Musikmesse 2013: Pioneer iPad "We" Cable Talkthrough


A Pioneer DDJ-WeGo powered by Algoriddim's djay software running on an iPad.

We had lots of questions when Pioneer announced its DJC-WeCAi cable, to enable an iPad to be used in place of your laptop with the Pioneer DDJ-WeGo and DDJ-ERGO controllers. The cable is designed to plug from the iPad via an Apple Camera Connection Kit into your controller, while simultaneously plugging into any USB power source (such as your phone USB charger plug), in order to provide power to the controller. In the following video, Rik from Pioneer explains exactly how it works, what you'll need, the limitations of the set-up as it stands, and what's possible using the cable.


So while it's not perfect, this to us clearly shows the way things are going: For many DJs, an iPad is going to be the obvious choice for the computer component of a digital Dj set-up instead of a laptop, and as Pioneer, Numark and Vestax are all now pushing such solutions to the forefront, expect to see much more of this kind of thing in the very near future.

Do you own a WeGo or an ERGO? Will you be buying this cable to let you switch your laptop for an iPad? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. DJ Mudam says:

    There's just still so much uncertainty in this portion of the industry right now. More time is needed before I can really begin to jump on board. The thing that really impresses me is how affordable this will make certain parts of DJing, and the reliability of an iPad over a laptop.

  2. FunkE-1 Kenobi says:

    iPad restricted by on-board storage, kind of an oversized usb stick w/ a display. Not practical for those of us who carry around terrabytes rather than gigabytes!

  3. Phil,

    On a side note, what mic and system are you using for audio? Routed into the camera or separately into a laptop or something?


  4. A-Dag-Io says:

    Is it necessary to run an iPad 4 or can you still do it with an iPad 2?

  5. Hey Phil,
    I've recently got my iPad running cross dj in conjunction with a traktor audio 6 for quality stereo out (a mobile setup I'm very excited about). The part of the cable that plugs into the pioneer controller appears to be the same type of USB that plugs into my traktor 6. What do you think the odds are that it would send the audio signal to my audio 6 whilst charging my iPad? T

  6. Can I connect all midi compliant controller to the iPad with this cable (e.g. my Denon MC3000), or is the cable limited to the Pioneer controller ?

    • DJ Alibi says:

      i checked with Denon on this and they said no and they were not going the ipad route as far as controllers at the moment, i was curious cause i have a denon mc2000 that i love but i was thinking i could get that same dual usb cable and a power for usb box and may get something out of it, i am thinking about selling my mc2000 just to get a wego cause the curiosity is driving me crazy and the iday 2.0 is badazz

  7. says:

    I tried hooking up my Pionner DDJ WEGO to my iPad, but then I found it was easier to just DJ right off the iPad - having the controller "separated" me from the music. Plus it is fiddly with all the adapters and chargers, etc.
    There is something very cool to be able to "touch the music" directly with the iPad - using Algoriddim's DJAY2. I wish they had DJAY2 for a large touch screen computer, that would be awesome!

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