Friday Roundup: World's Biggest Nightclub Will Hold 15,000 People

Can you imagine a nightclub that could fit 15,000 people? Just such a venue is being planned for Toronto. Catch up on this and other stories we've been enjoying around the music and DJing web this week, in our regular Friday Roundup. Have a great weekend!

Friday Roundup: Why Technics Is Turning Its Back On DJs

Welcome to our first full Friday Roundup of 2017. From kids raving with vegetables to news of Technics' new turntable, from DJing at yoga classes to the lifesaving powers of the art, we've got a lot to tempt you with this week, as we round up all that's weird and wonderful from the DJing and dance music world this last seven days... 

Friday Roundup: Will EDM Survive Another Year?

Welcome to our last "full" Friday Roundup of 2016 (we're taking a couple of weeks off rounding up the latest news from around the DJ web, as everyone is publishing "best of 2016" posts, so there's precious little real news to bring you). But we've nonetheless found you some good bits from this last seven days...

Friday Roundup: Maschine & Traktor Playing Nicely Together

Want to jam along with your DJ mates while you throw down some beats on your Maschine? Thanks to Ableton Link, now you can. That story leads the pack, but there are many more as we undertake out our tour around the best bits from the DJing music interweb this last week...

Friday Roundup: How To Build A Wind Powered Turntable

Bit of Friday fun for you to kick off this week's Friday Roundup, with a guide from Popular Science on how to build your very own wind powered turntable. Elon Musk would be proud... This and more in our weekly roundup of stuff that's caught our eye around the web.

Friday Roundup: Dance Music Responds To President Trump

So you might have noticed that the USA has elected a new president, despite Steve Aoki (and, it seemed, most of the celebrity world, backing Clinton). And the electronic music community predictably has had a lot to say about "President Trump" in the days since. We lead with that story, among a whole host of others that have caught our attention this last week.

Friday Roundup: "Why All Modern Music Is Sh**"

Thinking all music is sounding the same nowadays? It might - just might - not be due to your getting older. Whether you agree or not, the first piece we link to in today's Friday Roundup is certainly food for thought...