You Can Now Shazam Tracks Directly In Algoriddim’s iOS DJ Software

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 15 November, 2021

Users of Algoriddim’s “djay” software on iOS 15 can now automatically Shazam songs from within the app, and also have the app automatically load the song and play it from exactly the same point.

The feature is made possible via ShazamKit, a new API available within Shazam – a direct result of Apple’s purchase of Shazam – and new functionality in iOS 15.

“Integrating Shazam into djay completely transforms the creative workflow of DJs. As a DJ you are constantly on the lookout for great new music to play at your next gig, but identifying a track and the process of getting it into your library has been a challenging task with no seamless way to do it. Now, whenever you hear a great song you can load it into djay’s decks with the tap of a button and instantly unleash your creativity,” said Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim.

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• Djay is available as a free download on the App Store. The optional Pro subscription for $7 per month or $50 per year offers full access to all content and features of djay Pro AI across Mac, iPad, and iPhone. A seven-day free trial of the complete Pro subscription is available.

First Thoughts

While this would be a great party trick (I remember sometimes manually beatmixing vinyl in to identical tracks playing as background music in bars at the start of DJ sets, back in the day!), it has other interesting purposes too.

Firstly, it’s just easier: You can Shazam, add to a djay playlist, and start messing with a track, all in the same app – no switching from app to app, or fiddling with playlists.

But next, using djay’s Automix feature and a connected streaming service, you can create a mix with similar tracks, for augmented music discovery. Hear a track in a new genre or style, and you can immediately have AI find you other similar tracks, and be DJing with them right away if you wish.

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And even more exciting, you can deconstruct any Shazamed track into its original components using djay’s real-time stems feature, Neural Mix – so if you hear a track and like the vocal, for instance, you can be DJing with the acapella in seconds.

Well worth a play if you use djay on iOS, and once you upgrade to iOS 15.

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