Odesi Music Composition App Now On Windows

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 6 April, 2018


The Odesi music composition companion is now available as a Windows app, along with new feature tweaks to the software.

Odesi, the composition and production app that aims to help you sketch music ideas quickly, is now available to Windows users. Though always available as a browser-only app to everyone, the Mac desktop version is now joined by a Windows desktop version. The Mac and Windows native versions let you use the growing library of synth patches and drum sounds within Odesi in your project.

There are also new features in this update that let you customise chords and chord progressions if you want to create more complex musical sketches.

We’re big fans of Odesi (check out our full review here), and think it’s a great tool for instant inspiration and song ideas when making your own beats. It’s also a clever way to get a “feel” for how a lot of club music is made, as you’ll be surprised at just how much dance and pop music songs rely on just a handful of chord progressions, many of which you can access within Odesi.

• The latest version of Odesi is now available for Windows and Mac. Check the Odesi website for more details.

Have you tried using Odesi? What’s your favourite music production helper tool when coming up with song ideas? Let us know below.

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