Friday Roundup: Controller Scratching Special

Scratch Roundup

Next week we re-launch our hugely popular FREE week-long scratch training course for digital DJs. Meanwhile, here are some scratching goodies from around the web to get you excited…

Friday Roundup: Avicii Burnout Highlights Perils Of DJ Lifestyle

Avicii's Health

One thing DJs don’t discuss often enough is the toll the “Dj lifestyle” can take. Our Avicii lead story this week should serve as a reminder that if you want to make a long career out of this, you have some pretty important lifestyle decisions to make…

Friday Roundup: Do You Know Your Vaporwave From Your Skwee?

Music Snob

In this week’s Friday Roundup, listen to some electronic music genres that seem to come straight from Bizzaro World, get remix, production, and controllerism tips, and learn how to start building your brand as a DJ.

Friday Roundup: How To Successfully Combine A Day Job & A DJ Career

Friday Roundup

In this week’s Friday Roundup, learn how to keep the cash flowing while chasing your DJ dreams, get sound advice no matter what stage you’re in regarding your DJ career, and read about a punter who just wants to have fun (without his girlfriend, that is).

Friday Roundup: Do DJs Still Need Jogwheels?

Sugar & Caffeine

In this week’s Friday Roundup, check out an article that investigates the curious case of jogwheels in modern DJ equipment (why do we still have them?), find out what’s been big at Beatport for the last decade, and get a glimpse of who’s next in line to EDM’s throne.

Friday Roundup: So What’s YOUR Excuse For Not DJing?

Roundup feat img

In this week’s Friday Roundup, check out two DJs that prove disabilities mean nothing when you’re chasing your dream; learn why DJing is all about taking risks and pushing yourself to get better always; and your chance to get some music production fundamentals down. Work officially stops now, folks!

Friday Roundup: What’s The Sound That’s Inspired Dance Music For 25 Years?

FR feat img

in this week’s Friday Roundup we have DJ Pierre drawing a line that traces modern day electronic music all the way back to Chicago in the 1980s; an in-depth interview on what keeps Skrillex going beyond the Grammy nods and sold-out shows; and much more…