SoundSwitch Launches Control One Hardware For DJ Light Shows

Phil Morse
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Last updated 23 November, 2021


SoundSwitch today announced the Control One, a dedicated tactile controller and DMX interface for hands-on control of DJ light shows, allowing adjustment of colour, intensity, movement, automation and effects.

SoundSwitch is a software-based lighting control solution that moves way past what DMX has traditionally been able to do, allowing pre-programming of light shows to suit individual songs, but also more intelligent auto lighting.

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Control One
The Control One has a backlit control grid, buttons, a touchstrip, knobs, switches and a screen to give parameter feedback.

Control One is both a universal DMX interface and a controller for SoundSwitch software, working with the app on your laptop with Serato or Virtual DJ, and it is also plug and play with Engine DJ standalone hardware via Engine lighting.

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It has onboard memory so you can store venue and project data directly to the device for frequently played-at venues, and allows complex adjustments such as pan, tilt, and intensity to be made on-the-fly with knobs and a touchstrip.

• SoundSwitch Control One is available now for $299. Learn more about SoundSwitch and the Control One over on the SoundSwitch website.

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