Friday Fun: Dance Like There's No Tomorrow


"Dance Like There's No Tomorrow", as Paula Abdul said...

"Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" Paula Abdul once said - and with our regular Friday Roundup taking a couple of weeks off for a well-deserved holiday break, we thought we'd share a video clip from Boiler Room with you today that illustrates that exact point.

Click here to go to the Boiler Room Facebook Page to see the clip

It's from a Kaytranada DJ set, and we first spotted it while we were researching mix material to deconstruct as part of our forthcoming Digital DJ Lab training.

Certainly makes us smile, we do like to see a bit of, ahem, dancefloor abandonment.

Happy Friday!

Again, click here to go to the Boiler Room Facebook Page to see the clip

Do you ever recall a night when you were, y'know, dancing... really dancing? Ever had to DJ with an over-enthusiastic dancer (or three)? Let us know in the comments...

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  1. Jabba The Shedd says:

    One reason why I couldn't work with a set-up like that (and have turned down gigs because of it - unless it's a private party with folk i know). Being, effectively, 'in the crowd' with peeps in your face and all over your kit just doesn't do it for me, call me a grouch but no can do. 😉

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