Friday Roundup: How To Prepare For Problems Performing With A Laptop

Live music

If you’re relaxing this weekend, cut straight to the puppy video at the end of this week’s list… but if you want some learning, we’ve got three absorbing technical articles from around the DJing and music web for you as well.

Friday Roundup: What A Pioneer All-In-One Controller Might Look Like


First it was four-deck controllers, then sample pads, then iOS controllers, now all-in-one (ie with a computer built in) controllers are heavily rumoured to be this year’s “big thing”.

Friday Roundup: The Residents Who Shaped Clubland


In this age of huge festivals, DJs as pop stars, costumes, crowd surfing and cake throwing, it would do us good to remember the resident DJs who shaped and continue to shape clubland.

Friday Roundup: “Listening To Vinyl Makes You Better Than People Who Don’t Listen To Vinyl”


“Hang on,” you might be thinking, “Isn’t this the site that’s going in hard on its brand-new Digital DJ Masterclass right now? Why they hell are they telling us to go back to vinyl?

Friday Roundup: Carl Cox On Why Music Trumps Mixing

Carl Cox

With our new free digital DJ training now just days away, Carl Cox picks up on some of the themes we touch on in the first article below – and check out that umbrella in the final article we link to!

Friday Roundup: This Sound System Will Kill You If You Hear It

sound system

Here’s what we’ve been enjoying reading from around the web this week, that we’d like to share with you. Have a great weekend – and tune in next week live from Frankfurt, Germany

Friday Roundup: 121 Things Not To Do In The Music Industry

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While we’ve been heaving our sorry asses across town this week, a whole lotta stuff has been going on out there in DJ and music industry land, so here’s our round-up of what’s new away from Digital DJ Tips… read, enjoy, and have a great weekend! See you on the other side…