Numark Mixtrack DJ Controller Review

Review Summary:

The Numark Mixtrack is a budget DJ controller that has excellent jog wheels, backlit buttons and a limited yet fundamental feature-set that would fare well with beginner DJ's as well as pro's looking for a cheaper and lighter piece of kit to bring to parties. It lacks an internal soundcard, so you'd still have to get one to pump your music to a sound system, but its price-to-performance ratio is hard to beat!

  • Mixtrack
  • Rating: 3
  • From:: Numark
  • Price: $119
  • Reviewed by:
  • On July 26, 2010
  • Last modified:August 14, 2015
Numark Mixtrack

The killer feature of the Numark Mixtrack is the jogwheels, which are excellent at any price.

Review: Numark Mixtrack DJ Controller

Numark's new Mixtrack is a budget DJ controller that's been gaining considerable interest, what with it being a keenly priced unit with some really good features for the money. Let's take a closer look at it in our full Numark Mixtrack review.

First things first - this is not pro DJ kit, but it's not too bad, either; while it has a plastic chassis, it's still sturdy and heavier than expected. Even though the faders aren't "long throw" (ie they're short, so it's harder to make fine adjustments), they're still smooth and the crossfader is nice and loose, just how it should be. And while the feature-set is limited (not a lot of bells and whistles here), it still has kills (the Vestax VCI-300 can't manage that) and effects (ditto). What's more, Numark has put the budget where it will count for many: The Mixtrack has excellent touch-sensitive jogwheels. For many DJs - myself included - DJing is all about touching and spinning things that are round. So when it comes to digital, jogwheels are really important. And the Mixtrack's wheels are good, performing manipulation and spinbacks satisfyingly both physically and in sound.

Another feature that impresses is backlit buttons, the lights telling you how the system is set, to save you constantly squinting at the screen of your laptop; a real plus point for performers. Apart from that, it's pretty much all you'd expect, little you wouldn't. By the way, it is powered straight from your computer's USB bus, so no need for any mains.

This is a fully Midi-compliant controller. That means you're not tied to the Traktor LE software (LE means "light edition"; in other words, it works, but you may end up upgrading when you get frustrating at some of the things it can't do that paid-for versions can). Therefore you can use other software and "map" the controls to it easily enough. However, with Traktor it works just fine, straight out of the box. There's no need to even install drivers, Windows or Mac. Traktor is well-respected DJ software, but as I say - the choice is yours. All DJs end up having a preference, so the versatility is to be welcomed. Good stuff.


While built around a plastic chassis, the Mixtrack is sturdier and heavier than expected.

The Numark Mixtrack has no built-in sound card. That is the thing that actually makes the sound - that reads the MP3s and turns them into music. For the uninitiated, you may be wondering why your PC can't do that for you. After all, it can make sound, right? Yes, but not quite: Because you need to cue up the next tune while the current one is playing, you actually need two sound outputs - one for the headphones, one for the speakers so that everyone else can hear. So if you buy this, you'll have to factor for a sound card too - from about US$80. If this is a bit confusing, we've got an article all about sound cards for digital DJing.

You'll therefore also will need a pair of headphones, and something to listen to the output through - a hi-fi, some computer speakers or something similar. But that's it; so if you're wanting to start out with digital DJing, you'll see that you can get going for not really much outlay using this unit.

So while it's not for professionals, I can see this unit being very popular with the following types of people:

  • Old-skool DJs who want to know if they will "get on" with digital and want a cheap way to find out
  • New DJs who aren't sure if DJing is for them so don't want to spend a large amount of money at first
  • DJs with more expensive kit who are looking for a cheap unit to take with them to parties or events where they don't want to take their full set-up for space, security or convenience reasons
  • DJs wanting a budget controller they know they will be able to perform proper spinbacks on
  • DJs upgrading from an older budget controller (as even cheap units have moved on in leaps and bounds recently) and who already have a soundcard, and so don't want to buy one of today's more common controllers that already have a soundcard built-in
  • DJs wanting a digital DJ unit to make mix tapes, which they'll never really use out of the house so for whom build quality is not such a big thing

If this sounds like you, the Numark Mixtrack may well be the controller you've been waiting for.

Review Summary:

The Numark Mixtrack is a budget DJ controller that has excellent jog wheels, backlit buttons and a limited yet fundamental feature-set that would fare well with beginner DJ's as well as pro's looking for a cheaper and lighter piece of kit to bring to parties. It lacks an internal soundcard, so you'd still have to get one to pump your music to a sound system, but its price-to-performance ratio is hard to beat!


