DJs... before the wedding party arrives.

  27. djghostmba says:

    All the Virtual Dj 7 users can now come out into the day light to raise their hands and say we're number 3, we're number 3!!!! The rest of millions of billions of Virtual Dj 7 parasites will still be waiting for the cracked version of VDJ 8 which will come out about a week later on a pirate site easily searchable on filestube dot com. When using it in a live setting, Serato and Traktor users will look at VDJ8, then look back at you, then look back at VJ8, then look back at you, then flip you a penny tell you to save up and buy a real dj program. and that's the way it's going to be! But congrats VDJ8 you have beat out Torq for that special 3 spot!

  28. Great story Phil! An exclusive with plenty of details. I'm excited about the release! I come from a vinyl background and I'm in the market for a controller and this could be a game changer. If they're doing demos already I'd expect them to drop it within the next 3-5 months. A few points though:
    -I think the price will go up for the boxed version, as well as the upgrade cost from LE ($399/199 maybe?). Yes, Pro 7 users will be able to upgrade free, but all these new features gives them a perfect reason to charge more.
    -I too disagree with they way they are marketing the timeline feature. DJs mix music live. Popping in a CD (loading a pre-made mix) and pressing play is NOT DJing. I think the real value of a
    DJ is being able to monitor the crowd and make adjustments. What if a track you thought was the bomb clears the floor? You've generally got let it play out if the mix was pre-made. A live DJ can see that happening and make adjustments to maintain the vibe. I think part of it is b/c they want the product to appeal to producers that want to DJ, and are used to a DAW format (or maybe vice/versa? Could be prepping DJs to work in a DAW format for Ableton-like production features). Still though, this could be the beginning of the end for DJs. With all the powerful new tools DJs AND producers have at their disposal, the line between the two will continue to blur. I have to admit it's taking alot of skill out of the profession. We're looking at a whole generation of DJs who will never know how, nor have a need, to beatmatch! I think in 3-5 years the terms will be synonymous. I'd really like read you thoughts on this matter. That being said, it's a nice tool for a complicated mash-up or remix. You could work on you floor-bangers (mash-ups/remixes) before hand and add it to you set as a individual track. That way, when you're mixing live, you're free to mix it in however or whenever you like.
    -Auto sound config, easy midi mapping, is a great addition, making VDJ even more user-friendly, one of it's strengths.
    -Advanced sound config. Awesome! Makes the software more versatile/flexible which equals more value for the consumer.
    -VDJ was always lacking in FX selection and sound quality. This was a longtime coming.
    -Sampler! My most anticipated feature. VDJ already has robust sampling and fleshing it out will definitely set it apart from Traktor and Serato. I'm hoping to see more dedicated VDJ controllers that take advantage of this. Someone besides Gemini needs to make a controller (under $500) that actually has controls for VDJs sampler.
    Overall, a great story Phil. Cheers!

    • synthet1c says:

      you already have the advanced sound config options in VDJ7 It is just more visable in the menu, and the newer downloadable effects from "Tex_ZK" and "Duen - Duem" sound fantastic, on top of that you can use vst's for any effect shortcomings like reverb...

      • True but good VSTs are expensive. They're a nice option to have but I shouldn't have to pay $50-100 extra on top of the software for a decent flanger. Yes, Tex_ZK is free, but why why should I have to do that too? The point is there's no reason for the substandard FX in VDJ.

    • synthet1c says:

      here is some great quality free ones that aren't too complicated to use.

      qb filter
      tal reverb 2 & 3
      tal dub 1, 2 & 3
      d blue stretch
      d blue tape stop
      daft funk

  29. No TouchScreen support ????????????? :((((

  30. I have always loved VirtualDj, always ignoring the fact that other dj's would say that it was a "Toy" and Traktor was a real program..... well the thing about this program that I love is that you can work with it like a CDJ, dont know if others have the same opinion but....I hate Traktor because it does everything for you, Is that what you call being a real dj? Beatmatching with VDJ has never been 100% and I love that fact because Im the one that beatmatches the track and just hit the play button and have everything done for me, this is a real dj's software and with these new features Im sure its gonna give its competitors a run for their money.

    Hope it comes out soon! VDJ Rules!!!

  31. Djtavi77 says:


  32. This certainly looks like a step up from VDJ7. I'm looking forward to it, especially the updated sampler with pitching. Improved sound quality is always good, perhaps conserning stretching and pitching?

  33. Will Virtual DJ 8 handle more video formats such us ".ts" and better support of true HD Videos 1080p ?

    Would be fantastic hope you'll do it vdj team !!!!

    best regards,


  34. dj track says:

    I'm dying to have this new version

  35. Just bought Mashup only to read this. Been a VDJ user since it was AtomixMP3 back in the day. A lot of you don't understand the huge transformation this software has undergone without the huge financial backing that a company like NI or the like has the benefit of. Yes, VDJ has its quirks and annoyances, but since 1999 I've DJ'd professionally up to 6 nights a week with it and have yet to find a reason to switch. This update will make it both my live mixing and mashup production weapon of choice...two entirely different scenarios and settings, one piece of software. Bravo to the VDJ team for keeping up with the big dogs and giving them one heck of a run for their money.K

  36. Looks amazing!

  37. Today's the sixt december. VDJ 8 was announced in march. When is it finaly going to be available?
    I just bought VDJ 7.5 together with a lot of inperfections. I was considering to buy Ableton 8 but now it seems it won't be necessary... I want VDJ8 it under my Christmas tree!!!!!!!!
    Merry year celebrations to you all!!!!

  38. Working with VDJ since 2007, currently have version 7.5 I was quite happy with the new possibilities of the new version, I think compared to some other competitors just lost in the VDJ effects, the rest is quite efficient, you should just set it up correctly and know what you're doing, I think version 8 has to overcome even some competitors that are not relatively superiority but only the most famous.

  39. Kyle " DJ PRICKO " prickett says:

    This looks soooo good. I can't wait to use this. excited!

  40. Nice!!!

  41. I just wonder if it will be able to detect bmp changes on a beat... that would be really nice!

    Serato can do that, right?

  42. Billy elliot says:

    Would love to be able to use multiple monitors eg, crates/files on one and waves, effects etc. on another

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