Over To You: How Do I Get People To Listen To My Mixes?


Digital DJ Tips reader Westage asks: “My problem is to get my audience listen to my sets. I mean, I am constantly producing new mixes with a big time investment but many of my followers are only listening to parts of them, something my stats show.”

10 Steps To Starting A Digital Record Label

CD dvd blue ray with paper case isolated on a white background

So you want to start your own record label? If your pursuing this to make money then you may want to think again! However, if you love music and you want to broaden your scope beyond DJing, producing and running club nights, then setting up a record label may yet be your calling.

Using Facebook & Twitter To Promote Your DJing, Pt 4


If you’ve just joined this series, in the first three parts we set up Facebook and Twitter accounts, customised our pages to make them look good, and uploaded our DJ mix to free hosting provider Mixcloud. They’re all linked to at the end. In this fourth and final part of our series, we’re going to look at how to promote your DJ mix

Tïesto Video Streams DJ Set Live On Twitter


As I write this, Tïesto is finishing playing a gig at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – which is being simultaneously broadcast live on Twitter. When you read this it’ll have finished, but the 90-minute set will then be looped for 48 hours in the same place, so you can head over there and watch it at your leisure (link at end).

Get Your Picture On Digital DJ Tips In Five Minutes!


We’re always going on about branding, and getting yourself up there in internet search engines, and generally getting visible online – well, here’s a stupidly simple tip for you that’ll help to get your face or DJ logo in front of loads of people, pretty much immediately.

Four Ways Clubs Rip DJs Off


there and get gigs, but whether you just get a booking at a local bar, lounge or club, or you decide to go all the way and actually to put on an event of your own, there are always people out there who won’t play fair when it comes to paying you what was agreed.

How To Promote Events & Throw Your Own Parties: Part 6

Day After 520 Featured

It’s the day after. Your event went off well, you had a packed venue, the music was phenomenal, photos were taken, new fans were made, and you made a good impression. Whether or not you have another event coming soon, don’t lose your momentum!