Video: Harmonic Mixing In Traktor 101


In this new video, learn how to analyse your music for key information and then how to mix harmonically in Traktor.

Harmonic mixing, or mixing in key, is a crucial skill for DJing nowadays, ushered in on the back of digital music technologies (especially pitch preservation at varying tempo, and the ability for software to pretty accurately guess the key of any piece of music).

Originally the preserve of Mixed In Key, which can analyse your tracks and add the key data to them, it is now available "in house" in all major DJ software, including Traktor.

So assuming you're a Traktor user, should you use Mixed in Key, or Traktor's built-in key detection? While Mixed In Key offers the most features for power users, it's quite possible that what's built in will work perfectly well for you. This video will help you decide.

(On a side note, this is the first Traktor tutorial we've seen from Native Instruments for quite a while, as we're hoping it bodes well for some increased love for the platform in the coming weeks and months.)

Video tutorial

Do you use Traktor's built-in key detection for your keymixing? Any tips you'd like to share, or questions for us? Feel free to use the comment box below...

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  1. Rick Dawson says:

    It doesn't matter which has analysed the key of your track... Mixed In Key or Traktor.
    There Might be the odd different result from each.
    The technique still works with whichever result you have got.

    I play as thus...
    going up in BPM, with the key dictating the next track. going up in key.
    i go down in key if the chat room seems like it needs a rest. (I broadcast online at
    just one rule i do follow, and that is to not jump key by 5.

    • Rick Dawson says:

      and if the remaining tracks dont have a suitable key to mix into, and you have the opposite key on the other side of the wheel use that as a backup/nothing else available.

      once you undersand key mixing, its extremely easy.

      I always mix in key with Traktor.

  2. Never knew about the little magnifying glass to show harmonically matched keys. You learn something new every day 😊

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