First DJ Controller for iPad & iPhone Arrives: No Laptop Required

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 27 November, 2017


iDJ Live DJ Controller with algoriddim djay
Numark’s iDJ Live DJ Controller with algoriddim djay turns your iPhone or iPad into a full DJ system.

Numark’s new iDJ Live DJ controller is the first hardware DJ device specifically designed for iPad and iPhone. Using algoriddim’s djay software, it means that for the first time you can now turn your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad into a fully functioning hardware DJ system. And before you take one look and say “I bet you can’t DJ on that”, take a look at the video below, showing the scratch capabilities of this little set-up.


What might this mean?

We’ve already reviewed djay for iPad and djay for iPhone / iPod Touch, which we found to be excellent. We’ve also already seen the Numark controller (which is a reincarnation of a previous Numark controller for laptops), and it’s a budget device – squarely a consumer item. The point is, though, that this is something new. This is “real” DJing from your phone.

The issue of headphone monitoring has been solved by the use of a DJ splitter cable (manufactured by Griffin for algoriddim) plugged in to the headphones-out of the iOS device.

Digital music away from your laptop
Now think of this. If you manage your music on iTunes, when you plug your iOS device in to your laptop, it can automatically synchronise your library and playlists. Thus you can carry your whole music library around in your pocket.

This way you can always have access to all of your music for a DJ set using just your phone, and if you buy new music on the road, it will sync it back to your main library upon your return to base. iOS 5 will allow you to keep your iTunes music completely independent of your laptop too, and we’ve not even touched on how this could all tie in with cloud music.

Like our thoughts about an all-in-one iPad DJ controller, and the imminent launch of the Stanton SCS.4 DJ all-in-one unit, this set-up is imagining a future where digital DJing happens away from the laptop.

We’ve got one coming for review, so we’ll reserve judgement on this particular set-up until we’ve tried it, but the overall thinking is exciting to us.

Are you also excited about ultra-portable DJing like this? Or do you think it’s just a gimmick? What are your early thoughts on this particular controller? Please let us know in the comments…

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