New Traktor Controller & DJ Software On The Way…

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 2 December, 2017


It’s something many Traktor users and digital DJing fans have waited a long time for, and today the web is buzzing with rumours – triggered by the above YouTube video, released by Native Instruments – that this new Traktor controller and software combination for Traktor will be released soon. Is digital DJing about to come of age?

Further rumour has it that the 4-deck controller – which looks closest to the Xone:DX dedicated Serato ITCH interface – will retail for as low as US$799, which with an updated version of Traktor would be an absolute bargain for a hardware / software combination of this apparent calibre.

Sample deck
The new software seems to add sample deck capability.

Features that can be deduced from the teaser video include:

  • 4-channels, 4-decks
  • Built-in soundcard
  • The ability to have sample decks
  • Effects might be a separate unit, that somehow attaches to the back
  • Jogwheels in the same position as the Torq Xponent
  • Great LEDs, plethora of controls
  • Not very portable – looks like a big unit

This will no doubt be touted by Native Instruments as an all-in-one solution, taking on the high-end Serato ITCH + Vestax / Numark / Allen & Heath products.

The competition
For me it will will live or die on the quality of its construction, the price point and especially the usability of those jogwheels – something Vestax and Numark with their VCI-300 and NS7 have got very, very right.

New Traktor controller
Good LED feedback, lots of knobs and buttons, but it looks big…

Other competition might come from the American Audio VMS4, which at under US$500 on paper at least seems to offer many of the same features, with the underrated but extremely capable Virtual DJ in tow (albeit the LE version).

Interesting times in the world of DJ controllers, especially for those who prefer Traktor over other DJ software…

What do you think? Heard any more rumours about this controller? Is Traktor going to wipe the floor with Serato ITCH and its dedicated controllers with this Native Instruments release? Join in below and let us know your thoughts.

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