Over To You: What DJing Blunders Do You Keep Making?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 30 August, 2017


Sometimes it seems the bigger the crowd or the more important the gig, the larger the chance of doing something really stupid! What’s the silliest mistake you’ve ever made in public behind the decks?

Member Squarecell writes: “Picture this: You have your next song transition all ready to go – beats are matched, levels are set, loop is going – you slam the crossfader and… nothing, because your channel fader is closed off!

“This happens to me at least once a night. I used to get really stressed out about it, but now I just laugh it off. I don’t think the crowd really cares that much. In fact, I think it’s a nice reminder that there’s a real human behind the decks and not some computer program flawlessly sequencing everything. It’s not unusual for my audiences to hear a loud ‘oops’ from the DJ booth every once in a while!

“Do you guys have any other blunders you constantly repeat?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Good question Squarecell! I can think of loads but I’d rather let people tell their stories.

However, the one I will share (which luckily I didn’t do every night, but far often that I’d have liked) was back in the vinyl days, when I’d take the needle off of the record that was playing rather than the one that wasn’t! Usually this happened at the end of a mix that had gone really well. Needless to say it wrecked my amazing mix every time…

So, over to you! What blunders do you keep making that you wish you could stop doing? Share your thoughts, past or present, in the comments…

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