djay Pro Wins Apple Award For Supporting Blind DJs

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 5 April, 2018

djay Pro
djay Pro just won an Apple Design award because it lets users suffering from visual loss DJ through the assistance of Apple’s VoiceOver feature.

Algoriddim, creators of djay, just won an Apple Design 2016 award for a new feature in djay Pro that lets the visually impaired use it. When VoiceOver is activated in djay Pro, users can hear a description of any control that they tap on the djay Pro interface. This lets users suffering from vision loss know what’s happening onscreen without the need to see it.

While DJing is mainly an aural process, the advent of digital DJing with screens means that more things happen that need to be seen, apart from what you hear in your headphones. djay Pro solves this need for visually impaired users through the clever use of VoiceOver, and we love the idea.

• You can check out the demonstration video at the Apple website.

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