Over To You: Which Windows Laptop Is Best For DJing?

Last updated 28 March, 2018


headphones and laptopOK, here’s the deal. We’ve got some exciting new DJ courses coming up soon to add to How To Digital DJ Fast, and we’re going to start filming shortly. As well as new video lights and mics, we’ve also decided we need a Windows laptop, and we want to know the best Windows laptop for DJing. See, we’ve always used Macs for DJing here at Digital DJ Tips, since we traded up from an old Sony Vaio years ago – and despite the relentless march of the iPad for DJing, we think the laptop will be pretty important for digital DJs for a while yet. But even though we use Macs, we realise that two-thirds of our users are using PCs, not least because not everyone has a vast amount of money to spend on a laptop for DJing. So if only for being able to talk first-hand about the fun of ASIO drivers, we’re going to buy a Windows laptop to run alongside our MacBook.

Question is, which is the best Windows laptop for DJing? I know the spec I’d go for, but I also know there’s nobody best placed to advise you than someone who’s already where you want to be – which in this case means all you PC-owning DJ readers. So I’d like to know what’s working for you!

Tell us about your Windows laptop…

So, Windows users only: Please reply to this thread with your make and model of laptop, the year you bought it, why you like it, what you’d change about it, and what you paid for it. Finally, and most importantly: Would you recommend it?

We’ll then look carefully at your advice before buying our own Windows laptop for DJing. I’ll come back and post here when we’ve chosen and ordered to let you know which one we went for… and many thanks for your help!

So, over to you. Please tell us all about your Windows DJ laptop. We value your advice over anything else out there…

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