Ableton Push 2 Controller & Live 9.5 Now Available

Ableton has just released an update to its Push controller. The Ableton Push 2 builds on the features of the original Push, which includes a new colour display and graphics for even easier tweaking without having to glance at your laptop's screen, as well as improved buttons and pads.

Review & Video: Push For Ableton Live 9

The Ableton Push is a USB hardware controller designed for seamless integration with Ableton Live 9. Whether as the centrepiece of a Live music production studio or onstage as a controller for performance, triggering clips and improvisation, Ableton is clear to point out that the Push is designed as a complete hands-on solution for what is arguably electronic music’s most ubiquitous DAW today.

Ableton's New Push Hardware Launched Alongside Live 9

Today, Ableton has released Live 9, the highly anticipated new version of its popular music creation software. Today also marks the release of Push - Ableton's first hardware instrument.

Ableton Announces Live 9 Software & Push Hardware

Ableton has done a Native Instruments on us! Not content to release its latest and much anticipated Live 9 software today, the company has also make its first leap into hardware, with the new Push Ableton controller.