  • Mixtrack
  • Rating: 3
  • From:: Numark
  • Price: $119
  • Reviewed by:
  • On July 26, 2010
  • Last modified:August 14, 2015

Have you bought a Numark Mixtrack? Do you think you made the right purchase? Or do you wish you'd gone for something else? Let us know your thoughts and experiences.

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  1. Phil Morse says:

    Here's an update for Virtual DJ fans wanting to use this controller: VDJ 6.1.1 release July 30 2010 supports it natively.

  2. I am a beginner and I am contemplating purchasing this controller. Few questions...I see that this does not have a soundcard does that mean I won't be able to play any gigs until I purchase one? I am not to familiar with soundcards. Also, where can I buy bargain/cheap soundcards.

  3. Phil Morse says:

    Yes you'll need a soundcard. The soundcard is what actually makes the sound. While nearly all computers have one built in, computer soundcards normally have only one stereo output, and for DJing you need two - the extra one is for your headphones so you can listen to the "other" track and get it read to play next. Native Instrument’s Audio DJ 2, which only costs $100, is a good choice.

    • Phil Please help. because I dont have speakers yet I just plug in the headphones into my Mixtrack Pro. I hear both decks playing. Well an hour ago my Mixtrack pro was working fine. I place a speakers jack into the headphone output and listen to the music through the speaker. I turned it off and came back an hour later and now the sound doesnt come to my headphones at all. I tried playing with the config settins and I dont know what I did but now the sound is only coming from my laptop speakers. How do I get it back to the settings I had when I first purchased it. I am not sure if it is my laptop sound settings or the Vurtual DJ config settings. When I play with the sound setting the sound goes from coming out the laptop speakers to not coming out at all. Please help.

      My current settings is

      Input NONE

      Output: Single Output

      Soundcard: gives three choice from a drop Menu

      Primary Sound Driver
      Speakers (Mixtrack Pro)
      Speakers and Headphones (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC)

      I tried reinstalling the software but that didnt work. Please help someone.

  4. Indictable Sounds says:

    Hey Phil,as an actual owner of the Mixtrack I find your review to be quite accurate and informative. Can you send ma a link to the virtual dj 6.1.1 update as I can't quite understand how to map it (particularly the crossfader,pitch controls and of course the scratching), any help would be greatly appreciated.....Thanks

  5. Phil Morse says:

    You can get a trial version of Virtual DJ's latest version here:

    Here's a thread from the Virtual DJ site that may be of use to you:

    Best thing to do is ask in the forum - they're a friendly bunch. :)

  6. The Mixtrack is actually a VERY competent controller. I use it exclusively now. The thing most people need to realize is Traktor's flexability with the mapping options allow a ridiculous amount of control with the mixtrack. I use Traktor Scratch Pro so I'm on an upgrade, but I jumped from Serato to Traktor and I love it eith the mixtrack. Worth 3 times the price. And I dj 3-7 times a week....PROFESSIONALLY.

  7. Craig Mossy says:

    Thanks for the review!

    So what is the scratch performance like? I don't expect it to compare to my 1200s, but it would be nice to leave my heavy turntables at home some days.

    • Phil Morse says:

      The only DJ controller that comes near to acceptable as far as real scratching goes in my mind is the VCI-300 with Serato ITCH, due to the hi-res jogwheels. That's not to say these aren't fun, just it doesn' t really feel or sound the same.

  8. hi, I just got myself a mixtrack & cant use my headphone to listen to the cue songs- i got a usb soundcard too - but still its not giving me the option to use multiple soundcard- any help on this please! thanks

  9. Hello I just bought a mixtrack but cant seem to get the soundcard to output the headphone/cue. Does anyone know how I can resolve this?

    • Phil Morse says:

      To Brian: Have you gone into preferences and set it up to work with your soundcard? Have you installed the soundcard drivers? If you'd like to go through this in more details, sign up to the newsletter if you haven't already and there's a link to our member's questions form where you can start a dialogue where we can try and assist.

  10. I dont understand the whole soundcard idea. So really all i need to buy is a jack with two outputs in it??? can i still listen to the music without the soundcard. Please help i just bought it and really want to start using it.

