Add Lighting Anywhere With ADJ’s Element Series

Joey Santos
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Last updated 24 March, 2018

ADJ Element Series
ADJ just announced a new line of battery-powered, wireless DMX lighting for mobile DJ and gig use.

ADJ just announced its Element series of battery-powered, wireless DMX uplighting. There are two units in the Element series: the Element QA has six four-watt LEDs, and the Element Hex has four 10-watt LEDs for different lighting styles. Both are available as indoor-only models, along with indoor / outdoor models. All can be used with ADJ’s wireless WiFLY series of DMX controllers and transceivers.

That means you can have a wireless lighting set-up in your mobile DJ rig or gig kit, no need for long DMX and power cables, which would be especially useful for wedding DJs who use uplighting around their venues.

DJ lighting technology has made great strides – it used to be that you needed to take along bundles of cables for your lighting rig. ADJ’s Element series does away with all that. It lets you be more creative and flexible with your venue light placement since you aren’t limited by tethered DMX and power cables, plus you get to control all of them wirelessly from your DJ booth. It’ll also speed the setting up and striking down of your lighting rig since you won’t have to roll out and store cables one by one.

• ADJ’s Element series will be available on July 2017 starting from US$269. Check the ADJ website for more details.

What are your thoughts on wireless lighting solutions like this? Do you prefer to use DMX lights like this, or do you prefer traditional wired lights? Why? Share your thoughts with us below.

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