Friday Roundup: Eek, iTunes 12 Is Coming!

iTunes 12

In this week’s Friday Roundup, news of the latest version of iTunes in beta form, find out why you need to develop your DJ skills and artistry more than ever, learn how house music got its wings after being trampled underfoot by the mainstream, and check out what shuffling is all about and why it isn’t as new as they make it to be. All this in more in our weekly roundup of the best bits from around the DJ web! Have a great weekend!

Friday Roundup: How Not To Promote Your DJ Event

Empty club

In this week’s Friday Roundup, check out how you’re NOT supposed to promote a club night, learn why running your mixes in the red makes them sound like garbage, and find out why you need more than one DJ persona. All these and more in our roundup of the best DJ news and features from around the web. Have a great weekend ahead!

Friday Roundup: How To Beat The SoundCloud Trap

Friday Roundup

In today’s Friday Roundup, see which artists hate unofficial remixes of their music, get the lowdown on why A-Trak makes an impression in even the most EDM superstar-packed festival lineups, and learn how removing junk from your DJ area can make you more prolific. All these and more in our weekly roundup of the best DJ bits from around the web.

Friday Roundup: Shocking Plot To Copyright All The World’s Sounds Revealed

DJ Success

In today’s Friday Roundup, we take a look at the true meaning of success in the newly-glamourised world of DJing, how to use social media to grow an organic fan base, and why piracy robs everyone in the music industry from the little guy next door to the biggest players – all these and more are shortlisted for you in our weekly muster of the best DJ news from around the web.

Friday Roundup: Will DJs Soon Be Streaming Rather Than Owning Their Music?

Friday Round Up

In this week’s roundup, find out if music streaming is killing music ownership, how to open your very own record shop, and whether House music today has lost its meaning – all of these and more are in here. The weekend has landed!

Friday Roundup: How To Find A DJ Name That Isn’t Taken (Probably!)

Choose DJ name

Finding a great DJ name has always been a huge topic of discussion here, and we smiled at the post we chose to lead with this week – do you think the author knew what they were saying when they were talking about Pitbull, for instance?!

Friday Roundup: 11 Steps To Securing A DJ Gig

Ready to escape the bedroom and get that first gig? One of our posts this week from around the web has 11 steps to help you...

As well as bringing you loads of stuff on Dj edits, we’ve got some great reading for you from around the web this week: This is the stuff that’s most caught our attention (in-between working hard, of course)…