    • Phil Morse says:

      To Joe: You need two independent audio outputs. It's true you can still hear your music, but you need to be able to hear the OTHER tune in your headphones - that's how to get the next record ready to mix in without the audience hearing what you're doing. I am going to post on this at the weekend because it is a question that keeps coming up, so watch out for that post for more detail. Meanwhile, get a DJ soundcard - one with two independent audio outputs, like the Numark DJ IO or similar. These things don't really break so eBay is fine.

  11. hey phil the links yous posted arent working for some reason. is there a way to go to them for the virtual dj 6.1.1

  12. David Gonzalez says:

    Hey Everyone
    first of all great website im really enjoying it.
    I need a little help here,
    i bought this Numark Mixtrack DJ Controller because i was notified that it also works with virtual DJ, but i cant get it to work maybe i dont know how to set it up correctly.
    I would appreciate any help

    • Phil Morse says:

      According to the folks over at Virtual DJ, it works with version 6.1.1. Assuming you have a licensed copy, you can go over to their download page and grab your upgrade.

  13. I have a laptop that has
    Audio Output Type:
    Headphones & SPDIF out

    Can i use that or do i still need a soundcard?

    • Phil Morse says:

      To Zelda No, you'll need a soundcard unfortunately. Today's post is going to be about soundcards, hang on five hours and there'll be some more info for you.

  14. can u make it work with virtual dj 6? someone please help
    email me back @

  15. Clockstopper says:

    Does this have automatic BPM matching? I know that the Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 does and that is a very important feature for me. Also, is it good for plain old mixes, like for dance music? I would love to know a soon as possible because I need to decide which one to get and my B-day is really soon! Thanks a ton and God bless!

  16. Phil Morse says:

    To Clockstopper: Yes it does, that's what the "Sync" buttons underneath the jogwheels do.

  17. hi , does the numark mixtrack dj contoller have a case , cant seem to find one at all ?

  18. I purchased the mixtrack and the DJIO to mobile DJ and it was rock solid. I used it with both Abelton Suite 8 and Traktor LE. I wish it had a ATA case or coffin to use.

  19. Seriously appreciate this straightforward, no-nonsense review. I'm on the verge of taking the plunge from simply grooving to house music to actually mixing it, and I think (with your help) I've found a good entry-level controller that fits my budget and needs perfectly.

    Thanks again.

  20. hello, i am really thinking abt getting the numark mixtrack, i am a cdj dj but i need something cheap like this at home. How do the jogwheels work in beatmatching and pitchbend control? can i easily reach a track once it had go out of time,only using my jugwheels ? .. plz tell me if they move as well as cdjs , can i make an adjustment for the sensitive? i need something near to cdjs,"not in scratch" but in pitchbend control .. 10Q.

  21. Phil Morse says:

    On cueing they work like vinyl, ie ou can scratch through the track. When playing, with the "scratch" button off, they work like pitch bending, ie moving them makes small adjustments for beat syncing. Turn the scratch button on again and they revert to vinyl behaviour. You can't make a sensitivity adjustment.

    You won't have a problem using them if you're used to CDJs.

  22. Hola hablo español...necesito saber el precio y el lugar donde puedo comprar la Numark mixtrack dj controler...gracias,,espero respuesta

  23. Hola nuevamente, vivo en ecuador-guayaquil y quisiera saber el precio de venta en Estados Unidos en me hace mas cerca... si puedo comprarla mediante ustedes seria genial...gracias

  24. ademas yo tengo la Numark Omni Control,,
    y queria cambiarla con una mejor cual
    me recomiendas..gracias

    • A Rolo DJ:No estoy seguro por que casi todas las tiendas en los Estado Unidos no los envían los artículos fuera de los EEUU.

      Sobre la Numark Omni Control, yo lo cambiaría con la Numark Mixtrack (más un sound card), la Vestax Typhoon o, con un pocito dinero más, un VCI-100 (ademas con sound card, por ejemplo el Numark IO.) Tengo la Vestax VCI-300 y me encanta, pero cuesta más o menos US$800... Un saludo, Phil

  25. O.K. I have a problem that I can't seem to figure out. I have the mixtrack and the numark Dj IO. The software I am using is Traktor Pro. The problem is that when I want to cue to listen to the moniter and line up my mix with the other song playing I cant hear it trhough my headphones only unless I turn my crossfader to the track im playing through the master. It's like my speakers and headphones are doing the same thing. the moniter and master are 1 and the same. Plz help. I would like to be able to cue in the song i want to drop without other hearing it. Fyi tried to mess with the cue gain and cue mix.

