Musikmesse 2013: Numark Mixtrack Quad

Numark Mixtrack Quad

The new Numark Mixtrack Quad has a bit more going on than just two extra channels, as we find out in this exclusive video walkthrough from Musikmesse 2013.

Having exclusively brought you the news of the new Mixtrack Quad at the weekend, we've now tracked one down here at Musikmesse 2013, and have a video talking you though this new controller from Numark. In a nutshell it's a four-deck version of the Mixtrack Pro 2, with Virtual DJ LE in the box instead of Serato DJ Intro - but there's a little more to it than that, as you'll see.

The main difference from the Mixtrack Pro 2 is that it has full RGB LEDs that aren't just pretty, but by clearly delineating the various functions of the pads (loop, FX etc) and also the four channels of the software, help you to know how the controller is set at any one time too, just at a glance.

Apart from that (and the two extra channels for decks three and four, of course) it's business as usual - it appears to be built to exactly the same spec as the Mixtrack Pro 2 (ie pretty good, but consumer rather than pro quality).


Now you've had a chance to see it and especially to see how the lights work, what do you think? A good addition to Numark's range? Could you see yourself using a controller like this? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. The quality and the functionality of the newer consumer / low end of the market controllers are blowing me away. Kids on a budget have much more choice these day and don't really need to sacrifice functions to save a buck anymore...

    • djserenade says:

      they don't have to sacrifice much in quality either... really all that is missing from this rig is a few professional grade audio outputs and line level meters (which the software ompensates for). but that's it

  2. Been looking for a four-channel controller to step up to! Can't wait for it!

  3. The controller looks pretty good but in my opinion moving the rotary song selector to the top is not so ergonomic. I am going to wait for the final builds though...

  4. Does anyone know if these 2nd generation Mixtrack controllers has been upgraded to support ASIO?

    Best regards
    Klaus Mogensen

  5. Pete Holgate says:

    Do you know if Serato will be compatible? I have intro but am looking at the Serato upgrade (especially @ $99!!!) and want to upgrade from my mixtrack pro to a 4 deck controller.

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