Cross DJ 2.0 For iOS Brings Waveforms & Cleaner Look

Cross DJ 2.0

Mixvibes has released a significant update to its Cross DJ app for iOS devices. Now at 2.0, the latest version gives Cross DJ a cosmetic overhaul as well as an under-the-hood tune up: Simple, solid colours have taken the place of greys and gradients, and the app is now 50% smaller in file size.

5 Things I Learned DJing In Public On An iPad For The First Time


Last weekend I put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and instead of taking a laptop-based set-up to my booking (a corporate white party), I took an iPad running djay software with me instead. It’s the first time I’ve not DJed digitally in public at a paid event without the MacBook ever.

New Kickstarter: iPad DJing With Knobs On!


Ever wanted to add knobs to your favourite iPad DJ app? This forthcoming Kickstarter campaign offers exactly that: High quality, professional knobs that you can stick to your touchscreen using simple micro suction cups.

Review & Video: Lemur Touchscreen Software Controller for iPad

lemur feat img

Lemur for the iPad lets you program your dream Midi controller on the iPad’s touchscreen surface. It can control virtually any DJ/production software, and you can download mappings or program yourself from scratch. It offers awesome potential for the adventurous digital DJ.

Review & Video: Serato Remote 1.1 for iPad

serato remote feat img

Serato Remote is an app for your iPad that extends functionality of your controller by adding extra controls through its touchscreen interface.

Review & Video: Pacemaker DJ App For iPad

Pacemaker feat img

Pacemaker may have arrived at a solution to the problem of portable storage space while heralding the future of streaming, subscription based digital DJing that some pundits have casually mentioned since the advent of cloud computing.

How To Control Traktor’s Remix Decks From Your iPad


Here’s a way to control Traktor’s Remix Decks with your iPad, similar to the way the Serato Remote app lets you control elements of that company’s DJ programs.