Numark Mixtrack Pro Video Review

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 5 March, 2019

Video Review

Judging by the global lack of availability right now and the number of people who contact Digital DJ Tips with questions about it, the Numark Mixtrack Pro is the budget controller that’s grabbed everyone’s attention over the past few months. And not surprisingly, too – it’s well built, well laid out, just the right size, has excellent jogwheels, comes with a built-in sound card, and retails at a very keen price: US$249 / £169 / €194.

The excellent video above from JLDJUK clearly covers all the features of the controller. Much of this stuff is pretty obvious to seasoned digital DJs, but to those of you who are just starting out (and while it can be used by pro DJs – I know of at least one who gigs with it every week – it is essentially a beginners’ unit), you’ll find this video invaluable. It covers many of the questions we get asked repeatedly about the unit, so if you’re interested in starting out in digital DJing and have got the Mixtrack Pro on your shortlist, take a look.

Mixtrack or Mixtrack Pro?

One of the most common questions we are asked is about what the differences are between the Mixtrack and the Mixtrack Pro, and which is “best”. JLDJUK has added another short video explaining these differences:

But I can’t find one anywhere! What should I buy instead?

For those of you who simply can’t get this unit (and judging by your emails, that’s more than a few of you), two alternatives that are easy to get currently globally are:

Are you a Mixtrack Pro user? Have you been trying to buy one without success? Have you got one as your first controller? Let us know your thoughts and comments below.

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