The MP3 Is Dead, Say Its Creators: What DJs Need To Know

The death of the MP3 file format was announced last week by none other than its creators. They said that MP3 has been surpassed by better, more efficient formats, such as Apple's AAC format, which is jockeying to become the de facto format for compressed music files. So what does that mean for DJs? We take a look...

7 Rules For Great DJ Sound Quality

More than ever, it’s important to understand what’s involved, in order to strive to deliver a clean signal when you’re DJing or producing music. That’s what these 7 Rules For Great DJ Sound Quality are designed to help you with.

Virtual DJ 7.3 Released

Virtual DJ 7.3 is released today and adds improved sound quality, better EQ and more responsive jogwheel control.

Over To You: Why Does My Digital Gear Sound Worse Than CDJs?

Digital DJ Tips reader Andrew Potter writes: “I have recently been doing some gigs on Wednesday evening here in Tokyo. Every time I play my digital set up through the club’s system, and then compare sound quality from that of the DJs using the clubs CDJs, I notice a perceivable difference."

Your Questions: What Are VBR MP3s?

Digital DJ Tips forum member Eledamiri writes: “I was watching your video about digital music quality the other day and then I wondered what exactly variable bitrate (VBR) is? Every now and then I encounter files with 205 VBR, 240 VBR and so, especially when I download DJ sets from SoundCloud."

6 Ways To Win The Loudness War & Play Better Sounding DJ Sets

Today is Dynamic Range Day, which is dedicated to making music sound better by promoting the understanding that dynamics are more important than volume in music. For DJs, it is a simple enough lesson to learn and one that can make your DJ sets sound better forever more.

How To Earn Your DJ Stripes, Part 2: Why Connections Matter

There are multiple stages between whatever it is that makes music and the sound that hits the dancefloor. But it can be a bit tough to picture exactly what’s going on with your sound, especially when many of those stages nowadays are “virtualised”. Unless you can do this, however, all kinds of pitfalls await you.