Mixed In Key Flow DJ Software Launched: Try It For Free!


Mixed In Key's Flow is now available, and you can try a fully functional version for free, if you're quick!

Mixed In Key has launched its new DJ software, Flow, which aims to both simplify and improve on the traditional two-deck workflow of mixing DJs. We reviewed an early version back when it was codenamed Danceability, and despite it lacking a few things like looping (which has now been added. along with out-of-the-box controller support), we loved it. And now, you can try it for free.

For an unspecified but definitely short time, you can try the full version of Flow by Mixed In Key, with all features and functions working. It is only limited in that it allows 150 tracks and no more to be used.If you'd like to grab a copy, head over to the Flow DJ Software website and click the bottom left download link - but do be quick, as the company has told us it will pull the link shortly.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the software when you've had a chance to have a play!

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  1. Is the "demo" version the one we can download?

  2. Will this software works with Numark MixtrackPro?

  3. Cool. You posted my harmonic mixing article again.

  4. Would love to try but unfortunately OS 10.7.5 minimum needed. im still with snow leo

    • We've upgraded to "Mavericks" 10.9 recently, and we love it. It's probably the best operating system Apple has ever released.

      If you have 30 minutes free, download that update and install it on your laptop - it's totally worth it.

  5. Daniel Farley says:

    Looks like they are experiencing install errors, I can't get it to install on either win 7or8 with the same error code both times.
    I've sent the error log, let's hope it's fixed soon :)

  6. Be aware this is TOTALLY beta test software in the company's release versions. I purchased the program as I absolutely love their concept. There's problems however with the analyzing "process" built into the software. It has crashed my recent MBP half a dozen times as it painfully tries to analyze my itunes library. My copy of djay flies through loading my iTunes database - Flow spends most of it's time showing me a spinning beach ball and listing "Waiting" in the "Quality" column (more on that column later). It makes no sense to have controller compatibility and not key commands (which they admit they didn't prioritize). And that "Quality" column: doesn't EVER display the actual quality of anything. After "analyzing", the program displays; a box with a check in it, OR a button that says CLICK TO IMPROVE - a link that, on my computer launches my copy of Platinum Notes. Don't know what it will do if you don't have Platinum Notes - direct you to BUY IT? The order of the columns of your tunes is not changeable in this version and someone decided to put an ARTWORK column first. Best I can tell, Artwork isn't even used anywhere else in the program, so why? I wanted to love this program, but I'm hugely disappointed. My responses from submitting feedback have leaned toward the lame with comments like, "you may need a faster processor." as if I was trying to use the software on an older computer - which I clearly am not.
    The Quality column tells me that in it's current iteration - it's simply NOT DJ-focused. LOTS of room for improvement.

  7. It's a very interesting approach to mixing. I don't like the fact that you can't (as I've seen so far) navigate around the track as in Traktor or VirtualDJ, but you jump from segment to segment. I do extremely like two main things: the out-of-the-box ability to use two different sound outputs (not even cards! Outputs! Meaning you can play with some BT headphones and your laptop's audio jack!) and the workflow: it's mandatory you know your music really, really well.

    • You said "... the workflow: it’s mandatory you know your music really, really well."

      I totally agree with you on that. Serato's approach to mixing is: make a crate with 10,000 songs and have a huge library at your fingertips without knowing each song inside out.

      Flow's approach to mixing: Have your *favorite* songs beatgridded and mapped in advance, and be able to play them flawlessly in your DJ mix in any combination.

      Of course, you could have 10,000 songs in Flow but it would take a lot of work to personalize each one. I think Flow's about playing your best music because you have it 100% prepared and ready to go.

  8. I can't find the download :(

  9. I like the concept but a huge disappointment for me is that all N.I. controller user should be the one to call N.I. and ask them to fix the bug issues. It's just dumb! mixed in key will sell this product and let their customers solve the problem. For me stick with Serato & Traktor this software is for "mouse dj" sorry

  10. Downloaded installed no issues , i'm still to have a real good play but everything looks very well laid out , nice work guys thanks.

    • Thanks :) When I started Mixed In Key 7 years ago, I learned pretty quickly that the best way to make software is to listen to feedback and implement new ideas in small batches.

      We launched the beta of Flow about a month ago, got lots of positive feedback and comments from our community and improved as much as we could. This version has looping, a better user interface, better MIDI learning, and lots of performance improvements behind the scenes. I'm really excited about implementing the "wishlist" we've gotten for the software so far. It's gonna be awesome :)


  11. DJ Distraction says:

    What are the supported midi controllers?

    • All of them. MIDI is a standard protocol, which means all MIDI devices send the same kinds of signals. It's like a USB cable - it doesn't matter which one you buy.

