Friday Roundup: Carl Cox Rails Against DJs Who Play Safe

In this week's Friday Roundup of the best bits from around the 'web, Carl Cox rails against DJs who play safe, ways to make music on your lunch break, and some of the absolute pioneers of house music celebrated. It's all below, in our look at what's been going on around the music and DJing sites this past seven days.

Friday Roundup: How Your Favourite DJ Got Their Name

Well, if you've ever wondered where DJs get their names from, now's your chance to find out! It's the first of our stories in this week's roundup of all that's been happening around the DJ and music industry websites. Have a great weekend, whatever you're up to...

Friday Roundup: Does Vinyl Really Sound Better?

Those of us of a certain age fondly recall the reassuring thud of a needle settling into a groove, and the ensuing warm, fuzzy sound of music from vinyl. But is it actually better than digital? Get an engineer's perspective in the first of our Friday Roundup stories this week...

Friday Roundup: A Drum & Bass Primer From Fabio & Grooverider

In one of our occasional nods to a musical genre or style that changed the world, this week we're sharing Fabio & Grooverider's recent 25 Years of Drum & Bass mix... Happy weekend, and enjoy the rest of the roundup too. We'll see you on the other side.

Friday Roundup: 10 Rules Every Working DJ Should Follow

I have to say the level of excitement here at Digital DJ Tips is reaching fever pitch as we prepare for our Digital DJ Lab launch on Monday... but we've still had enough downtime this last week to scout around for interesting stories to share with you from elsewhere...

Friday Roundup: World's Biggest Nightclub Will Hold 15,000 People

Can you imagine a nightclub that could fit 15,000 people? Just such a venue is being planned for Toronto. Catch up on this and other stories we've been enjoying around the music and DJing web this week, in our regular Friday Roundup. Have a great weekend!

Friday Roundup: Why Technics Is Turning Its Back On DJs

Welcome to our first full Friday Roundup of 2017. From kids raving with vegetables to news of Technics' new turntable, from DJing at yoga classes to the lifesaving powers of the art, we've got a lot to tempt you with this week, as we round up all that's weird and wonderful from the DJing and dance music world this last seven days...