Friday Roundup: The Hidden Cost Of MP3s + 3 More Stories

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 8 November, 2017

MP3s have the blood of the music industry on their hands - or so says one of the articles we've been reading this week.
MP3s have the blood of the music industry on their hands – or so says one of the articles we’ve been reading this week.

Some great news folks! Seeing as it’s Christmas, we’ve been working hard all this week on an early present for every single Digital DJ Tips member. Watch your email inbox as we’ll be giving you yours via Monday’s email. What is it? Well, suffice to say that it only comes once a year, but it’s not Santa…

Meanwhile, the best of the web this week: How deadmau5 is bossing SoundCloud, the history of dubstep, one man’s rallying cry against MP3s, and another man’s plea to not let your gear dominate your talent. It’s all here…

  1. The Hidden Cost of MP3s – Sean Ray, the ever-opinionated DJ behind Not Your Jukebox, shares why he thinks digital music has changed the culture for the worst Read more
  2. That London Sound: How Dubstep Took Over America – In the Mix brings us a bit of a history lesson, complete with SoundCloud evidence… Read more
  3. How Deadmau5 Uses SoundCloud To Connect With 400k Followers – Talking of SoundCloud, our friends over at JustGo reveal a simple little trick that you can pinch to make your listens go sky-high too Read more
  4. How The Gear Slut Kills Your Talent – Great read and a lot of sense from our friend Alan over at Traktor Tips Read more

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, DJing, partying or taking it easy, have a great one and we’ll see you on the other side…

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