Musikmesse 2013: Numark Mixtrack Edge Previewed

The iPad-sized Mixtrack Edge is potentially going to find its own niche, because nobody has made a controller with a built-in audio interface in this form factor before.

The size of an iPad or a QuNeo, with a built-in case, built-in audio interface and all the controls you need for two-deck DJing, the new Numark Mixtrack Edge looks set to carve out its own niche at the ultra-portable end of the DJ market. Announced in time for this week's Musikmesse show (from where we'll bring you a closer critical appraisal of the unit) the USB-powered Mixtrack Edge comes with Virtual DJ LE and Algoriddim's djay LE in the box, has a built-in protective case, a brushed aluminium control surface, metal platters, and backlit buttons.

Because it's class compliant, it doesn't need drivers, but more interestingly that means that with the addition of an Apple Camera Connection Kit, it should be possible to use this with an iPad running djay or, say, DJ Player. This is a good thing: The iPad would be the most natural pairing with this over a bulky laptop, after all. While its control surface is necessarily limited, it does have: sync; three hot cues; basic beatmatched looping; platter-controller browsing, pitch and headphones mix; and even basic FX and sampler control.

Being a standard Midi device, you can also map it any way you like, to make use of the controls on offer to suit your particular workflow or choice of companion software. Both headphones output and master out appear to be 1/8" stereo jacks, which makes sense for such a unit. Overall we like the idea, although we think the lack of any EQ is one omission too far, and at an expected $149/£129, it's not particularly cheap.

Mixtrack Edge Case

The built in case is a neat idea, and should help it to appeal to those who travel a lot.

Nonetheless, design and build will dictate whether this is a desirable DJ controller or not; if it feels nice to hold and use and looks good, there should prove to be a space for it with many DJs as a second controller, a portable "in the bag" model for practising anywhere, or even as a primary controller at minimal micro venues where a full DJ set-up wouldn't make sense. We'll know more when we have a play at Musikmesse; meanwhile you'll be able to get your hands on the Mixtrack Edge "later in 2013", according to Numark.

Do you like the look of the Mixtrack Edge? Can you see yourself buying one of these for a second controller, or even as part of your primary set-up? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I'd b all about it if it had eqs. Who in their right mind thought to leave that out.

  2. No eq? Bleh.

    Otherwise great idea.

  3. It would be a good tool on the road for you to match up your tunes and settle your play list while creating a new one etc ...

    Wont be suitable for a live gig without eq's but looks like a nice toy and could have more use.

  4. Looks like this could be the answer for my minimal setup fetiches! Maybe add another midi controller mapped for EQ. Anyone got any experience they want to share with the 1/8″ stereo jack output on larger venues?

  5. You just have to map for example the button back and open to switch between EQ and effect and map EQ on the effect and headphone parameter. Don't understand why people use Midi but never think that everything can be changed as you want

  6. Makes me regret just buying a Mixtrack Pro since I'm just getting started and portability being my main concern. And also not being concerned about playing out.

  7. If it doesn´t have any eq's how is it possible to make blends?, i mean i do use a lot the low and mid equalizers to fade in the cued tune and fade out the current playing (i dont use the crossfader..only volume faders of each channel), i do travel a lot and this seemed to have the right idea about portability, so i don't really understand why Numark leaved behind one of basic things to mix?...every controller at least should have the basics which for me are: channel eq's, channel volume faders, gain, pitch control, and play/cue buttons, headphones channel cue...effects/samplers/cue points etc are a plus nothing more, this seems to be like the Sync button thing making things 'easier' now happening to equalizers, which means now companies focusing on sell more than offering quality products??

    • MellonHead says:

      agreed. 3-4 knobs down each side would make this a killer backpack or backup controller. could just mix externally, but that may defeat the purpose for a lot of its intended market.

  8. Love the idea of how portable this is. Maybe the shift button can be mappend to make the three knobs up top (fx knobs) act as eqs? That might fix the problem. Eqs are a must

  9. Also, whoevers idea it was to put the power button on the face of the unit was not thinking straight. Guaranteed someone accidently presses that once or twice

  10. No EQs? Hmm... might as well turn on a Pandora playlist.

  11. shuga*foot says:

    I'm sure it's functional. But it looks like a toy. My first impression is that it would be something I would give to a 8 year old on Christmas.

  12. whitecard says:

    If you're using this with an iPad, the software you're using might have touch controls for the EQ. Granted, they might not be as familiar as knobs, but touch controls might make for easier kills once you adjust to them. I'd like to give this controller a try with DJPlayer or DJay.

  13. Has anyone tried this controller with ipad?

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