Serato DJ Finally Plays Nice With Windows 8

Serato Windows 8

Together at last: Serato is moving closer to formally announcing its software is compatible with Windows 8 (and OS X 10.9, for good measure).

Now available in the beta area of Serato's website, Serato DJ 1.6 brings a whole host some headline improvements, the biggest of which is - finally - compatibility with Windows 8. While the company is not claiming it is flawless (the aim is for official launch at 1.6.1), this is nonetheless a big leap and long overdue for the potential millions of Windows 8 users of the software. The same story goes for OS X Mac 10.9, although of course the wait there has been considerably smaller.

This is only one of a long list of improvements and fixes. Hardware-wise, all Rane Serato interfaces and mixers are now supported along with Numark's V7, nameable cue points have arrived (this is huge!), and a particularly annoying bug where sync would halve or double BPM incorrectly when mixing half/double BPM tracks has been stamped on.

To see the full list of changes and take part in the beta testing, again the beta area on Serato's website is the place.

Is this something you've been waiting for? Or do the nameable cue points get you more excited? Maybe you're an V7 user waiting patiently for your upgrade from ITCH? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Nameable Cue points, in my opinion, are nice but not a big deal !
    Reading through Serato Forums, it's easy to point out what us DJs are looking for:
    Ability to map the controller, Accessing Saved Loops, Saving Loops from Controller, Proper Sync with Cue points aka Quantize ala Traktor....
    I use a DDJ-SX and although I'm in love with the hardware, the software part is lacking. I'm considering testing the controller with Traktor, which (hopefully) allows me to use my F1 as well ! That'd be like the best of both worlds :)

  2. Proper Sync with Cue points aka Quantize ala Traktor….

    Quantized cue points are a new feature in this release.

  3. Should join us on MixVibes Cross! It will work very well with your SX.

    • Mixvibes Cross is awesome. No problems with windows 8.1 at all, great support, lovely interface. Fantastic product and loads more affordable than the other leading DVS' on the market.

  4. DJ Juwansome says:

    V7 support yes, finally! Quantization as well, now more focus on music selection, less on sync, my opinion, thanks!

  5. I have actually been using Serato DJ (with Twitch controller) on Windows 8 for over 2 months without any problems whatsoever. But to have it officially supported will be safer I suppose.

  6. Finally proper win8 support. I can't Count the times I've had to restart my computer everytime I wanted to DJ because serato couldn't find the Controller.

  7. Does anyone know if this is compatible with Windows 8.1 ?


  8. Mmmm they could have fixed the instant start with the NS7II .. little effort.. patience....

  9. Yess great news. I'm new to SERATO since I got my NS7II last month. I was so disapointed to seeing the amount of bugs with windows 8. I had to restart at least 3 to 4 times becauuse the software crashes when the controller is ON. Let's hope this official support will solve this 😉

  10. This is so Great Win 8.1 x64 Tested and working with Serato DJ 1.6 - NS7 - FX


  11. "Serato DJ Finally Plays Nice With Windows 8" Not with mine. My 1.6 has only crashed and closed since it's install. I'll try to reinstall to see what happens.

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