      Personally, I used Allen & Heath, Reloop and Pioneer controllers. I have a couple of Native Instruments ones here, and my teammates have a bunch more.

      Creating your own mapping takes under 2 minutes.

  12. Thank u! Gonna love getting my head around this bad boy once I've updated my mac. 1 question tho - does the trial mean that once I've mixed 150 tunes through it that's my lot and I will then have to buy pro?? Is that how it works???

  13. Looking extremely interesting. Loving the colors and outlook in general. Good work, guys!

  14. Flow did some mistakes analyzing the tempos. Where can I correct that?

    Tried with 2 NI controllers set to MIDI mode but couldn't map anything.

    I like the approach of flow but at the moment it seems be completely pointless for me- :-(

  15. I tried it. It has promise. However, I would never dream of gigging with this software, too many limitations. I'll take another look when Flow 2.0 or even 3.0 is released. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

  16. Far too dependant on an internet connection for my liking.
    The laptop you DJ with shouldn't run anti-virus and therefore shouldn't have an internet connection at all, for optimal performance.

    • I a gree with this. NI, ableton live, and most of the softwares I know, provide a non-internet method for everything.

      It is about of how you deal with the license file vs real hardware to avoid software cracking, memory encryption, and many others techniques.

      I don't think it is hard to implement and the nature of having a GOOD software, makes people buying it , instead of downloading a non-suported cracked version from thepiratebay and having problems, you're alone in the dark there.

  17. Had a play around last night and really enjoyed using it. I started out many years ago with 2 1210's and a bog standard mixer and although I've moved onto digital I tend to replicate this format - ie 2 tunes, mixing using EQ's and staying away from the effects. As suh flow is pretty much ideal for me. Found a few glitches and areas for improvement that I'll pass on but looks promising. Well done

  18. Just tried the software an made the experience, that none of my NI controllers work even when set to MIDI mode.

    Also Flow made some errors while detecting BPM. Can't find a possibility to correct that manually, which would be kind of a dealbreaker for me.

  19. Wow, you want to make me deaf or something?

    I can understand a minimalistic approach to software, but the audio interface in my controller has no volume knob and this software has no volume control at all for the headphones, so this blurted at maximum volume when I tried it, so loud that the sound was distorted.

    When I switched headphones to main, I couldn't raise the faders higher than about 10% before it got more than loud enough.

    I can imagine this for doing a gig of about half an hour, but for a whole night, the controls feel way too limited. For example, the second track was playing at a few BPM too slow, and I found no way to restore it back to normal speed once the mix as over. Maybe I just haven't found the proper control, but it simply looks like there is none. You can barely see whether it is playing too fast or too slow, all I can see is a small number display in the top center.

    • Hey Bart,

      That's really interesting feedback. I agree with you 100% about the headphone volume, we need to add that somewhere. But what I'm more curious about is the BPM issue.

      By default, Flow beatmatches *everything* you load to the overall tempo (the number like 126.00 shown in the middle column). There's no tempo adjustment/pitch for individual decks, because they are automatically playing faster or slower to match that "master tempo"

      So I think the problem you describe is more with our tutorial/explanation process - we didn't explain it clearly enough and it wasn't intuitive. We'll try to figure out a way to make it clearer in the future that you don't need to do anything special to beatmatch.

      I can beatmatch perfectly on vinyl and CDJs without any SYNC buttons, but I believe that the art of DJing is about playing the right tracks and reading the crowd.


  20. Would this work with the traktor kontrol s4 or F1

  21. Is it compatible with the Hercules RMX2? Looking forward to trying it out.

  22. From what Phil said in the article above, the demo will only be up for a limited time, so I grabbed my code and download.

    Will the $58 price for the Pro version be limited time as well? Will the price go up significantly in the next few weeks?

  23. Guess they pulled the plug on the free demo already. Missed it :(

  24. john bonner says:

    Can this program be used to make a mixtape as such, without actually doing a full live mix with a controller?

  25. Ant_The_DJ says:


    I play a lot of trance and the segment mixing feature looks interesting to me. I feel it may allow me to cut down the duration of the track. Could you please advise me if this software is good for trance.

  26. hi been looking at this software for a while now,but as others say what is the point of putting free demo out then removing it surely leaving it on would benefit yourselfs and others ,most people are only just finding this now via youtube ect and if you have made improvements to it then share these with your customers or maybe release a updated version of the trial ,like the rest i dont wish to shell out money on something that may not suite my needs ,giving the trial out again with any fixes ect would be the way forward in my opinion . and from what i have seen and read about this software i would like to buy it ,but after i have tried it myself.

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