Musikmesse 2013: Pioneer's DJM-750, DJM-850 & DJM-900nexus Compared

Pioneer DJM-750

The Pioneer DJM-750 replaces the DJM-700, and comes with as cool new effects system. We get the lowdown, and a comparison with the company's other mixers.

With this week's anouncement of the Pioneer DJM-750, we thought we'd track one down here at Musikmesse 2013, and find out exactly how it fits in to the Pioneer range against the other two ostensibly similar mixers, the DJM-850 and the DJM-900nexus. While all of these devices offer four channel mixing (and ultimately, all are descended from the iconic DJM-600 of years gone by), they all have their particular strengths and so are suited for different purposes - and for different pockets.

So we got Pioneer's Rik Parkinson to give us the low-down on the three. If you're considering going for one of these digital-friendly devices, It'll hopefully give you a better idea of which would be suitable for your needs.


So, if you had to choose, which one would you go for? And what do you think of the new DJM-750 now you've seen it in action? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Nice new effects on the 750, will be interesting to see whether the new 'boost' feature makes it's way to future iterations if the 850 & 900. If you aren't really big on the Traktor Scratch certifications then the 750 is certainly more appealing to those on a budget.

    Phil, does the 750 have a USB port and midi capabilities and I didn't catch whether it had a sound card or not?

    • Jam-Master Jake says:

      In the video, Rick (the Pioneer guy) said that the 750 had a sound card in it. Good enough for SSL and Traktor? Good question. My guess is that you'll have to have the appropriate Rane/Traktor external boxes to make it work with SSL/Traktor Scratch Pro.

  2. Considering the 3 I'm wondering if I still want the 850.

    I mean this boost effect is interesting but I would probably like to have more the beat effect of the 850 + dedicated color effect knobs

    But the price point of the 750 is more in my budget right now!

    I can only imagine the 950 coming like next year with both beat and boost effect....would be awesome but expensive too!

    I want go external mixing and probably with pio but now don't know what to do?!??!?

    • You will miss the colour fx per channel on the 750. Go a new or second hand 800 or 850 if I were you. I still love my 800 and have seen no reason to upgrade. Plus it's still the most likely mixer I meet in the clubs in Philly.

    • Hi there mate, I would really suggest saving up and buying probably allen heath xone db4, its awesome mixer have a look at it if you dont know already what is capable of, I got xone db4 which recently bought it, had numerous of djm's , thought they were ok, until I got Xone db4, jaw dropping mixer! i got two F1's and xone db4 and its more than I need, xone has everything really, i just control 3 decks with 1 f1 and have remix deck on other F1 amazing that is:))

  3. Unless your using a computer to dj with, dont own a soundcard such as the Audio 10 dj, pioneer has yet to give djs any reason to upgrade from the DJM 800.

    The individual channel filters are a must on any mixer so I wouldnt even look at this unit.

  4. thanks for your input...

    yes I will use traktor for now since I don't have money for cdjs
    and I don't have any soundcard yet...still using a mixtrack (which I hate....feels and sound so cheap, but was something to try djing)

    Now it's time to move on the serious gear
    I really do like those beats buttons on the 850 especially on noise...

    Might save more for a potential djm-950 but pioneer won't come with this one anytime soon as they are pushing their ridiculous platinum edition

  5. Is it possible to apply a color FX to one track and beat FX to another track at the same time?

    • from my understanding you can apply the beat fx to the desired channel but color effect is (according to rick's words in the video) the color effect will affect everything

  6. Crem Brule says:

    I have recently switched from a controller to a djm850, cdj set up with time code vinyl on turntables. It's the bees knees and I have been able to remove a NI Audio 6 from my set up due to the scratch certification. However had the 750 been available I may have considered this rather than the 850,but purely on cost terms. That said the 850 is jaw droppingly good so cannot complain.

  7. dj mike ohm says:

    my personal opinion is that the djm 850 is pioneers go to mixer,i see it as standard in clubs,it has everything a dj wants and more.having progressed from the 600&700 i just love the 850-the bomb.

  8. djfiretouch says:

    Such a shame you save all your money to buy a Shiny new toy and another one drops at a lower price a couple of months later! !!!....

  9. Reticuli says:

    Something bad has happened to Pioneer DJ. Three different versions of their 12" digital mixer? And there isn't a wireless integrated unit without the CDJs but with XLR? Shadey price bracketing has taken over there... like Numark is known for. Denon now has moved to the top of the heap and Gemini close behind, IMO. Crazy turn of events. And anyone paying $2000 for a CD/media player/controller needs their head examined.

  10. Nice take Reticuli. The differences between the 3 are ludicruios. I have just purchased a DJM750 but have not even opened the box yet. I think I'll be taking it back and grabbing a DB2. The Pioneer FX are so loud and take over a mix, all you can here is Pioneer not you tunes. I don't actually like the sound of the FX section and its limited. So I just spent $1200 (Aus) on a huge 4 channel... Not adding up!
    It is a very nice price point, that's what made me pull the trigure, but I know I'll have the mixer for years, so it should sound good to me.
    I'm off to the store again with this mixer, not sure if ill upgrade to the DB2 or just refund and wait. (As the additional $400 really pushes the finances over)
    But I reckon the Pioneer is not for me.

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