  26. DjCrooksTheMaverick says:

    So its the best thing to scratch with for $150? i'm lookin for sumn that i can do lil scratches with til i get that traktor s4.

  27. to phil: so your saying that i can still mix and cue without a external soundcard? coz my VDJ software can separate line out and headphones cue just on my onboard soundcard.??? thanks!

  28. to DJ Kirk You can if you use the stereo splitter function and get a lead to convert your headphones out on your PC to two separate outputs, one for each channel. VDJ supports this.

    To DJ Crooks Remember you'll need a sound card too. But yes, those jogwheels are good for scratching compared to other controllers at this level.

  29. Hey I'm looking for a suitable case/coffin for the MIXTRACK. Does anyone know where I can find one thats decent and affordable?

  30. John Smith says:

    I'm trying to map out the mixtrack but it won't backlight the controls. I haven't completely finished yet but it doesn't backlight them, Also the pitch controls are moving the wrong way when i slide them and i can't get the wheels to work. Any ideas?

  31. Hey, Would this be a proper midi for a lounge/bar?

  32. the new mixtrack pro has intergrated soundcard. gonny wait how much this will cost. or i'll scout for a cheap vci 100 on the bay.

  33. im thinking about purchasing this controller , i been praticing with the virtual dj software and have gotten really used to the controls and effects. with this controler are you able to set the same effects on the controller that the software has, for ex. the beat grid , 2,4,8 etc looping or are you limited to what the controler only can do ?

  34. Luis Angel says:

    Hola Phil, estoy en busquedad de una controladora y esta me parecio una opcion bastante economica, he leido tus comentarios y creo que es la unidad adecuada para un principiante como yo, tambien entendi lo de la compra de la tarjeta y los auriculares. Ahora recurro a tu experiencia, cual seria tu recomendacion para los parlantes? lo mio es un hobbie nada profesional. necesitaria un amplificador? bueno gracias y espero tu respuesta.


    • Phil Morse says:

      Luis, sí, te recomienda el Mixtrack. La tarjeta? La Numark DJIO o la NI Audio 2. Para los auriculares, si va a pinchar discos en tu hogar, en un bar etc, cualquiera auriculares "DJ" cerca de US$50 + deberían ser suficiente - en un club, necesitas más volumen y a mí, me gusta los Sony MDR-V700. Y auriculares? Para usar en la casa y para practicar, no necesitas más que altavoces de ordenador/"home cinema", por ejemplo me gusta much los M-Audio Studiophile AV40s. Si quieres auriculares para pinchar en fiestas, hay más información aqui: Your Questions: What Speakers Do I Need for House Parties?

  35. Phil Morse says:

    Danny: You aren't limited, you just have to use the laptop to do anything the controller can't. You can change what the controller does in the software to adapt it to your own specs, though.

  36. Hello. I'm actually looking to join the DJ field mostly as a part time hobby. Im in school, and was wondering if the numark mixtract is a good opening dj controller. I'm looking to expand my equipment later on, but for now I'd like to start off with something smaller and within my budget. And in your personal opinion, which is better, the Numark mixtrack or the Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2? Thanks for all your help, and on your amazing review.

    • Phil Morse says:

      Definitely the Numark Mixtrack. You'll need a sound card (NI Audio 2 or Numark DJIO) as well.

    • I would suggest the Mixtrack Pro. By getting the Mixtrack Pro you do not have to worry about going out to purchase a sound card. Being that you are new at this (as I am) the last thing you want to do is have to configure/add drivers/etc when you dont know how to do all of that. Get the Mixtrack Pro because it has a built-in sound card. And it is a great product. I can attest to that I love it. The only downside is that if you are a DJ that scratches (like me) it can be very frustrating becasue the precision is not good at all). But overall Excellent product.

  37. Okay, well it seems to me that your favorite controller of the four is the Vestax Typhoon. Would the Mixtrack pro with a built in soundcard compete with the Vestax Typhoon? And personally, which platter feels more comfortable, because the Vestax seems a pit different from traditional ones.

  38. Phil Morse says:

    Mictrack Pro is not released yet. Yes, it would compete with the Vestax Typhoon. Both platters are good, of the two actually the Mixtrack's is the "more" traditional. Mixtrack is bigger than the Typhoon. They're both good controllers.

