Virtual DJ 8.2 Released, Adds Song Requests & Pads Editor

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 25 January, 2022


Virtual DJ 8.2
Virtual DJ 8.2 has just been released, adding a host of tweaks and new features like Ask The DJ and the Pads Editor mode.

Atomix just released an update to Virtual DJ 8. Now at version 8.2, the update adds a lot of tweaks under the hood, as well as two new feature highlights: the first is Ask The DJ, which lets guests request songs through an online portal or through Twitter. The second is the new pads section in each virtual deck, which shows eight pads by default, mirroring the pad layout found in most controllers these days.

When Ask The DJ is enabled, the requested songs show up in your Ask The DJ folder in Virtual DJ 8’s Folders List, and then you can search your collection for those tracks if you want to load them onto a virtual deck. It also works with Virtual DJ 8’s ContentUnlimited subscription service, which gives you access to an online catalogue of music much like Pulselocker in Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ.

As for the new pad layout, each can be assigned as hot cues, loop points, loop rolls, and so on. You can customise their functions even deeper through the Pads Editor.

Other tweaks include a new BPM and BeatGrid detection engine, improved video playback on Mac computers, and VST instrument plugin hosting.

While minor, these are welcome updates to the feature-laden app: Ask The DJ sounds like a fun way to get your crowd involved (and to get them to follow you on Twitter, too), while the pad features could be a boon for controllerists. Watch out for our review of Virtual DJ 8.2 soon.

• Virtual DJ 8.2 is now available as a free update for existing users. Head on over to the Virtual DJ website for more details.

Are you a Virtual DJ user? If so, are you on Virtual DJ 8 or still using Virtual DJ 7? Do you think these new features are useful, or are they unnecessary? Let us know below.

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