Launchpad Pro's Scale Mode Helps Anyone Write Music

Novation just announced Scale Mode for the Launchpad Pro, which is part of a new firmware update. Scale Mode lets you pick a scale in Ableton Live, the notes of which are then mapped out on the Launchpad Pro's 64 pads. This makes it easier to write melodies and chords because any pad you press will be "in key".

Ableton Push 2 Controller & Live 9.5 Now Available

Ableton has just released an update to its Push controller. The Ableton Push 2 builds on the features of the original Push, which includes a new colour display and graphics for even easier tweaking without having to glance at your laptop's screen, as well as improved buttons and pads.

Review & Video: Push For Ableton Live 9

The Ableton Push is a USB hardware controller designed for seamless integration with Ableton Live 9. Whether as the centrepiece of a Live music production studio or onstage as a controller for performance, triggering clips and improvisation, Ableton is clear to point out that the Push is designed as a complete hands-on solution for what is arguably electronic music’s most ubiquitous DAW today.

Ableton's New Push Hardware Launched Alongside Live 9

Today, Ableton has released Live 9, the highly anticipated new version of its popular music creation software. Today also marks the release of Push - Ableton's first hardware instrument.

Ableton Announces Live 9 Software & Push Hardware

Ableton has done a Native Instruments on us! Not content to release its latest and much anticipated Live 9 software today, the company has also make its first leap into hardware, with the new Push Ableton controller.