Traktor 2.11.1 Released, Brings Track Colour Coding

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
Native Instruments Pro Traktor
Last updated 23 March, 2018


Native Instruments just released an update to its Traktor Pro 2 software. Version 2.11.1 adds the ability to colour code a track in Traktor’s browser which shows up in all your playlists and Traktor library searches. Stability improvements and minor fixes have also been implemented, including a simple way to save Remix Deck Sets.

Traktor Pro 2 has been around for a while now, and the last major update to the software came in the form of Stems back in 2015. While it was a solid, well-executed idea that was fully supported by Native Instruments (it released three controllers for it: the Traktor Kontrol S8, Kontrol S5, and Kontrol D2) it has yet to pick up steam with the DJing community.

The question on every Traktor user’s mind then, is this: What’s next for Traktor? It’s been a while since the last spec bump, so is Traktor Pro 3 around the corner? Your guess is as good as ours…

• Traktor Pro 2.11.1 is now available via the NI Service Center app. Check the Native Instruments site for more details.

Do you spin with Traktor Pro 2? What controller do you use with it, and have you used Stems in the past? What would you like to see in a potential Traktor Pro 3 update? Share your thoughts below.

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