Better Neural Mix, Effects & Loops For djay Pro AI On Mac & iOS

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 19 November, 2021


DJ software djay Pro AI for Mac and iOS has today received a major upgrade, with a whole host of new features, primarily based around – but not limited to – improvements to “Neural Mix”, the software’s real-time stems separation feature.

Neural Mix improvements

The big news is that Neural Mix now separates tracks into four elements in real time, as opposed to the original three elements. You still get drums and vocals, but bass has now been split out from “harmonic”, allowing you to separate the bassline from the rest of the music when DJing.

It is also now possible to loop individual elements in a track using “bounce loop” (ie loop plus slip), for instant production-style temporary looping of just your chosen elements on track playback.

And finally, Neural Mix has been better integrated into the effects capabilities of djay Pro AI in a whole host of ways: For instance, you can now have Neural Mix element-specific effects, which can be assigned to pads.

All of this is more Midi-mappable than ever.

Other improvements

This is quite a big update, and there’s a video talkthrough where you can see all of these in detail, but to summarise:

  • Saved loops – Finally, it is possible to save your loops, a big feature missing from djay Pro AI until now
  • Nested loops – “Loops within loops” are possible – useful, I guess, for when you are making live mashups out of elements spread across four decks, but want to loop within those elements
  • Quantize – Again, something that has taken a long time to come to djay Pro AI, that will help with adventurous mixing
  • Better effects – Two more instant effects have been added, plus a host of new effects grouped into: reverb and echo effects, noise and sweep effects, cut effects, and filter effects. To organise them better, there is now the ability to choose “favourites”
  • Better slicer – There are visual improvements and you can alter slice length, too
  • Improved automix – Algoriddim says it has added ways to vary how the software automixes tracks, including using Neural Mix. There is also an improved playlist workflow, including a “coming up” window
Chop Wash
New instant effects include Chop and Wash, bringing the number from six to eight. They’re editable now, too.

• djay Pro AI is available now on the Mac and iOS App Stores. One subscription of $7 a month or $50 a year covers both versions. More info on the Algoriddim website.

Our thoughts…

Both Virtual DJ and djay Pro AI introduced real-time stems at the same time, and remain the only two software companies with this tech. They also seem to be innovating at the same pace: Virtual DJ recently announced many similar additions to its real-time stems feature.

Worth noting that the only DJ controller “made” for djay Pro AI – Reloop’s Buddy – is unable to control all four stems on its knobs, as it is only built to control three in that way – although the pads still offer control over all four.

Reloop’s Buddy (the only dedicated Neural Mix controller) can’t fully control the improved Neural Mix features.

Many of these features, such as quantize and Neural Mix effects and looping, will enable DJs to more easily produce live mashups.

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It takes a certain calibre of DJ to really exploit features such as these, of course. If you want to see what’s possible using real-times stems separation, take a look at this video by our tutor, DJ ANGELO (it was made to show off some of the features of djay Pro AI a couple of releases back, on the aforementioned Reloop Buddy):

Want to learn to DJ like DJ ANGELO, on any gear from iPads to controllers and turntables? Take a look at our DJ Angelo’s Tricks & Transitions course.

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