  39. Hey phil, I'm currently Djing at a local bar with their own gear. Another bar owner approached me that night and asked if I was interested in a "residency" at his bar for college nights and lounge on Friday and Saturdays. The thing is that i do not have the gear I had due to theft. I'm struggling to meet ends with my bills and rent, so I want to accept this offer, but I don't wanna spend too much money. Will this Midi and a soundcard be good enough for a bar of let's say a bar of 100 people and a lounge of roughly 400 people?

  40. Phil Morse says:

    Chris, that's great news! With an NI Audio 2 or Numark DJ|IO it will sound great. You'll need to take care of it (the jogwheels are solid but it's made of plastic at the end of the day) - but it will be fine. I'd be happy to use it for this and many other users on her play out on Mixtracks.

  41. not sure if this was answered already but ...

    i just purchased a mixtrack, and I would like a dj software that has a censor or reverse button that can let me edit curse words out on the fly. I know serato itch does this, but thats not compatible with mixtrack. Please help!

  42. Has anyone found a case for the mixtrack, mine arrived this morning and its way to big to put in my laptop bag.

    • Can you send me a picture of the case. iam looking for a case and I would like to see yours. Thanks.

  43. Fabio Tozzi says:

    So you have a numark mixtrack pro and you cant get cue
    audio out the headphones its simple! Channel 1 on the rear is for
    output channel 2 on the rear is for cue/mic output and is the same
    output as the headphone socket simply make sure your channel 1 is
    plugged in for speak output (for google purposes so people can find
    this thread..please ignore the next bit) Hoep this helps!! cant get
    cue headphones mixtrack pro mixtrack pro not outputting sound to
    headphones mixtrack pro not cueing through headphones

  44. well this is the first page i've seen so far that confirmed
    for me that I needed to have another soundcard in order to use the
    mixtrack w/ my laptop. I was wondering why when i installed it the
    1st time, it wasn't working quite right and no sound was coming
    out. i originally mapped it wrong the 1st time and had to uninstall
    and re-install it. now since i have installed the 2nd time, i
    didn't want what happened the 1st time to happen again - the 1st
    time - i lost all audio - no volume at all.. even when i
    uninstalled mixtrack - still no volume at all. don't know how i got
    it back, cuz i was gonna try early restore points - but that wasn't
    working either - something w/ this traktor corrupted my drive...
    imagine my frustration(s). i don't know how i corrected it but i
    did, and i got volume now. but i do need to configure/map the
    mixtrack which i haven't done, cuz i don't want lose my volume
    again. i don't own any of the NI products - like audio 2 dj. i
    researched to find out if i truly needed this product and even
    joined the NI forums... where i have not been receiving answers.
    thru more googling I found this page which confirmed for me, yes, i
    need to have a product like Audio 2 DJ in order to have this thing
    work for me. If i had known this, i would of bought the Mixtrack
    Pro instead of the regular $150 dollar one. So thx for confirming
    for me. btw, read some bad reviews on Numark DJ I/O - lot of ppl
    giving it 3 stars and lower on reviews saying it drops audio every
    10 secs and also not the best quality. ppl are switching over to
    other Audio interfaces and NI products.. just thought i let you
    know what i've been seeing. that said, does anyone have a good
    place i can find Audio 2 DJ on the cheap? Amazon is @ $90-$100, no
    one has it on craigslist, and cheapest i seen is used at a Guitar
    Center for $60, which is a steal, but i am looking for a lil lower
    - lol.

    • Phil Morse says:

      The Numark DJIO is fine, there are thousands of them out there and ours has never given us any issues. I'd get the Numark DJIO or the NI Audio 2 depending on what you can find cheapest.

  45. Juan Arellano says:

    hola phill veo que hablas espanol... bueno mi problema es que tengo el mixtrack y el suondcard djio la primera vez todo funcionaba ala perfeccion pero despues como de dos meses cuando abro el tracktor ya no funciona el mixtrack con el tracktor quedan todas las luces del mixtrack encendidas cuando abro el tracktor y antes se apagaban cuando lo abria y empezaba a funcionar....lo instale de nuevo pero no lo reconoce ...tienes alguna respuesta para esto?...te lo agradeceria mucho ...gracias!!!

    • Phil Morse says:

      Si, hablo un pocito... bueno, el problema no es el soundcard. ¿Tienes un webcam de Logitech /Labtech? Porque hay un problema sabido con los drivers de los dos productos (Labtech/Logitech y Mixtrack). Dime si o no, y quizas puedo ayudarte.

