Cross DJ 2.0 For iOS Brings Waveforms & Cleaner Look

Cross DJ 2.0

Mixvibes has released a significant update to its Cross DJ app for iOS devices. Now at 2.0, the latest version gives Cross DJ a cosmetic overhaul as well as an under-the-hood tune up: Simple, solid colours have taken the place of greys and gradients, and the app is now 50% smaller in file size.

Review & Video: Junglator App for iPhone

jungulator Featured 520

This week sees the launch of a new app aimed squarely at the drum & bass enthusiast, called Junglator, that lets you mix and mash up tunes using just your iPhone.

Review & Video: Vestax V-Midi Interface For iOS DJs

Vestax V-Midi

Vestax’s V-Midi not only does it solve the lack of Midi issue for owners of iPhones and iPod Touches, but goes a stage further, adding a high quality stereo audio output too. We take a closer look…

Review & Video: Ultrasone Signature DJ Headphones

Ultrasone Signature DJ headphones

To the upper echelons of DJ headphones, where luxury models breathe the rarefied air and look down on the mid-range masses and the lower-end wannabes, has been added a new design: the Ultrasone Signature DJ.

DJ Player 5.5: DVS Arrives For iPad By Christmas


Rapidly becoming the iOS power user’s DJ software of choice, DJ Player is about to cement that position with the imminent release of v5.5, which brings digital vinyl control to users of the software on iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Review & Video: vjay For iPhone & iPod touch

vjay for iPhone

Back in June this year, vjay for iPad grabbed our attention with its clever pairing of a djay-style interface with powerful video mixing on an iPad. Pretty impressively, with vjay for iPhone & iPod Touch, maker Algoriddim has now managed to streamline the vjay app interface to work on a much smaller screen

Review: djay 1.6 for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

With BPM and pitch faders now right there on the main screen, the new djay app takes full advantage of the improved screen real estate on the iPhone 5.

We review Algoriddim’s djay 1.6 for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch, where improvements include dual stereo outputs, in-app iTunes store, and a better library.