Musikmesse 2013: Numark Orbit Demo

Orbit DJ

The Numark Orbit wireless Midi controller now comes with Orbit DJ software, so you can play with your music using the controller right out of the box.

Announced at the NAMM show but still forthcoming, the Numark Orbit is a technologically neat little product. But being a box of coloured buttons connected via Midi wirelessly to DJ or music software, I think it's fair to say that a lot of people who like the look of it at the same time have less of an idea of how they might use it than Numark would ideally like. Maybe that's why Numark has added software to the unit now. This helps the company to show the Numark Orbit off, but also ought to give people ideas about how to map it. So in this video, Numark's Chris Roman dials some tunes up and shows off what the unit can do.


Thoughts? The software is a little strange, frankly; it can load two tunes and let you mix between them, but it can't sync them, and it really isn't intended as a "full" DJ software. However, for the purposes of the demo, and for showing what fun the unit is (especially when linked to controlling effects parameters with its built-in gyroscopes), it does the job grandly. How the Numark Orbit will end up being used in the real world is still an open question, but this video shows that it may well steal several hours of your time right out of the box with this new software provided.

• The Numark Orbit is due in the summer at US$99

Does this look like fun to you? Could you see yourself, for instance, adding one to control effects in addition to your usual DJ controller? Any other uses spring to mind? Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. Controller is sick, software is not. But I could honestly have a lot of fun on that controller

  2. Looks pretty fun, indeed! But just for effects!! Can't wait to see how it can be mapped to Traktor!!

  3. It's a toy. Nothing more. Maybe for people who have parties, 10 people max, who want to have a party game. Not for a performance but more for entertainment.

  4. I agree, a fun toy but if you want something Pro grade why not consider a MidiFighter 3D to give you more functionality and customizability? It seems that the market has really been flooded by a whole bunch of innovative new controllers, but for serious DJ's this seems to be just another novelty. At least Numark didn't lock the midi mapping!

    • just what makes the MidiFighter 3D more functional and customizabal ?
      this has 16 RGB pads in 4 banks large knob(wheel) gyroscop. this allso looks to sit better in your hands and can work with or without usb cable.
      I might get this to use at clubs for hotcus and loops when running traktor in hid mode with cdj 2000 and could even use it for some fun FX.

  5. I'd rather have the Hot Hands USB tbh, the build and design of this really doesn't make it appealing.

  6. I would steer away from the DJ side and use this Midi controller inside Showxpress or QLC to up the ante for the control of my lighting setup. This beast will give me the portability so I can get up from the lighting desk and see from the stage what it looks like :)

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