  46. Juan Arellano says:

    si ...hace poco instale una webcam logitech ...gracias por responder tan pronto... que puedo hacer para resolver el problema?

  47. Heelllllllppppp!!!!!

    I purchased the Mixtrack Pro that CAME WITH the VDJ CD. I entered my code on the VDJ installation CD and installed it and it was working fine. After having it for 20 days I can no longer go to the configure tab and configure my sound. It gave me a message that I had to upgrade to Virtual DJ Pro for $149.00. I don’t want VDJ Pro All I want is to use the software that it came with however it wont allow me to configure anything. When I click the configure tab it does not allow me to configure the sound yet it gives me a message stating that I have to upgrade to VDJ Pro. I don’t want VDJ Pro. Does anyone know what I can do to get my software back where I can configure my sound without upgrading to DVDJ Pro?

    • Phil Morse says:

      I am guessing you had a 20-day trial of the full software, after which it reverts to the version designed for the Mixtrack Pro, meaning you can use the Mixtrack Pro but no other hardware.

      Any alterations to the default sound settings will indeed require you to purchase the full software - this is normal I am afraid. We've written an article on the differences between LE and full software versions that explains why manufacturers do this.

  48. Hi, I just bought the numark mixtrack with traktor LE and when I started using it, the crashlog came up and it dosent work, I was wondering if anybody knew a free program that would work with the numark mixtrack?

  49. Hey Phil

    Quick Question, Does the Numark DJIO Sound Card help the scratching be more precise (in real time). When I scratch its like it has a delay. My scratching is fast but the output sound of the scratching is slow. Will the Numark DJIO Sound Card help the scratching be more precise and not delayed?

    • Phil Morse says:

      Try setting the latency lower in your sound set-up.

      • I did that. I have set every possible latency setting that I have in this software. Any other suggestions? I tried the ASIO4all driver download but that is not a driver it is an ASIO emulator which makes non-ASIO sound cards (such as mine) appear as ASIO capable sound cards to software applications such as my VirtualDJ Pro. This gives a smaill minimal improved latency, but it is nowhere near as good as what can be achieved with a real ASIO sound card such as Numark DJIO. You dont think the Numark DJ IO would help?

        Thanks Phil


  50. Hey Phil,

    I have two headphone outs on my laptop; do I still need an external sound card?

    • Phil Morse says:

      Possibly not if you can listen to two things independently out of those two headphones outs, but you'll need a full version of the software (I believe) in order to map the audio to work that way.

  51. Can someone provide me with detailed steps to disable usb port shut down. Your help is well appriciated.


  52. I have a friend who has Vinyls. He DJs with Vinyls but he is looking to step into the Digital world (DJing with a Laptop. Does anyone know a good and reasonably priced mix controll that uses VDJ Pro and can be connected and used with turntables?

  53. for sound card can't i use the "USB Stereo Audio Adapter" instead?

    something like this:

    apparently this guy uses it and it works fine

    please let me know! im thinking about getting this controller

    • Phil Morse says:

      Yes, in theory because you'd then use your computer's built-in sound for your headphones and this for the speakers - but it may take a bit of hacking as it's non-standard. Here's more info on it for a PC and Mac.

  54. Can the mixtrack pro be used with any serato programs?

    • Phil Morse says:

      No It can't, Serato is a closed system that only works on their own hardware.

  55. Hi, I'm looking at buying the Mixtrack, but not the pro version as I already have a good sound card.

    This may be a stupid question, but is there a headphone output on the Mixtrack? I want this controller to replace my mixer, but I can't see where I'd plug in my headphones...

    Sorry, relatively new to this, thanks for any help!

    • There is no headphone output, nor any output besides the USB power for that matter, on the non-pro version of this mixtrack

  56. Norhafizi Mahmud says:

    If I play the numark mixtrack only with ladtop, do i really need the soundcard? it is necessary? or numark mixtrack cant play with soundcard.

  57. Do I need a sound card if I don't plan on DJing at events? That is to say, if it will be relatively quite and controlled at home as opposed to at a loud club or party. Thanks.

  58. Can i run the mixtrack into a channel or two of my mixer for my larger set up? Without purchasing a new sound card?

  59. is this computable with windows 7???

  60. Do you need a soundcard to play through speakers?

  61. Hi i have the numark mixtrack and im using the Traktor LE software i also have a Behringer UCA222 soundcard. Could someone tell me how i could cue the next song with my headphones, when i do it just comes out through my speakers, i need urgent help