Pioneer's XDJ-RX Now Comes With Rekordbox DJ Free


Pioneer's XDJ-RX media player/controller lets you DJ from USB and also using your laptop and software. That software now comes for free with the unit.

Pioneer DJ has today announced that its XDJ-RX DJ media player/controller now comes with Rekordbox DJ software for free. This means that buyers of the unit can DJ from USB as before, but can also now plug in their laptop and use the unit as a controller without the extra expense of buying the full software.

Pioneer DJ says: "If you buy an XDJ-RX after 1 November 2016 and it doesn’t have a licence key in the box, you can claim a free one by contacting us via the dedicated page on our website from 7 November 2016 onwards. In this case there’s no time limit on making your claim.

"If you bought an XDJ-RX on 31 October or earlier and you don’t have a rekordbox DJ licence key, you can claim a free one by contacting us via the alternative dedicated page on our website between 7 November 2016 and 31 January 2017."

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Do you own an XDJ-RX? Do you use it with USB, or Rekordbox DJ? Will you be taking advantage of this offer? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Woohoo!
    I was just thinking about subscribing to Rekordbox, now I can just fill out a form. Thanks Pioneer!

  2. John-Paul Lovie says:

    The link to the free keys doesn't seem to work...?

  3. submitted my free rekordbox dj form.. thay said that the process might take around 1 month.. what a long long wait to go..

  4. John Fryer says:

    They are also issuing free license keys to users who purchased before the announcement. There is a separate application form available on the pioneer site. These free copies are only available until the end of January 2017 however so don't delay if you already have an xdj-rx

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