SoundSwitch 2.3 Turns Your Philips Hue System Into A DJ Lightshow

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 29 August, 2021

Got a Philips Hue lighting system at home? The latest 2.3 version of SoundSwitch, the lighting control interface between DJ software and lights, can now also control it – one of several new features and improvements just announced for the software.

You connect SoundSwitch to an entertainment area on your Philips system, hit “play” on your DJ controller, and SoundSwitch synchronises the lights with the music intelligently. You can even run a Philips system alongside DMX lights, all under the control of a single instance of the SoundSwitch program.

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Other improvements include new “Live Override Effects” for on-the-fly control, new automatic algorithms for genres such as house, techno, trap and electro, enhanced AutoScripting presets for multicell lighting fixtures such as the popular GigBar Move, and UI and UX improvements to the SoundSwitch software including better copy and paste.

More info over on the SoundSwitch website.

Hang on, what exactly is SoundSwitch?

SoundSwitch is laptop software that is compatible with various DJ apps such as Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, or any other DJ or DAW application that offers Ableton Link functionality. It also works with the hardware-embedded Engine OS. It is designed to give DJs enhanced control over lights, without the need for a lighting operator.

Soundswitch makes visually upgrading your DJ performances a lot simpler.

To use SoundSwitch, you’ll need a compatible DMX interface. The SoundSwitch-branded Micro DMX Interface includes a three-month subscription to the software, which thereafter costs $8/month or $80 annually.

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