Traktor DJ Is Not Dead! It's Back, & With Cloud Sync...

Traktor DJ

Native Instruments just released a new version of Traktor DJ for the iPad that now syncs Traktor data to Apple's iCloud service.

Native Instruments just released an update to its Traktor DJ app for the iPad. Now at 1.6.8, the newest version marks the return of cloud syncing for beatgrid, hot cue, BPM, and musical key data via Apple's iCloud service. This lets you back up to the cloud for safekeeping, and for syncing to other iPads.

However you still cannot sync Traktor DJ metadata to Traktor Pro 2 as previously, or even to your iPhone, as there's no sign of a similar update for the iPhone app at this time. So while the update is pretty limited, it does at least confirm that Native Instruments hasn't left Traktor DJ to slowly die in the App Store. Who knows what may now be around the corner for it?

How things used to be...

The original Traktor DJ made waves not just because of its great interface and ease of use, but because it allowed the Traktor DJ iOS app to sync with the Traktor Pro 2 laptop software. That meant that you could keep your collection unified across devices. However the feature exploited an iOS loophole which Apple soon closed, effectively bricking it.

• Traktor DJ 1.6.8 for the iPad is available now on the App Store. Click here for more details.

What are your thoughts on this update? Think it's useful? Are you surprised Traktor DJ is still around? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Okay, so they're still alive, does anyone know anything about upcoming other releases? It sure would be nice to see Traktor Pro 3.

    • That's the million dollar question. We have nothing to share on that sadly...

      • Mark Charade says:

        Every time Traktor goes quiet I think surely they’re finally going to execute a much needed big idea (tm) and then these tiny little maintenance updates come and kind of suggests they have no big ideas coming despite the “future of Dj” branding. Traktor 2 UI feels very old, with none of the software paradigms of the last 5+ years. It could be so much smarter. And Traktor DJ could be so much more with the hugely increased resources of recent iOS devices.

        Still waiting for a S5-Esque laptop-less Kontrol with an embedded Traktor 3!

  2. Dj Snowbro says:

    I'm a Traktor user (v2.6.8 if I'm not mistaken) and for my kind of dj'ing, it works just fine and it's pretty stable. No need for those flexible grids and stuff, if you can't mix without Sync, what are you doing, Sync is there to help, not to replace your skills alltogether) but there are some minor things I would like to see changed like more different cue markers (like one that automatically send you deamlessly to another part of the track, to skip certain parts and not just a 16 or 32 beats skip, or a popup when you hover the mouse over the cue points, so you can read whatever your remark was. Another little thing that annoys me is; when your playing your list, song playing is selected and you search for another song and then go back to the list, you wind up atthe beginning of the list, instead of where you left of.

    Sure, Traktor could do with an upgrade,but if the things I just mentioned weren't int here, I doubt that I would upgrade.

    • Texture says:

      Hi Snowbro,
      good, focussed feature requests! As an IT engineer I can immediately see that a development department would be able to tackle them one by one. Not much thinking required, as you have done it for them :-) IMHO the hardest part is to identify the spots where a simple change would make a large difference for the user. Another point would be: The windows of the "relocation" check on startup is not resizable, so sometimes it's hard to see the details. And another: Whe exporting a playlist as "website" it's annoyingly hard to deselect the pre-selected track properties.

      Regarding your point:
      > and then go back to the list, you wind up at the beginning of the list

      If I understand you correctly then try hitting a cursor key (e.g. down) when that happens. In my case Traktor dropped my on the beginning of the list, but the colored track selector is still on the original track, so hitting a cursor key brings you the the next track below the original.

  3. Sky Makai says:

    At this time, it seems as though iCloud 'sync' is only functional as a means to backup one's collection data. It can be used to sync collection data between iPads, if you've got more than one. But, it'll get much more interesting if Native Instruments once again supports syncing between Traktor Pro and Traktor DJ.

  4. Chris Marchant says:

    The removal of syncing my music across traktor DJ and traktor pro just killed it for me:/
    In fact I sold my s4 mk2 on Friday. Not just because of that, but because I've picked up a xdj rx2 and I just don't use the s4 anymore.
    I doubt I would have switched if that loop hole hadn't been closed though.

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