You Can Now Access Your Traktor Library In Denon DJ’s Engine Prime

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 18 June, 2018

Denon DJ just announced an update to its Engine Prime software and SC5000 Prime media player firmware. It’s now possible to access your Traktor playlists, hot cues, loops and songs from within Engine Prime and you can export them to USB or an SD card. You can then use that USB or SD to spin on Denon DJ’s laptop-free media players, making library management easier for Traktor users who want to spin on Denon DJ Prime kit. Other updates include enhanced track analysis, additional playlist management options and “instant doubles” when DJing with two SC5000 Prime media players.

We wrote about this a few weeks back: The ability to access your Traktor library within Engine Prime is a boon for DJs who want to spin with Denon DJ’s new club gear, and are coming from a Traktor music library filled with songs, playlists and cue points that have been cultivated through the years. Not only does it mean that you can spin with confidence on an SC5000 Prime set knowing that you don’t have to build your music playlists and library from the ground up, but it also gives you the flexibility of shuttling back and forth between Traktor and Engine Prime using the same music library, say if you spin with a Traktor controller and a laptop, but would prefer to go laptop-less with a USB stick and the SC5000 Prime at a club.

• Denon DJ’s Engine Prime 1.2 and SC5000 Prime 1.2 firmware are now available. Check the Denon DJ site for more details.

What are your thoughts on this update? Now that Traktor is supported, does it make you want to spin on the new Prime Series? Let us know below.

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