Sketch Tunes On-The-Go With Groovebox

Groovebox, free all-in-one studio app for both the iPhone and iPad, has just been released. It features two synthesisers and a drum machine, making it a useful tool for producers to quickly sketch out musical ideas on-the-go, and also for DJs who want to dabble in production.

Review & Video: Cross DJ Pro 3.1 For iOS

Mixvibes has been developing its Cross DJ mobile software for a while now: we first reviewed it in 2012 when iOS DJing was in its infancy. We're currently at version 3.1, and it's come a long way from the gradient-filled, powerful (though overwhelming) interface. Let's take a look at what's new...

djay Pro Wins Apple Award For Supporting Blind DJs

Algoriddim, creators of djay, just won an Apple Design 2016 award for a new feature in djay Pro that lets the visually impaired use it. When VoiceOver is activated in djay Pro, users can hear a description of any control that they tap on the djay Pro interface.

The 5 Best iPad DJ Apps For 2016

It's been a little over a year since we published our first iOS DJ app roundup, and quite a bit's changed for the platform: the introduction of the iPad Pro brought desktop processing power to mobile, plus the bump in storage brings iPads closer to laptops than ever. In this roundup, we bring you five of our top iPad DJ app picks for 2016.

Limited Offer: Get Our New Bestselling Book At 50% Off

It's been two years in the making, but last week we finally launched our first iBook, How To DJ on Your iPad (& iPhone) - which promptly went to number one on the iBook Store in the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands, and even managed to hit #8 in the USA! And you can have it right now for 50% off...

Review & Video: Reloop RMX22i Mixer

No matter what type of DJ you are or what type of gear you own, having a two-channel mixer in your arsenal is a good idea. It's like the multitool of DJing, and will help you with everything from DJing with friends, to good old fashioned DJing with - god forbid - real turntables. Reloop's new RMX22i is just such a traditional mixer.

Review: Tuna Knobs Stick-On Knobs For Touchscreens

A tiny Dutch company drew massive attention last year for a Kickstarter-funded project that promised physical knobs for your touchscreen device. Called Tuna Knobs, the small plastic knobs are fitted with suction cups for sticking on your iOS or Android device so you can finally tweak knobs instead of dragging with your fingers.