Friday Roundup: “I Buy What I Like And I Just Play It” – Craig Richards

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Last updated 21 February, 2014


Craig Richards
Are you aiming at a club residency? Craig Richards has been there, done that, having done 14 years at Fabric. Find out his simple secret here…

    We’ve been over at London’s Ministry of Sound this last week, interviewing, exploring backstage, getting a sneak peek into the workings of the amp room, the world-famous DJ booth, the sound desk and a lot more. It’s all part of some forthcoming free training from Digital DJ Tips that moves beyond anything we’ve ever given away for free before – watch out for it soon!

    Speaking of great clubs, Fabric’s Craig Richards reveals all about holding down a residency, there’s an LA top 5… oh, and how to make beats with, er, beets! It’s all in our Friday Roundup. Have a great weekend…

  1. Fabric Resident Craig Richards Interviewed – Wanna know how to hold down a club residency? Craig Richards has been doing it at Fabric for 14 years, as he tells Crack magazine… Read more
  2. Should You Ever Pay To Get Exposure? – Is there ever a case for “chart rigging” in order to get ahead as a DJ/producer, asks JustGo? Read more
  3. Beetbox – Making Beats With Beets – This one deserves your attention if only due to Traktor Tips’s inventive headline… Read more
  4. Why Being A Purist Is The Path To Success – Chase & Status tell In The Mix about their longevity, and what it was like in the early days of their career Read more
  5. The 25 Heaviest Eye-Bleeding Techno Rippers Ever Made – Got a penchant for the harder stuff? Fact Magazine rounds up some tunes you really ought to get acquainted with Read more
  6. Five Clubs You Can’t Miss On A Lost Weekend In Las Vegas – Got some time to kill in Sin City? In The Mix makes some recommendations… Read more

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