Friday Roundup: Will DJs Soon Be Streaming Rather Than Owning Their Music?

Joey Santos
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Last updated 6 November, 2017

Friday Round Up
Are streaming services like Spotify killing downloads and ownership? Pic from: and

This week we’ve been busy making a great new iPad DJ training course for users of Algoriddim’s djay software – so if you’re one of those people, let us know in this article what you need us to include.

Meanwhile, in today’s Friday Roundup, an interesting discussion on whether streaming music is going to replace ownership for DJs, how to open your very own record shop, and a deep read on whether house music today has lost its meaning – all of these and more can be found below in our regular trawl around the music and DJing sites below. The weekend has landed!

  1. Streaming And The Demise Of DJ Music Ownership – Are streaming services like Spotify likely to make downloads and music ownership things of the past? Our friends at DJ Worx give us their opinion Read more
  2. David Attenborough Narrates A Night out – Cassetteboy strikes again with this viral parody of a London night out Watch it
  3. How To Open A Record Shop – Feeling nostalgic, romantic and/or rich? The Vinyl Factory gives a nine-step guide to opening your own vinyl store Read more
  4. Budget DJ Mixers Reviewed – DJ Techtools takes a look at four mixers for cash-strapped, controller-swerving DJs Read more
  5. Can You Feel It? The Meaning Of House – Has today’s House music lost its original meaning? Attack Magazine has the story Read more
  6. MTV Casting Molly Addicts – “Finding Molly” a bit too often? Here’s what MTV’s cooking up in their new reality show about the drug Read more
  7. Dance Music From The Beginning, Part One – A concise history of dance music for today’s tl;dr generation, from DJ Mag Read more

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