Why New DJs Deserve Their Chances

Brighton, England. Always known as a party city, apparently "talented" DJs are being pushed out by "kids with laptops". But is that really what's going on?

Someone just recounted a conversation to me. A DJ was complaining that “there’s loads of talented DJs in Brighton, but they can’t get booked any more, because the bar owners have realised that they can pay a kid with a laptop £50 and get the same number of people in, so why pay a ‘name’ DJ £500?”

Is It Right To Ban Laptops From DJ Booths?

Should Laptops Be Banned at Parties?

They say you’re not doing something right unless you’re upsetting people, and it seems that once again, DJs with laptops are doing just that (sigh). They’re even getting banned from DJ booths, it seems.

4 Reasons Why Theo Parrish Is Wrong About Laptop DJs


There’s an interesting interview with Theo Parrish on the Scion Audio Visual website, where he quite eloquently describes why he’s continued to play on vinyl instead of embracing laptop DJing. However, we don’t agree with his reasons. Here’s why.